Treaty of Commerce and Consular Rights with Germany: Hearings Before the Committee on Foreign Relations, United States Senate, Sixty-eighth Congress, First Session on Treaty of Commerce and Consular Rights with Germany. January 25, 1924, Volúmenes1-6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1924 - 318 páginas

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Página 188 - The Canal shall be free and open to the vessels of commerce and of war of all nations observing these Rules, on terms of entire equality, so that there shall be no discrimination against any such nation, or its citizens or subjects, in respect of the conditions or charges of traffic, or otherwise Such conditions and charges of traffic shall be just and equitable.
Página 15 - ... in all their trials at law; and such citizens or agents shall have free opportunity to be present at the decisions and sentences of the tribunals, in all cases which may concern them, and likewise at the taking of all examinations and evidence which may be exhibited in the said trials ARTICLE ELEVENTH.
Página 15 - There shall be between the territories of the high contracting parties, a reciprocal liberty of commerce and navigation. The inhabitants of their respective states shall, mutually have liberty to enter the ports, places, and rivers of the territories of each party, wherever foreign commerce is permitted.
Página 35 - ... nation upon vessels wholly belonging to citizens of the United States or upon the produce, manufactures, or merchandise imported in the same from the United States or from any foreign country, the President...
Página 62 - ... (2) Discriminates in fact against the commerce of the United States, directly or indirectly, by law or administrative regulation or practice, by or in respect to any customs, tonnage, or port duty, fee, charge, exaction, classification, regulation, condition, restriction, or prohibition, in such manner as to place the commerce of the United States at a disadvantage compared with the commerce of any foreign country.
Página 300 - Japanese vessels; and, reciprocally, all articles which are or may be legally imported...
Página 26 - Consuls addressed in writing to the local authority and supported by an official extract from the register of the ship or the list of the crew, and shall be held, during the whole time of their stay in the port, at the disposal of the Consuls.
Página 38 - ... as have been heretofore established for the recovery, collection, distribution, and 'remission of forfeitures to the United States by the several revenue laws.
Página 77 - ... engage mutually, not to grant any particular favor to other nations, in respect of commerce and navigation, which shall not immediately become common to the other party, who shall enjoy the same freely, if the concession was freely made, or, on allowing the same compensation, if the concession was conditional.
Página 85 - China ; (b) any such monopoly or preference as would deprive the nationals of any other Power of the right of undertaking any legitimate trade or industry in China...

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