The History of Progress in Great Britain, Volumen1

Houlston and Wright, 1859

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Página 182 - They will here meet with ruts, which I actually measured, four feet deep, and floating with mud, only from a wet summer.
Página 34 - William Shake-speare, His True Chronicle History of the life and death of King Lear, and his three Daughters.
Página 321 - M. Philip Amadas, and M. Arthur Barlowe, who discovered part of the Countrey now called Virginia Anno 1584. Written by one of the said Captaines, and sent to sir Walter Ralegh knight, at whose charge and direction, the said voyage was set forth.
Página 19 - How can he get wisdom that holdeth the plough, and that glorieth in the goad, that driveth oxen, and is occupied in their labours, and whose talk is of bullocks? He giveth his mind to make furrows; and is diligent to give the kine fodder.
Página 322 - July, we found shole water, wher we smelt so sweet, and so strong a smel, as if we had, bene in the midst of some delicate garden abounding with all kinde of odoriferous flowers, by which we were assured, that the land could not be farre distant...
Página 5 - For the history of our country during the last hundred and sixty years is eminently the history of physical, of moral, and of intellectual improvement.
Página 181 - I know not, in the whole range of language, terms sufficiently expressive to describe this infernal road. Let me most seriously caution all travellers who may accidentally propose to travel this terrible country, to avoid it as they would the devil, for a thousand to one they break their necks or their limbs by overthrows or breakings down.
Página 347 - redound more to the honour of this nation as a maritime " power, to the dignity of the Crown of Great Britain, " and to the advancement of the trade and navigation " thereof than to make discoveries of countries hitherto
Página 156 - The last nine miles of the way cost us six hours' time to conquer them ; and indeed we had never done it, if our good master had not several times lent us a pair of horses out of his own coach, whereby we were enabled to trace out the way for him.
Página 218 - It is separated from the larger room by a stone wall, with a small doorway through it, and is itself so small (12 ft. 5 in. by 9 ft. 10 in.) that it appears to have been merely a private oratory for the abbot, or the two or three monks who usually inhabited the house. The whole of the details of this chapel, and of the rest of the original work in the house, belong to the latter part of the thirteenth century, the end of the reign of Henry the Third, or the beginning of that of Edward the First.

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