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garet M. Elder. New Haven.








loneliness, giving, taking, doing.” And, New York and proceeded up the North though illness claims her, she still sees River. The steamship had a capacity herself "always going on, ... always for 4,000 passengers, but her great size straining forward for something that has aroused fear of her seaworthiness and not been but should be.”

after a few voyages she was broken up.

By Mar- Mr. Dayton has much to say of the
The Yale University Press, steamships that ply on Eastern waters,

The career of a Massachusetts attor-

largely between New York and towns on ney whose notable cases included his the Hudson River and Long Island representation of Mrs. Eddy; his defense Sound, and also of the traffic on the of Dr. Eastman of Harvard, charged

Great Lakes, which has since grown to with murder; and his appearance as

an enormous size. On the whole he has counsel for the United States in the

written a book that is well worth while. North Atlantic Fisheries Arbitration.



Charles P. Curtis, Jr., and Richard C. Curtis. MURDER, PIRACY AND TREASON. By Ray- Houghton Miffin Company, Boston. mond Postgate. Houghton Mifflin Company,

Killing big game and small in Africa. $2.30. Accounts of trials for various crimes,

Told in an unassuming, informal, and including one for witchcraft and a num

thoroughly pleasing manner. ber for murder. The dates of them

By Zane

Harper & Brothers, New York. $5. range from 1380 to 1879, and they are mainly English, with two New York

A picture book of good hunting for big

fish. The novelist photographs whales, cases added. The author has made only a fairly interesting book out of material dodges sharks, hunts sailfish, swordfish, which was very promising. He is not

tuna, and many other tremendous fish of

the Pacific. Many photographs of all of always a good narrator, and, as he seems

them. to believe that "capitalism” is to blame for most crimes, it may be that his nar

Humor rative would be clearer if his thinking FOOLISH


Henry Holt & Co., New York. $1.90. were straighter.

Imitations of popular novelists by our
The Old Days

best literary parodist-except Stephen

STEAMBOAT DAYS. By Fred Irving Dayton.
Illustrated by John

Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York. $5.

Is most satisfactory for Mr. Dayton's book is richer in statis

WINGED DEFENSE. By William Mitchell. G. P. cooking and drinking; the

Putnam's Sons, New York. tics relative to the business of steamboat

first choice of good This is Colonel Mitchell's book on the ing than it is in those qualities of interest and picturesqueness one naturally and what should be done about it. If air defenses of America; what they lack

housekeepers and

cooks. looks for in any account of an occupation

you were a member of the court which now almost extinct. Nevertheless his

Walter Baker & Co.Ltd. book is interesting because of the many tried him, you know the book, because

Established 1780 it was read aloud to you. It is a fine

DORCHESTER, MASS. facts he has so laboriously collected, not

MONTREAL, CANADA to mention a few striking passages de looking book, with good photographs and a handsome portrait of the Colonel,

Booklet of Choice Recipes scriptive of the Mississippi River steam

sent free whose breast is covered with well-merited boating days that have long since been

decorations. Here is his side of the case, embalmed in a nation's fiction. Of special value is his colorful account of the presented with vigor. floating theater, a feature of ante-bellum


A condensed set of liealth rules-many of which entertainment. These theaters occupied

By Thomas Gearing. a barge towed by a steamboat, and they Houghton Miffin Company, Boston. $3.

and thei: relation to physical welfare. made regular trips up and down the Thomas Gearing, of Hailsham village,

CONTROL YOUR WEIGHT WITHOUT DRUGS river, announcing their approach to every Sussex, was first a plowboy, then a shoe

OR TIRESOME EXERCISES town by means of a steam calliope whose maker, inheriting from his father a pleasshrill sounds brought the population to ant house and comfortably prosperous the river-bank ready to storm the gang- business. He was entirely satisfied with plank for admission. Melodrama, in Melodrama, in his position in life. In Hailsham there

bring it without cost or obligation. which virtue triumphed and villainy was were no great folk, and its business men

HEALTH EXTENSION BUREAU punished, was the favorite form of enter

294 Good Health Building, Battle Creek, Mich. were the recognized élite, imbued with a tainment offered. There are many still sturdy self-respect and modest pride. He

You Can Manage a Tea Room living who recall the initial trip of the was intelligent and observant; he loved

Fortunes are being made in Tea Rooms, Motor Inns,and ColieeShops steamship Great Eastern to American both printed books and old wives' tales; everywhere. You can open one in your own home and make money

hand over fist, or manage one already going. Big salaries paid to

trained managers ; shortage acute. We teach you entire business waters, and these will read with interest he loved Sussex and its people and to in your spare time. Write for Free Book "Pouring Tea For Profit".

LEWIS TEA ROOM INSTITUTE, Dept. 25828 Washington, D.C. Mr. Dayton's account of the enthusiastic remember the days of his youth. He welcome accorded to that vessel, 680 feet was past sixty when he wrote this book,

The Pratt Teachers Agency

70 Fifth Avenue, New York in length, when it entered the harbor of first published in 1884, reprinted in

Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

Expert Service.
In uriting to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

Wolcott Adams.



By Grove S.



E. P.

By Luigi Pirandello.



Kirsopp Lake.


The Lizard, Flies, and Ladies

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JESUS OF XAZARETH. 1911, and now again reprinted and intro

By Joseph Klausner.
The Macmillan Company, Veir York. $1.30.

west-country farmer. And there were duced to America. It is no book for The work of a living Jewish scholar, several women. One sat next to me.

translated from the Hebrew. those who crave brilliance, pace, pro

I am coming to my lizard. THE ROMANCE (HURCHES OF FRANCE. By gressiveness. It is quiet, leisurely, sym

Oliver E. Bodington. Houghton Mifflin Com- Between Gloucester and Micheldean,

pany, Boston. $5. pathetic, gently discursive; but few pic

A manual of church architecture in the which is on the edge of the forest of tures of rural England in early Victorian twelfth century.

Dean, where the big coal mines are, I FACTORS IN AMERICAN HISTORY. By A. F. days are more agreeably presented, and

Pollard. The Macmillan Company, New York.

put my hand in my pocket to fondle my fewer still are as authentic.


lizard. My lizard was gone! The damp Lectures by a professor at the University

of London. These discussions of American grass had melted his box.
Notes on New Books

history were delivered on the Sir George
Watson Foundation for American History,

I felt terribly alone. The sorrow a
Literature, and Institutions.

small boy feels at the loss of a pet is The Thomas Y. Crowell Company, New

DEVONSHIRE (REAM. By Eden Phillpotts. The $2.

sorrow indeed. If being crossed in love

Macmillan Company, New York. $1.73. An introduction to sociology for high

A comedy in three acts.

makes the heart any colder, it must be schools.

THE TWILIGHT RENDEZVOLS. By Milton a very cold feeling.

McGovern. Buffalo Catholic Publication Co.,
Dutton & Co., New York.

I sat quite still, and, looking carefully A novel studying life in a small Italian A very romantic romance by a Francis

about me, presently saw my lizard. He can friar. It is a religious novel.

REAL PUZZLES. By John Q. Boyer, Rufus T. was on the coat collar of the stout lady
Strohm, and George Pryor. The Norman

seated at my side. With a fore foot Mifflin Company, Boston. $2.


Remington Company, Baltimore.
By the Professor of early Christian His- Puzzles of all kinds, but not cross-word

lifted, he was about to step onto her tory in Harvard University. puzzles.


I raised my hand and picked him very gently off her coat collar. Dear lizard!

He was my own again. But the stout By BILL ADAMS

lady had felt my hand. Turning and

looking down on me, she asked if she I WISH I were a child again. Not that It was breaking-up day at my board

were in my way. What grown-up was I'm tired, or disappointed, or unable ing-school. He who has never known

ever anywhere but in a small boy's way? to eat apples and plum cake.

boarding school has missed a heap of But, as a small boy, I was very polite. I want my lizard back.

sorrow--and of joy. I know no delight "No, thank you," I answered her, and He was an excellent lizard. Lizards comparable to breaking-up day at board- added, "I was just getting my li: zrd.” had been the fashion for the last few ing-school.

Truthfulness has got many children weeks of the school term. Every boy To-day I never see a fly. A fly was into trouble. It is, or was, commonly desired them. I caught mine under a a one-horse covered-over affair with seats known among the grown-ups

of the hawthorn on Clifton Down-Clifton for four. The driver often had a very English west country that lizards, as well Down, where a beacon burned when the red nose. Flys took small boys from

as toads and newts (which also make exArmada was sighted. the boarding school to the station, their

cellent pets), spit fire, bite, and sting. “And ere the day twelve hundred boxes beside the driver and their tickets

When I look back upon that clamorhorse had met on Clifton Down.” That for home in their pockets. In my pocket ous English railway carriage, I feel that is part of a long poem by a man named I had also my lizard. He was in a small I was meant to be a sailor; for I kept my Macaulay. I had to learn it by heart, cardboard box with some wet grass. Had head and refused to throw my lizard out which rather spoiled Clifton Down for I not damped the grass lest he go thirsty, of the window. I proved, by earnest me, though it was a good place for liz- all would have been well.

demonstration, that he did not spit fire, ards. If you liked the game known as

I was alone in an English railway car

bite, or sting. It was all in vain. One cricket, it was a fine place for cricket riage. “Seat five each side.” There were cannot change the English mind, save too. I loathed cricket; but once, on five passengers seated each• side, and I

very, very slowly. It is sot in its Clifton Down, shook hands with W. G., was one of those on one side. A small

ways. the most famous cricketer of England boy is most alone when surrounded by At the next station the two clergymen and the Empire.

grown-ups. But, of course, I had my took another carriage. The farmers and Speaking of lizards, there were many lizard. Only one cannot play with one's the women hurried out. Only one on Clifton Down. You'd find them sun- lizard in a railway carriage full of grown- stayed. The woman beside me had for ning on rocks whence might be seen ups. It was very boresome, though I

some reason taken a fancy to either me Lundy Island and the waters of the had a window seat; which helped, for I or my lizard. She would not sit close to Bristol Channel-famous for the sails of could see the apple orchards, the rabbits us, but she did not go. I talked to her Oxenham, Salvation Yeo, and Amyas and pheasants on the embankments, and and demonstrated my lizard. She was Leigh, and, in turn, for slave ships, Irish the red and white cattle in the fields. If very kind to us both. And I think that cattle steamers, and the operations of one has imagination and can see things, she was foolishly sorry for my lizard. I U-boats. It was there too that on my life is not so bad.

came to almost like her. It was for her first night at sea I had the fear of God They were a very dull lot of grown- sake, at her gentle request, that I by and put into me by one of his hurricanes. ups indeed. There were two clergymen. by dropped him out upon the long green

But speaking of lizards, there is some- The amaze that I yet feel at sight of a grass of the embankment. thing wrong with the boy who does not clergyman was even stronger then. All I want my lizard back, my childhood desire pets. I've had magpies, jackdaws, healthy children regard the clergy with again. white rats, jet-black mice (two for a wonder; wondering if it be really so that But yet I do not think that Pan has shilling in a London animal shop), of such are the kingdom of heaven. No ever really died. Somewhere, perhaps, guinea-pigs, rabbits, snakes, hedgehogs, one has ever proved it.

he sits and pipes to my lizard. We shall beetles, caterpillars--well, you know how There

several farmers. For go back. Old friends will play together it goes. And lots and lots of dogs. stolidity commend me to the English where no grown-ups are.

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They say its a MIRACLE







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The WELDON || Sailing February 20 and March 6

Sicily, Greece, Italy, Switzerland

Sailing March 23
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Orchestra every evening
Old established clientele

Switzerland, France, England
Winter booklet aud special rates
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J. Tennyson Seller, Mgr.

Sailing April 10 and 24
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or any tourist and travel bureau
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Within a few minutes of all New York

15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass.


guites, exceptionally fine cuisine, and an San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara atmosphere that pleases particular people.

MANY who Unharmed by Earthquake Write for Booklet O and Map of New York THE beauty, fascination, and mystery of the Orient lures visitors

have traveled the

El Paso Furuished bungalows of various sizes : wit

from all over the world to

world over in

wher uated on the foothills among the orange Hotel Judson 53 Washington $9.,

Sunshine search of health room, electric lights, hot and cold water. Residential hotel of highest type, combining

spends the

now come reguGood tennis court. Two miles from ocean and the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. an ideal hoine. American plan $4 per day and

larly to El Paso Booklet. Address np. European plan $1.50 per day and up. The quaintest and most interesting of all

because they say Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

countries. Coine while the old age customs

they have found it a veritable

prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook" to District of Columbia

"miracle climate". They find JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION Virginia

Care Traffic Dept.

that our 331 mild, sunny days

JAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS and the clean, dry air of this HOTEL POTOMAC Washington, COUNTRY BOARD Near Charlottesville.


moderate altitude bring relief City references. Modern conveniences. On

for full information Quiet location. Moderate rates. State highway. Miss SMITH, Shadwell, Va.

-often speedy recovery-from Rales for a single room without bath and with 3 meals, $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country

tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma and lowered conditions which

often cause these maladies. A WINTER IN THE SUN A Mart of the Unusual

We have a high record of reJanuary 30 to April 28

coveries to substantiate this Miss Horton's SCOTCH CAKE

New York to Nero York

theory and we want everyone

interested to know about El For the woman who has a Home-Made Private Motor Tour de Luxe across

Paso. "Filling the Sunshine PreAlways an acceptable gift. Keeps well and North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, ships well. 3-ib. cake, $3.55, prepaid.

scription" is our booklec in talent for dainty sewing612 Lake Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

Morocco, and Oases in Sahara)

which you, or perhaps someA unique and fascinating cake. Small exclusive group. Social and offi

one you know, will be very cial entrées. 3 meinberships open. Per

much interested. It is free. Just sonal and social references exchanged.

mail the coupon. Many women make beautiful Florida Citrus Fruit direct to Consumer Address Miss Florence Fisher, Hartsdale, N, Y. This year try El Paso. All raillittle things by hand—luncheon | Trial quarter box oranges or grapefruit $2.50

ways allow free 10-day stop

over en route to Pacific Coast sets, handkerchiefs, baby things, | East of Mississippi River. Season price list on


points. If you drive remember Conducted Parties. Independent Tours

Southwestern, Ozark and Old on—for which they request. S. L. MfTCHILL, Mount Dora, Fla.

Motor Tours. Select Service. Lowest Rates

Spanish Trails all lead into El can readily develop a paying de


Paso-also Lee and Bankhead Feb. 20 & Mar. 31. 84 days. $1395, all expenses

Highways, mand.

Research Work

E. H. ADAMS If you have time and a talent

2523 14th St. N. W. like this, why not turn it to

Box 116
Washington, D. C.

Comprehensive routes, experiprofit?

enced leaders, splendid accom-
dations, moderate prices.

Attractive terms to organizers.

Bennett's Travel Bureau Advertise in the Mart of the

500 Fifth Avenue, New York City


92 Unusual. It costs very little, Tours and Travel

501 Chamber of Commerce Bldg.,

El Paso, Texas. and you can build a real market

EUROPE-19265 Please send me the free booklet, for your specialty.

Vacation Tours-Popular Tours. Con

"Filling the Sunshine Prescription". ducted and Independent Travel. UMusual Itineraries.


331 Madison Ave., New York


$490 up. Naples to Edinburgh. Gibraltar.
Africa (Tunig, Carthage). Vienua. Berlin.

izing a small party. Write for particulars to Special inducements to party organizers. 28th year. Illustruted Red Book with Maps. STRATFORD TOURS, 452 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

GORDON TOURS (28) Fort Wayne, Ind. The Johnson Tours, 210 E. Preston St., Baltimore THE OUTLOOK

Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing


and so

Any Line STRATFORD TOURS "sa e com



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Martof the Unusual Go to Europe at Our Expense

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BABCOCK'S TOURS, Inc., East Orauge, N. J.

Tour prices reasonable. Write for par-
As organizers, conductors. chaperons. Lowest

cost tours. Europe $290-$650. Holy Land $390.
CHURCH TOURING GUILD, 238 Back Bay, Boston

Inc., 59 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. For Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, and

Miscellaneous Advertisements see next page

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By the Way

ment, perinanent.


churches of their State.

ment and determination essential for success.

WRITE for free sainples of embossed at $2 or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thou. sands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, Troy, N.Y.

OME indications of the growing popu- management as to who the culprit was, PERSONAL STATIONERY, 200 single

larity of radio can be gleaned from but not a paper had the courage to print sheets, 100 envelopes, postpaid $1.00, west of Mississippi River $1.10. White bond paper,

the fact that there are now 55 publicablue ink, top center only. Cash with order.

the news and warn the public. After RUE PUBLISHING CO., DENTON, MD.

tions devoted exclusively to radio. ... some months the guilty man, a special PERSONAL stationery-2006 x 7 or 100 folded sheets, 100 envelopes, mailed for $1.00.

Three million sets and twenty million police officer, was arrested, and then only Hammermill or Atlantic Bond. Hicks, Stationer, Macedon Center, N. Y.

tubes were manufactured in 1925, with a -after the danger was over—were the business total for the year of about facts printed.

$800,000,000. . ;. The large commerEMPLOYMENT AGENCY

cial” broadcasting stations have cold A contrast in movie advertising and a SECRETARIES, social workers, superin. tendents, matrons, honsekeepers, dietitians,

practically all of their time on the air moral: A St. Louis theater advertised a cateteria inanagers, companions, governesses, mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68 Barnes St., Providence.

recent picture in the local press with the for advertising purposes, the rates fluctuating according to the power of the explanatory caption, "Oh, Baby! Barred

station. WEAF gets from $400 to $600 by the censors of Chicago and Ohio beHELP WANTED

an hour, while WMCA charges $300 per cause it is 'naughty,' other cities call it EARN $10 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. We secure posi

hour. That the fad is not purely Ameri- nice. ... When she kissed she had a style tiou for you after completion of 3 months' home study course or money refunded. Ex

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employees in a single German radio fac- everywhere else-Men?-She turned HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for high

tory. The field in that country is con- men into slaves with just one scorching salaried men and women.

Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put

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lost business. ...C. J. Latta, movie Write for free book. * YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY."

theater proprietor of Shenandoah, Iowa, Hotel Training Schools, Suite Z-5812, Washington, D.C.

Manager--"I have sized you up,

recently advertised that the show at his LECTURERS: Clergy who can speak on

Brown. When I am not here you are current events and who would be interested

theater for the coming week was not a in several engagements each mouth in the

the laziest man in the office." Good paymeut.

good one, and, for his people's protection, State qualifications in first letter. 6,573, Outlook.

News of the week includes the report

he warned them to stay away. “Next WOMAN – Publishing house has permanent sales position with executive future to

of a divorce decree granted in Chicago week,” he added, “we will have a good offer woman of keen intelligence who has heretofore earned $50 or more a week. Pre

within nineteen hours after the filing of picture, worth your money.' He had vious sales experience not necessary, experience in educational work helpful. 'Retinethe first papers. Even in Yucatan one

congratulations pour in from far and Traveling required--all transportation paid

wide and a record must wait fifteen days. .. A scheme

attendance at the liberal drawing account and commision basis. Write, stating age and qualifications, to

"next week's” show, B. E. Sparrow, 50 W. 47th St., New York City.

has been devised to completely disorgan-
ize world finance one thousand years

Press reports

state that Sarasota, from now. It is to put $10 out at interSITUATIONS WANTED

Florida, contains 69 square miles. It est and allow it to compound for that A lady 'would act as chaperon or companlength of time, when it will have grown

claims a population of 10,000, but only ion on world cruise or Europeau trip. Accustomed traveler.

211 votes were cast there last year. One Highest social refer

to $5,374,523,952,824,329.... Gloria ences. Address 6,600, Outlook. COMPANION, in New York or Brooklyn, Swanson, film star, has had a new apart

can drive eight miles in any direction to lady who desires congenial companion; refiued, sympathetic; loves books and plays ment built for her on top of a Park

from the City Hall and still be in the bridge. Please write explicitly. 6,595, Outlook.

Avenue Building in New York City. For City of Sarasota, but then““ city lots” do COMPANIONS - Several exceptional wo

sell for higher prices. men available for positions requiring culture,

a five-year lease she is said to have paid tact, and background. Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 Pershing Square

$250,000. An elevator, with three shifts Building, New York.

The story is told of a man who bought EXPERIENCED nurse, Protestant, trained

of uniformed operators, is maintained for in infant welfare, desires position any capacher exclusive use. With a reported in

a Florida lot for $4,000 from the in ity-institution or private. References. Sal

a real estate office. He carefully paid in ary $80 per month. 6,596, Outlook.

come of $500,000 a year she can afford NURSE, capable, refined, desires position

cash and demanded his deed. He then with invalid. Excellent recommendations.

asked that he be shown his property. At Willing to travel or go country. Outlook.

When the mayor hurried into the au

first the agent was hesitant, but the purREFINED American woman, educated, capable, as managing housekeeper, chaperon,

ditorium and exclaimed apologetically, "I chaser insisted, and they went to the companiou to a lady. 6,583, Outlook. SEVERAL trained and experienced re

am sorry to have kept you waiting, but beach, where the agent pointed out the ligious workers for better-class positions. Executive Service Corporation (Agency), 1515 I've been addressing a board meeting,"' it

lot about four hundred feet from the Pershing Square Building, New York.

was rather impolite of a voice from the shore. "Just what I wanted," said the

crowd to say, “I can well believe that it buyer. “And now that it belongs to me, MISCELLANEOUS was.”

I want you to see that nothing is put on

it.” “But," protested the agent, "we're TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a six months'

An amazing instance of news suppres- going to fill in all that part, and in three nurses' aid conree is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids

sion occurred recently in Boston. The months we'll have your lot high and dry, are provided with maintenance and given a monthly allowance of $10. For further par

arrest of a man who had been throwing like the rest." “Not mine,” replied the ticulars address Directress of Nurses.

heavy missiles nightly for ten weeks owner. “If you put a cubic foot of dirt UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY-Woman of refinement, college graduate, will assume in from the balcony of a Keith theater into

on it, I'll sue your company.” That a healthy child between the ages of one and

the crowded auditorium below was the afternoon the company bought back the three. References exchanged. For further particulars enquire of Sherian & Peters, Attorneys, Mills Building, San Francisco, Cal.

first newspaper mention of the affair. lot for $20,000. WANTED-To get in touch with persons

The press knew of the mysterious misinterested in giving financial support to improred education for exceptionally bright

siles which endangered the nightly audi- Answer to last week's puzzle: Braes, children. Address Margaret V. Cobb, 78 Morningside Drive, New York City.

ence and of the bewilderment of the bears, saber, bares, baser. in writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook




her own home in California the entire care of

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