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Record Breaking Sale!

Encyclopaedia Britannica
[Ferm] at nearly half-price




This Beautiful Bookcase Free This beautiful bookcase, in Mahogany finish especially designed

by Maple Co. of London, will be given free with each set in the New Form while this offer lasts.

THE PUBLIC is entitled to a plain statement regarding our amaz

ing sale of the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the New Form at a saving of 46%.

You, especially, if at all interested in the Britannica, will want to know exactly what are your chances of getting one of these wonderful sets before they are entirely sold out.

The facts are these: We ordered 10,000 sets in this New Form for this sale, thinking that number would be ample for many months. But the demand has been enormous. Thousands of people jumped at the chance of getting the latest, large type Britannica, complete and unabridged, at a price reduction of nearly one-half.

As a result we are now near the end of our stock. This means certain disappointment for thousands. We shall have no alternative but to return all orders after the few sets now remaining are gone. No more half price sets after

the present stock is sold The reason is this: No more sets in the New Form at a reduction of 46% can be produced for nearly a year. To print the Britannica in any form is a stupendous undertaking. It takes three or four months to make the paper. It takes five months more for printing and binding. In any event we could not guarantee delivery on a new printing before next September.

Of course you will still be able to get the Britannica—but only in the Cambridge Issue, which sells for nearly twice as much. Only prompt action will get

one of these sets "Some day," you have said, “I will own the Encyclopaedia Britannica." Today you have the opportunity to obtain one of the splendid sets of the New Form, praised by thousands as the ideal Britannica, at the remarkable saving of 46%. But you must act promptly. If you delay only a few

in the New Form is identical in contents, word for word, page for page with the large type, large page issue Britannica which is known throughout the world. All the world's knowledge

can now be yours There is no subject of interest to any man, woman or child that is not covered thoroughly and authoritatively in the Britannica. It contains all knowledge-science, art, literature, biography,history, invention, the World War and the momentous times that have followed: also the latest developmentsin all fields ofendeavor-written in easy narrative style that holds the reader's interest.

A small first payment puts the complete 16 double volumes and the handsome free bookcase in your home. The balance is payable in monthly payments so small they will never be missed. But don't put off sending for information.

Write for interesting

days your opportunity may be gone. You owe it to yourself to fill out the coupon for full particulars, now, before you forget it. This coupon commits you in no way.

Why the price of this

famous book is so low The New Form is a remarkable publishing achievement-an innovation by experts making possible a sweeping reduction in price. Costs were cut almost in two by

Binding the complete Britannica in 16 double volumes instead of 32 single volumes. Using the thin yet durable Britannica Opacity Paper—2400 tons purchased at a very favorable price. Printing the New Form from the latest revised, large type plates of the Cam. bridge issue, saving the cost of setting

up 33,000 pages of type. These savings are shared with you. If you act quickly you can be one of the fortunate few who will buy the Britannica at such an amazingly low price. And remember, the Britannica

56-page book-Free It tells all about the Britannica in the New Form, reproduces a number of specimen pages (many in color), explains the easy terms of small monthly payments, and tells how our experts made possible such an amazing reduction in price. 56 pages of interesting, instructive reading. Free-if you mail the coupon at once.

In this sale, our policy must be first come, first served. Surely you want the Britannica. Surely you want it at the lowest possible price. Then you have no time to lose. When our present stock is gone this sale will have to stop. No more half price sets for at least a year and this offer may never be repeated. Act now before it is too late.




The Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.

05-2) 342 Madison Ave., New York

Please send me complete information about the Encyclopaedia Britannica in the New Form. Also send me the illustrated 56-page Specimen Book, full details of your present low-price of. fer and your easy plan of small monthly payments. This does not obligate me in any way. Name Address Mahogany-finish bookcase free

while this offer lasts

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Please mention The Outlook when writing to THE ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, INC.

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this issue of The Outlook

Vol. 141

October 28, 1925

No. 9

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Europe Faces Forward

Outlook's Editor in Europe
This Reformation Business

By Convict 49,068
The Crocodile

A Letter from Russia
Mother (Poem)

Guns and Game

By Henry Bannon




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Cover : The cell block in the Ohio Penitentiary

that housed General Morgan of Civil War

fame and O. Henry
The Bombardment of the Navy
Putting the Buck Where It Can't Be

Carmel-by-the-Sea .
Hoover Warns the States
Rounding Up the British Reds .
King Rubber
Be blessed for making up this peace

Cartoons of the Week
Honor to an Argentine Hero
Mexico Again Threatens Foreign Prop-

erty Rights
Canada's Elections.
Senator Ralston Dies.
Lo, the Poor Consumer !
The Outlook's Anti-Pollution Platform

The Real End of the War
Reclaiming Reclamation.
Fooled by a Name .
The “Monroe" Doctrine of the Indus-

trial World
Special Correspondence from the Con-
vention of the American Federation
of Labor at Atlantic City by CHARLES

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The Book Table :

One Increasing Purpose".
Current Books
Notes on New Books .



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EN have been known to go

important because fresh air refor months without shelter,

moves harmful waste matter in for weeks without food and for

the blood. days without water, but no one can live for more than a few

That Stitch in the side— minutes without air.

Have you ever felt a stitch in the Breathing is the first necessity of

side when running? This is a life—yet few of us know how to

warning-not always that your breathe to develop our bodies and

heart is weak, or that you have to improve our health. If we

indigestion, as many persons supcould be always in fresh air taking

pose, but sometimes that your plenty of exercise, our usual

lungs are unaccustomed to being undirected, instinctive breathing

filled to their full capacity. Most would naturally develop to give


hany of us rarely breathe to the bottom Nature would Baby's first cry! However it may sound to srand. of our lungs. One-third of the take care of us. But the condi- Under the spell" of her cager imagination than thin lung cells of the average person is tions in which we live, the stressing for air.Calathe Land of Unborn Babiely he unused. These cells tend to colof present-day life, cause us to wide world, his first need is air and through every

no need to use his lundis But here hohe event lapse and stick together. When accumulate an excess of poisanous moment of his life he will demand air.

the air is forced into them, it waste products in our bodies. To

sometimes causes pain. help dispose of these we should three, four; hold, five; exhale, go beyond instinctive breathing six, seven, eight, nine; relax, ten. Your health demands that you and at frequent times during the This will give you six breaths a should breathe properly. The day mentally direct the breaths minute-quiet, unhurried breath- blood circulates all through the

ing. After a time your uncon- body distributing material to build

scious breathing may become and repair the tissues, picking up Count Your Breaths

deeper and you will begin to feel waste products and fighting disease How many breaths a minute do a new and delightful sense of germs. The turning point of its you take? Stop now with your buoyant power.

journey is in the lungs where it watch in hand and for 60 seconds

deposits the waste and takesa fresh count them. Fifteen to twenty Good Posture First

supply of oxygen from the air. short, top-of-your-lungs breaths? When you stand or sit with

Without deep breath-
You are not breathing deeply. shoulders rounded and chest con-
Occasionally you should take six tracted you squeeze your lungs cannot beample supply

ing of fresh air there or eight long, leisurely breaths a and make deep breathing impossi- of oxygen. Without minute—so deep that the dia- ble. Lift your head, raise your sufficient oxygen there phragm is expanded and the ribs chest, straighten your spine, ele

cannot be adequate are barreled out. Several times a vate your ribs and you cannot growth or repair of day stop what you are doing, help “breathing for health”.

any part of the body, stand straight with head up, Deep breathing exercises should nor vigorous warfare shoulders back and breathe—al be taken night and morning. against disease. Begin ways through the nose, of course. Empty the lungs as fully as pos- today to breathe

deeply Try it this way-inhale, one, two, sible with each breath. This is -- breathe for health.

we take.



About one out of six of the total number marked decrease in tuberculosisdeath-rate. body must be trained to maintain correct of deaths in the United States each year is

posture. caused by diseases which affect the lungs. Defects in the air passages should be cor. Pulmonary tuberculosis and pneumonia rected if one is to breathe most effectively. The Metropolitan Life Insurance

Company claim more than 210,000 victims annually. Wise parents

should keep careful watch has prepared a booklet

giving simple and Ten years ago the death-rate from tu. over their children's noses and throats to interesting health rules, including scientific berculosis was sixty per cent higher than see that they are not afflicted with adenoids advice about fresh air and proper breathit is today. Only a short time ago it was or diseased tonsils.

ing. These rules, with the simple breathing thought that fresh air must be kept away

exercise given above, can be followed by from patients suffering from lung troubles. Deep breathing must be studied. There is anybody who wishes better health. Send Today it is known that fresh air is one more to it than the taking of a full breath. for a copy of “How to Live Long". It will of the main aids in getting well-and The diaphragm and abdominal muscles be mailed free. this knowledge has helped to produce the must be strengthened by exercise and the

HALEY FISKE, President,

Published by METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY-NEW YORK Biggest in the World, More Assets, More Policyholders, More Insurance in force, More new Insurance each year

Please mention The Outlook when writing to the METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY

Volume 141

October 28, 1925

Number 9


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The Bombardment of the Navy the supervisors, who are elected from the now up for consideration by the people
DMIRAL SIMS, Commander of

towns and now have a sort of distributive of the State of New York.
the American Fleet in the World
executive authority, are confined to

Carmel-by-the-Sea War, was characteristically defi- legislative functions, and the executive nite, pungent , and outspoken in his testi- authority is vested in a Board of Esti- On that gracious sweep of the Calimate and Apportionment consisting of

fornian coast known as the Bay of mony before the President's Air Board. On the one hand, he scored the over- three elected officers—a county presi- Monterey there is a little village called

dent, a vice-president, and a commisconservatism and ignorance of leaders in

Carmel-by-the-Sea. It did not grow sioner of finance. This Board makes the

like most villages; it was deliberately the Navy which hampered naval aviation

founded. And at the time of its founda-and not aviation only, but other parts

tion, now a considerable number of years of the Navy. "For many years,” he

ago, it was far away from anywhere. said, "the Navy has been controlled by

The first villagers, a group of artists and uneducated and untrained officers-un

writers and searchers after the simple trained in a military sense—who have

life, established themselves here because, been appointed to the most important

as they would put it, they desired to get positions.” He attributed this largely to

away from "progress” spelled with a Secretary Daniels, but he included in his

big "P.criticism Mr. Daniels's two successors.

The very fact, however, that they He commended General Mitchell for

were trying to do "something different” bringing aviation to the attention of the

soon threatened to be their own undoing. people, but he disagreed absolutely with

Carmel-by-the-Sea became a curiosity; il him on the matter of organization. Ad

became an interesting objective for an miral Sims does not approve of a sepa

automobile trip. Undeterred by the rate air force, and he deplored the action

jealously preserved eleven curves on the of the American Legion in passing resolu

highway which links Carmel with Montions in favor of it. “The idea of using

terey and the world, motorists, in everthe influence of a great organization,”

increasing numbers joyfully made the said Admiral Sims, "in order to put

trip—and told their friends. After the through a certain measure is determining

motorists came the “realtors" and proour National defenses by popular opinion

moters, buying up lots and waiting for of people who are not informed, and it

the inevitable "raise." Later came the

Admiral Sims-Trenchant Critic of is extremely dangerous."

Naval Policy

demand from this business army of occuNext week we shall print correspon

pation for "improvements," asphalt pavdence from Washington describing the

estimate each year of revenue and ex- ings, sidewalks, graded streets, better Air Board in action and characterizing pense, and its budget cannot be exceeded plumbing, and the elimination of the the testimony it heard.

in any of its items by the appropriations eleven curves.

of the Board of Supervisors. The county For over twelve years now the contest Putting the Buck Where It Can't Be Passed

president has the power to appoint and has gone on with varying fortune. Quite

dismiss the heads of departments. recently it seemed as though “progress” BUNTY government in New York, as Those who distrust the power of the must surely win the day. “You cannot

in other States, is antiquated. It people to govern themselves do not like lose money at Carmel-by-the-Sea!” had grew up under primitive conditions which this charter. They want government become a veritable slogan in the ranks of have now largely disappeared. On elec- cluttered up with checks and balances. the real estate army; with Carmel imtion day this year, November 3, the peo- But an increasing number of American proved you could not fail to make a ple of Westchester and Nassau Counties citizens believe that authority should be fortune. When the matter came up for in New York will have a chance to adopt brought out into the open, where it can decision recently, both sides bestirred new county charters.

be seen, and that the people can be themselves as never before, and all CaliOf the two, the proposed Westchester trusted to hold those who exercise that fornia looked on with curious interest. charter is the simpler, but both are based authority responsible.

The villagers—the fundamentalists, as on the same principle of concentrating The same principle of bringing govern- they are called—won the day. By solid executive authority and responsibility. ment into the open is behind the move- majorities the asphalt pavings, the sideIn the Westchester charter, for instance, ment for the short-or shorter-ballot, walks, the graded streets, were voted



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