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Recommended by a TRUST COMPANY
with resources of Fifty Million Dollars

"grow up with the country" may make more in ten years' holding of gas stocks than in purchasing an industrial which does not have the same past, present, and future. Properly handled, such buying is investment; it is not speculation, for the first requisite must be that the stock is a good thing, irrespective of the chance of appreciation.

Secured by First Mortgages

Guaranteed by a SURETY COMPANY
with resources of Forty Million Dollars

From Inquiring



AN arrangement has been effected whereby investors may now purchase the 6% Real Estate Bonds of any one of several well established Mortgage Companies, located in several States, each issue secured by

'NDLESSLY varied are the inquiries to First Mortgages that are:

this department. Their nature can

be surmised from these replies: 1. Approved as to investment standard by Every investment made in these bonds THE BALTIMORE Trust COMPANY, is triply securedfirst, by the ample cap

Connnecticut: "Your list of securities which has resources of more than

ital resources of one of the Mortgage $50,000,000.

appears to be very well selected and conCompanies mentioned above; second, by 2. Guaranteed as to principal and inter- conservative First Mortgages on com

servative. I note that, with the excepest, except as to title, by The UNITED States FIDELITY & GUARANTY Completed properties; third, by The UNITED

tion of the bank stocks, all your stocks States FIDELITY & GUARANTY COMPANY's PANY, which has resources of more

are preferred; there is no harm in this, than $40,000,000. guarantee of principal and interest on each

but the common stock of a sound com3. Guaranteed as to title by The New mortgage.

pany is practically as safe as a preferred York Title & MORTGAGE COMPANY,

Each bond is certified by The BALTIMORE which has resources of more than

and has, moreover, a better chance of ap-
Trust COMPANY as Trustee, or by some
$16,000,000, or by some other Title
Company which is approved by The
other Bank or Trust Company approved

by The BALTIMORE Trust Company and


1924 showed a considerable gain over GUARANTY COMPANY. ANTY COMPANY,

1923. I do not know whether this is

listed locally on Connecticut exchanges Consult Your Own Bank or Banker

or not. The company is in a healthy $500 and $1,000 bonds of any available issue or maturity (1 year to 10 years) may be

financial condition. purchased at par and accrued in terest through your own Bank or Banker, or directly

“Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturfrom the Bond Department of The Baltimore Trust COMPANY, 25 East Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Md.

ing Company has, as you may know, deWrite for Booklet No. 17

veloped in recent years a side-line, making dish-washing machines. This concern is old and well established. I would suggest that you also investigate to see if the

stock is listed. The Largest Trust Company in the South Atlantic States

"Connecticut Light and Power is, of offering complete banking, trust and investment services

course, a highly rated stock.” Capital Resources

Total Resources

Illinois: “According to reliable infor$7,000,000


mation, the Union Bag and Paper Cor

poration earned its fixed charges 1.79 Note: The 8% Real Estate Bonds advertised above are distributed in New York and New England by The BalTIMORE COMPANY, INC.,52 Cedar Street, New York, N.Y.

times in 1924 as against 3.20 times in 1923. The equity back of the stock remained practically unchanged-i. e., $103 per share in 1924, and $103.15 in 1923.

"In the last half of last year business EASY LIVING

was poor. The company appears, how

ever, to be in sound financial condition. Life's easy in a hotel-you don't have to worry about the state of the coal

It is not expected that dividends will be

resumed till business improves." industry or where you'll ever find some one to take Helga's place. You can be as cozy as a bug in a rug and as independent as a good cook. You don't need

Iowa: "Federal Land Bank bonds, seto increase your expenses nearly as much as you think, either-you can find lected with all reasonable care, are standreally comfortable quarters at a surprisingly low cost.

ard investment securities.” Many of the hotels listed in The Outlook's Classified Section under Pennsylvania: "In regard to CentrifHotels and Resorts are of the residential type. Write them for information ugal Pipe Corporation. about accommodations, or ask the Hotel and Travel Bureau, care of "Analysis of the financial report shows The Outlook, 120 East 16th Street, New York.

that in 1924 there was a deficit of $350,000 as against a surplus of $70,000 in

1923. The earnings per share in 1923 In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook




Why National Union

Bonds are Safe and Worry-Proof



Insurance, long accepted as the backbone of personal and business credit, has been applied to

certain type of investment security in such a way as to positively safeguard the investor, both as to capital and income. A National Union Mortgage Bond is such a security.

The payment of 100% of the
principal and interest of the first
mortgages securing National
Union Bonds is insured severally,
and in varying percentages, by
the following well-known Surety
Companies :
U. S. Fidelity & Guaranty Co.,

Maryland Casualty Co.,

Fidelity & Deposit Company,

Național Surety Company,

New York

The “ Standardized Requirements” of the National Union Mortgage Company, in themselves fully protect the principal and interest of these bonds. A copy of these requirements will be sent on request and should convince any investor that every possible protective measure is employed to safeguard National Union Bonds.

were only 25 cents-none, of course, in 1924.

“In 1924 the company received in royalties a total of $326,324; in 1923, $187,735; or an increase of $183,589. Patent amortization in 1924 was $636,364, as against $86,775 in the previous year, or an increase of $549,589. The deficit is thus seen to have arisen from this item.

"To go back of these figures would require considerable investigation. Why don't you write to the company and ask them just what these figures mean?”

Ohio: "As you doubtless know, due to bad conditions in the textile industry, the common dividend of the American Woolen Company has been passed and is, apparently, not likely to be paid for some time. The William A. Wood interests are out; the new management is considered capable and promises economies in administration.

“Whether dividends will be paid on preferred, I do not know. The company has a surplus of $22,000,000. Profit and loss surplus was drawn on last year to the extent of some $12,000,000, due to an operating loss of $4,000,000. It is quite probable that preferred dividends will be maintained, even if paid at first out of surplus. Last year the requirement was $3,500,000.

“We cannot advise you whether to sell or hold.”

Iowa: “You will find bond tables in Yields of Bonds and Stocks,' Johnson, Stone, Cross and Kircher, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., 70 Fifth Avenue, New York City.”

Greater Safety in Southern Bonds WHETHER an in

vestor chooses Municipal, Corporation or First Mortgage Bonds as best suited to his particular purposes, and whatev. er the rate of return he requires on his money, he is always interested in securing the greatest degree of safety which these conditions will permit. It is a fact, recognized among experienced investors, that in the more rapidly developing sections of the country, such as the South, away from the traditional centers of accumulated wealth, greater safeguards and a higher degree of protection surround investments which return 5%,6% or 7%. Caldwell & Company's long experience in underwriting and distributing sound Southern in vest. ments of every type enables it to offer a diversi. fied selection of bonds combining liberal yield with superior safeguards.


In addition to the insurance against loss by the Surety Companies mentioned above, all mortgages are unconditionally guaranteed by the issuing mortgage companies. Furthermore, every bond is guaranteed, principal and interest, by the National

Union Mortgage Company. $500 and $1,000 6% Coupon nds

[blocks in formation]


FRAUD order has been issued by the

United States Post Office against the Burnham Chemical Corporation of Reno, Nevada, closing the mails to this organization, about which many Outlook readers have inquired. The Searles Lake properties apparently contain potash, but the order was issued because careful investigation and consultation with reputable chemists showed that the claims made were extravagant and because it was alleged that about forty per cent of the money received from investors was disbursed through the medium of promotional costs.—(Abstracted from a bulletin of the Better Business Bureau of New York City.)




Fiscal Agents

ESTABLISHED 1899 111 E. Redwood Street, Baltimore, Md.

---COUPON--Mackubin, Goodrich & Co. 111 E. Redwood Street, Baltimore, Md. Gentlemen : Please send me your booklet, "Why a National Union for Safety,"No.55.


Caldwell & Co.




“W HAT do you think,” inquires a

reader in Maine, "of the following bonds as investments? In two weeks I expect to have about two thousand dollars free for investment.” The bonds are: Norway externals, 5Y2s, due 1965;

Southern Municipal, Corporation and

First Mortgage Bonds 1417 Union St., Nashville, Tenn. OFFICES IN PRINCIPAL CITIES

City & State


The Character


If Your Boy is a



Argentine externals, 6s, due 1959; and
Oklahoma Gas and Electric 5s.

“Do you,” added the writer, "regard
this as a good time to buy bonds, or
would it be better to wait until later in
the year?"

These bonds are investment bonds and

worth owning, provided they can be pur-

chased at prices to yield what is wished.
“As to whether this is a good time to
buy bonds we cannot say,” ran the re-
ply, “for the reason that a great deal
depends on the course of money rates.

Money is pretty firm at the present time.
Treat sore throat both inside

If it goes down, bonds will go up. This, and outside! Gargle with a

however, is out of our province, and in few drops of Absorbine, Jr. shaken into an eighth glass

the province of estimates of trends of of water. It soothes; relieves

the irritation; reduces the swelling and
destroys the germs.
Then, rub the throat with a few drops

N anxious investor in the South who

Ten Chances to One Nobody Knows It of Absorbine, Jr. to start the circulation

had lost a large portion of her capiand break up the congestion. tal by following the advice of a friend IF your_boy has trouble with his

lessonsAbsorbine, Jr. brings prompt relief; prevents this infection from getting a hold

Ten chances to one they think he is turned recently to The Outlook to know

"dull." and dragging along for weeks - to more if what she had left in certain securities

If your boy shows some charac. serious consequences:

was sase. Let us take this occasion to teristic that causes you worry and "Nothing is so refreshing, cleansing and cool.

alarming', writes an inveterate smoker who uses say that a great deal of money has been Absorbine, Jr. (dilute), as a mouthwash.

Ten chances to one the problem At all druggists', $1.25,,or postpaid lost through the advice of friends, and

can be solved with an ease that will Send for free trial bottle the tragedy of it is that in many cases

surprise and delight you. W. F. YOUNG, Inc. Springfield, Mass. the friends are perfectly conscientious

This Is Our Work

We endeavor to find the hidden and well-meaning, though inexpert in

capacity or genius of a boy or girl. financial matters. Even if the friends We will aid in planning the educa

tion and general training of children THE ANTISEPTIC LINIMENT happen to be bankers, it is well to check

of special and fine ability. up on their advice. It may be laid down

Sometimes very intelligent children

fail to do themselves justice. There Facts For Investors Investors as a general rule that the most successful

are children who seem to be unTHE OUTLOOK's Financial Service Department

investors are those who make the final naturally "slow" but who would do is at the disposal of all Outlook readers at the

very well indeed if the reason for decision themselves, who do not ask for

that "slowness" were analyzed and nominal charge of $1 per inquiry. It is a fact

corrected. finding and reporting information service which

advice, but for information or suggestion aims to help the investor, small and large, solve --who prefer, in short, to take full re

Sometimes fundamentally fine chilhis own problems. We are serving hundreds. May

dren have had unfortunate experiwe serve you?

sponsibility for both their errors and ence, environment, or companionship, The Outlook Financial Service Department their successes.

and need to have their whole outlook

on life changed. This again is our THE OUTLOOK, 120 East 16th Street, New York


N interesting list of bonds is sug- We should like to make you ac$25,000 in 10 years earns

quainted with the work of The Chargested by an inquirer in New York

acter Clinic, for the normal boy or at 8% State. There is much that could be said girl, where ability may be discovered,

educational troubles smoothed out, about each, but we endeavored to com- and character difficulties--mental, press essential facts into a letter, of moral, and physical-recognized and

turned into character assets. which the following is a portion:

Parents who find themselves deeply

involved in the many problems assailThe Baltimore and Ohio 41/25 of

ing Boyhood and Girlhood may find 28.8% More Principal 1933 are a first lien pari passu with The Character Clinic pointing a way 71.8% More Income

toward the greater happiness and the Refunding and General Mortgage

success of these children. bonds of this company.

Their secu

Consultations by appointment only. Without Additional Investment!

rity is high; they are an investment Send coupon TO-DAY, or write, or Many examples of profit possibilities bond.

telephone Stuyvesant 7874, New York. have been charted in our new book

The Great Northern Railway Gen- The Character Clinic let, “2% to 4% Extra.” You can obtain 8% safely in Florida. The eral Mortgage 5s of 1973 are secured

CHARLES K. TAYLOR, Director extra 2% to 4% means a substantial by the property of the system; the gain in money and a great saving in

120 East 16th Street security is good. Moody's rating is time in reaching independence. Mail Aa.

New York City coupon for free booklet and learn your gain by investing at 8%.

The 5s of 1962 of the Chicago and Absolutely'No Medical Questions Considered Western Indiana are secured by a first The Character Clinic,

mortgage on the property of the old 120 East 16th Street, TRUST COMPANY OF FLORIDA Chicago Union Transfer Company, New York City Paid in Capital and Surplus '500,000

I shall be glad to receive further informaand by a lien on all the other property lion regarding your work and to know

when an appointment can be made for an MIAMI FLORIDA of the road. Moody rates them Baa.

interview during the week of The New York Edison 5s are A regarding clinical consultation with Mr.

Charles K. Taylor and his associates. Name. bonds. They are a first mortgage on

Name Street

fourteen power stations, and are fur

ther secured by the deposit of stocks City..


at 6%





Write to




and bonds. In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

P. 0.


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South America Unique Adventure Tours The MEDITERRANEAN

Tours and Travel

Hotels and Resorts



New York City To EGYPT January

16, 1926, with Prof. Albert SICILY, NORTH AFRICA, SPAIN

Baina hais eleventh Feyptiat San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

party. Abu Simbel. Camp in the Fayum. With Dr. George H. Allen

Unharmed by Earthquake
ROUND the WORLD January 6, 1926, with

Small party sails from New York

Furnished bungalows of various sizes ; sit-
January 7, 1926

the unspoiled hinterland. Motor 1200 miles uated on the foothills among the orange
in Java.

groves, overlooking the sea. Central dining-

room, electric lights, hot and cold water. To MISSION FIELDS in the far East. Sep

teinber 25, 1926, with

Good' tennis court. Two miles from ocean and PALESTINE, SYRIA, GREECE, ITALY Dr. Harlan P. Beach, our greatest authority

country club, six miles from Santa Barbara. on Interdienominational Missions.

Booklet. Address Sails from New York January 16, 1926

Manager San Ysidro Ranch, Santa Barbara

Where Broadway Both tours include the TO THE HOLY LAND April 8, 1926, with

Crosses TO USE. Bishop Shayler of cruise of the Lotus, our own Nebraska. A Churchmen's Pilgrimage with

Quiet, dignified atmosphere; serprivate steamer on the Nile. objectives primarily religious.


vice that is satisfying without be

ing obtrusive; a restaurant which Write for illustrated booklet, norc ready: To NORTH AFRICA February 25, 1926, with

serves superior food at moderate

prices; spacious, airy rooms; transL.A. Unique route including Biskra, etc: Leonard Home and by auto; following the blossoms in Sicily

portation by subway, bus and troland Italy.


ley in a few minutes to all theaters,



Furnished and unfurnished Scientific care of semi-invalids, elderly or

apartments available on lease. 15 Boyd Street Newton, Mass. 447-A Park Square Bldg. Boston, Mass. nervous people in a comfortable home over

Write for rates.
looking Connecticut River. Spacious rooms
and porches; no hospital atmosphere. Physi-

cians in attendance. Very moderate terms.
tery of the Orient lures visitors EUROPE SELECCE 1926
from all over the world to

Earn your trip by organizing a small
party. Mediterranean - Bermuda THE WAYSIDE INN Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,
Around the World. Conducted Parties
Independent Tours.
NEW MILFORD, Litchfield Co., Conn.

Residential hotel of highest type, combining
In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all the

the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of STRATFORD TOURS 452 Fitch Ave. year. An ideal place for your summer's rest

an ideal home. American plan $4 per day and The quaintest and most interesting of all

2 hours from New York. Write for booklet

up. European plan $1.50 per day and up. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor

SAMUEL NAYLOR, Manager. countries. Come while the old age customs prevail. Write. mentiouing Outlook Automobile Tours italy, slik


erland, etc. Marcel Michel, experienced
Care Trattic Dept.
French courier-owner-interpreter, will ar-

JAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS range satisfactory, and comfortable private


tours. Rates surprisingly reasonable forevery
for full information
expense. References. For information address

PLAYS, musical comedies and revues, min-
Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,
W. E. HETZELL, 732 Westview St. Philadelphia, Pa.

strel music, blackface skits. vaudeville acts,

monologs, dialogs, recitations, entertain$5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country SPECIAL PRIVATE TOUR TO

FLORIDA ments, musical readings, stage handbooks,


goods. Big catalog free. T. 8. DeniHere winter is softened into a

son & Co., 623 So. Wabash, Dept. 74, Chicago. visiting the unusua). Jan Feb., 1926. Select Party: Booklet T.” JANUARY 16—Party Limited to 8 Northern spring. The world's finest Le Roy Tours, 1 West 47th St., New York.

RESER TOURS, 171 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, N, Y. beach-23 miles long, 500 feet

wide--awaits you. Magnificent WRITE for free samples of embossed at $2 WANTED—3 ladies to form party auto drives. Boating on the famous

or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thousands of Outlook

customers. Lewis, stationer, for winter and spring, in European Halifax and Tomoka Rivers.

Troy, N.Y.
Capitals. Comfortable trip. No haste.

Widely varied fishing. Golf,

PERSONAL STATIONERY-200 single or Experienced chaperon. 4,503, Outlook.

100 double sheets good bond paper with 100

tennis, roque, lawn bowl. envelopes to match, printed in blue. $1. Earn Your Trip to EUROPE by securing We're not satisfied !

ing. Daily concerts. Best Hicks, Macedon Center, N. Y. bers for one of my tours. Established 1900,

accommodations.For book

PERSONAL stationery-25 calling cards, BABCOCK'S TOURS, Inc., East Orange, N. J.

200 sheets bond paper, 100 envelopes, $1.

let address : A lot of you people who read

Nadoluy, Box 583, Tarrytown, N. Y. The Outlook have let us help

DAYTONA BEACH CHAMBER you with your travel plans—but Real Estate


EMPLOYMENT AGENCY not enough. We have the facil

210 Chamber of Commerce Bldg. New Jersey

Daytona, Fla.

SECRETARIES, social workers, superinities to answer your inquiries

tendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians,

cafeteria managers, companions, governesses, about any part of the world, and Attractive Furnished Cottage 6 months ora

mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68

Barnes St., Providence. we do love to work. We know year. 8 rooms, bath, sleeping-porch, hot-air we can please you, too, because | Address Miss E. DUNCAN, Lakehurst, N. J.

HELP WANTED those we have served write us things like this,

New York City EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid,

as railway traffic inspector. Position guaran

teed after completion of 3 inonths' home study Let me tell you I appreciate to the For Rent, pleasant fall and winter home

course or money refunded. Excellent opporfullest extent all you did for me and

timities. Write for free booklet CM-27. rooms, 2 bathrooms, electric lights. Oyster mine. We had a nice trip over . bed. State roads, good high school, churches.

Standard Business Training Institution, BufS.C. WOLCOTT, Nuttall, Gloucester Co., Va.

(Near 5th Avenue) was grateful for all your sugges

falo, N. Y.

40 West 45th Street EDUCATED, experienced governess and tions; they came in so handy."

mother's assistant. Four children between NEW YORK

ages two and six. Live at Princeton, N. J. It's a service for you too. Instruction

6,439, Outlook. Directly in the fashionable club and shop- HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND

ping section. Within five minutes' walk to WOMEN Nation-wide demand for highHow may we help you with your Opportunity to become TRAINED NURSE. $15

all principal theaters. A high-class hotel salaried men and women. Past experience next trip?

patronized by those desiring the best accom

We train you by mail and put Tennis, surf bathing. 3 hours from New York. modations at moderate cost.

you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, 8-hour day. 2% year conrse. Age 18 to 32;

Rates and map gladly sent upon request. fine living, interesting work, quick advance2 years high school. Seud for descriptive

inent, permanent. Write for free book. At your service without charge folder and application. Southampton Hospital

"YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Association, Southamptou, Long Island, N. Y.

Hotel Training Schools, Suite X-5842, WashHotel and Travel Bureau

NURSE for three year old girl in Tarry

202 West 103d Street town, N. Y. Protestant. About $50 a month.

Board-Rooms Within a few minutes of all New York 6,432, Outlook. THE OUTLOOK

attractions. Comfortable rooms and 120 East 16th Street New York Ridgewood, New Jersey accommodate one

suites, exceptionally fine cuisine, anii au

atmosphere that pleases particular people. or two guests. Commuting. Erie, Central.

For Help Wanted, Situations Wanted, and Ridgewood 125 M. 85 Woodside Ave. Write for Booklet 0 and Map of New York Miscellaneous Advertisements see next page

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook


By the Way


HELP WANTED SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No

Exinvesttneut, no." Motor P. vecessary. clusive .

Products , 1760 Lunt Ave., Chicago.

WOMAN-Publishing house bas perma. nent sales position with executive future to offer woman of keen intelligence who has heretofore earned $50 or more a week. Previous business experience not necessary, but experience in educational work helpful. Refinement and determination essential for success. Trav. eling required-all transportation paid-liberal drawing account and comin ission basis. Write, stating age and qualifications, to B. E. Sparrow, 50 W. 47th St., New York City.


ars among Outlook readers. The puzzle is to make a sentence in French) of the

following: CORRESPONDENT of a New York


р tabloid writes to its editor to regis

a ter the following complaint:


As I was coming from Albany,
N. Y., by motor we happened to pass
the town of Stuyvesant Falls. On the

road my little girl spied some apple

From the New York “World:” trees and wanted an apple. As I was about to get one for her a State "A good many years ago, as time is trooper came along and took me to the judged in a world that moves swiftly, justice of the peace, who fined me $20. they gave to one of America's most disThe editor puts this caption on the let- tinguished authors a banquet on the octer:

casion of his seventh birthday.” “$20 FOR AN APPLE”

Don't keep us in suspense. Who was
A better caption would have been:

it? Jackie Coogan?
We should say that the lesson was cheap
at that price.



SITUATIONS WANTED AS companionable house manager to semiinvalid or to assist in adult household like member of fainily. References exchanged. L., 94 Cottage St., New Haven, Conn.

CAPABLE, willing woman as companionhousekeeper, like member of family. Long housekeeping experience; best references. 6,421, Outlook.

CLUB hostess and supervising bousekeeper. Refined, tactful. Lewis trained. Hotel experience. References. 6,416, Outlook.

COLLEGE position wanted by university graduate in social sciences. 6,409, Outlook.

COMPANION-secretary. Young woman able to do shorthand, typing, practical uurs. ing, and drive a car. Capable, adaptable, dependable. Prefers country or travel to city. Best references. Address Box 233, Gleubrook, Coun.

CULTURED, refined Englishman, inature age, commanding several languages, going to Florida, would like to act as tutor, companion, or secretary to family wintering in the South. 6,437, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED teacher desires position as governess. 6,415, Outlook.

GOVERNESS and mother's helper, Protestant, active and experienced. Children over four. Good seamstress. 6,430, Outlook.

LADY with art training wants a position in a gift shop or tea room and gift shop. Has executive ability and is a good accountant. Address Miss Mabel Olmsted, 66 Maple Ave., Morristown, N. J.

MANAGING housekeeper, capable, conscientious, by woman of refinement. 6,428, Outlook.

POSITION desired as companion or secretary. Good reader; knowledge of ste. nography; kind and attentive. Vicinity Oranges or Moutclair preferred, but not necessary. 6,426, Outlook.

REFINED college woman, 29, healthy, of good appearance, graduate registered nurse, excellent dietitian and good manager, desires to accompany patient or elderly couple on sea voyage. References exchanged. 6,421, Outlook.

REFINED young woman desires position taking care of children. Kind and gentle discipline, capable in sickness. Scotch. $100 a month. 6,398, Outlook.

REGISTERED nurse, experienced, pleasing personality, wishing to spend winter in warm climate, would act as companion or take full charge of infant. Terms moderate. Per. sonal interview desired. 6,438, Outlook.

STUDENT-WRITER. - Young man, agricultural college and university training, desires cultured home. Remuneration not essential. 6,422, Outlook.

SUPERINTENDENT or matron children's home or any institution. Experienced. 6,408, Outlook.

TEACHER of great sympathy and understanding will tutor (Calvert System) children under 8 in their own homes. Brooklyn or New York, Interview requested. 6,413, Outlook.

USEFUL companion, nurse. governess, assistant in home. Capable. 6,419, Outlook.

WANTED, near, not in, New York, with business couple or small family of simple requirements, practical housekeeper's position by capable woman of refinement in exchange for home and living for self and two normal, attractive children; boy five, girl seven, References given and required. 6,431, Outlook.

WOMAN of refinement as housemother in boarding school, or house mauager in motherless home, one or two children of school age. Experience and references. 6,429, Outlook.

WOMAN, practical nurse, refined, experienced, desires position;matron, housemother, care invalid. 6,433, Outlook.

YOUNG German teacher, college graduate, speaks French, desires position as tutor or governess. References exchanged. 6,417, Outlook.

From “Life:

Youngster—“Five cents' worth of castor oil, please.”


RTHUR JUDSON BROWN as head of Druggist—"The tasteless kind, I pre

the American representation and sume?

one of its four Presidents, was the most Youngster-"No, sir; it's for father.” prominent American connected with the

Stockholm Conference. Dr. Brown has Charles Fitzhugh Talman has written

been General Secretary of the Presbyan interesting paper, now published in

terian Board of Foreign Missions, in pamphlet form, which was read before

New York, since 1895, and is a member the American Meteorological Society at

of many international and interdenomiWashington earlier in the year. It is on

national commissions and organizations. his experiences in gathering material for


his views on the controversy beman says:

tween the aviators and the War DepartThere is the way in which words are

ment in a persuasive article in this week's needlessly multiplied, to the embar

issue entitled “The Aviators' Rebellion." rassment of the lexicographer, that

Colonel Driggs, who is President of the one encounters in' recording the names of meteorological instruments. For

American Flying Club and the organizer example, a combination of hygrometer

of the New York State Air Service, inand thermometer is sometimes called a spected the battle-fronts of the Allies “hygrothermometer.”... “Hygrother

during the war as aviation expert.
mometer” implies "hygrothermomet-
“hygrothermometrical,” and Ro

OLLIN LYNDE HARTT is a frequent "hygrothermometrically.” ... Then,

contributor to

newspapers and for each "-meter” used in meteorology magazines. He has been on the staffs of there is, as a rule, a “-scope,

the Boston “Transcript," the Chicago "-graph” and a "-gram," and each “Tribune," and the "Literary Digest, "-scope" and "-graph” at least has its and is the author of several books. derivatives. Consider, now, if you please, the possibilities implied in the OHN B. BURNHAM, President of the existence of such a word as "barother- American Game Protective Associamohygroanemometer," actually found tion, has long been in the forefront of the in the catalogue of a well-known French

fight for the protection of wild life. He instrument maker. . . . Figure up presents in this issue an effective argufor yourself how many additions may

ment for placing the protection of our eventually be made to the meteorologi

game in the hands of hunters.
cal vocabulary by the invention of an
instrument for measuring at one and
the same time barometric

pressure, In its issue of September 30 The temperature, humidity, and wind.

Outlook spoke of Paul Bartlett's "Barothermohygroanemometer” is statue of Benjamin Franklin as located even better than our “valetudinarian- at Westbury, Connecticut. Its actual ism,” favorite in spelling bees.

location is on the lawn in front of the

Waterbury Public Library, at WaterHere is a teaser for the French schol- bury, Connecticut.



MISCELLANEOUS TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a six inonths' Diseg' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids are provided with mainteuance and given a monthly allowance of $10. For further par. ticulars address Directress of Nurses.

CHILD care for winter months. Northern woman of culture, going South for winter, will take care of healthy child for the season. References. 6,407, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED trained nurse, with pleas. ant Long Island home, will board nervous child needing special care. Terms reasonable. 6,418, Outlook,

In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook

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