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Página 669 - The legislature may at any time alter, amend, or repeal this act...
Página 4 - York, gave notice that he would, on some future day, ask leave to introduce a bill, entitled, " An Act to Extend and Improve the Benefits of Common School Education in the City of New York.
Página 652 - State be, and he is hereby, requested to transmit a copy of these resolutions to each of our senators and representatives in Congress.
Página 404 - But patience is more oft the exercise Of saints, the trial of their fortitude, Making them each his own deliverer, And victor over all That tyranny or fortune can inflict...
Página 490 - An act to revive and continue in force an act, entitled ' An act to provide for persons who wore disabled by known wounds, received in the revolutionary war...
Página 87 - BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate be, and he is hereby authorized and directed to forward copies of this Memorial to the President and the Vice President of the United States...
Página 615 - AN ACT To revive and continue in force an Act entitled, " an Act to incorporate the New York Historical Society" Passed February 10, 1809, and to amend the same.
Página 7 - Senate to act with a like committee on the part of the House to wait upon the Governor, and inform him that the two houses are now organized and ready to receive any communication he may think proper to make.
Página 191 - ... their successors shall hold their office for three years. It shall be their duty to make a personal examination into the state and condition of the college, in all its departments and branches, once at least in each year, and report the result to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, suggesting such improvements as they may deem important, which said report shail be embodied in the report of the Superintendent.
Página 183 - ... unless it shall be made to appear to the legislature that there has been a violation by the company of some of the provisions of this act...

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