Industrial Cuba: Being a Study of Present Commercial and Industrial Conditions, with Suggestions as to the Opportunities Presented in the Island for American Capital, Enterprise, and Labour

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1899 - 428 páginas
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Página 223 - Articles the growth, produce, and manufacture of the United States, when returned after having been exported, without having been advanced in value or improved in condition by any process of manufacture or other means...
Página 9 - That the United States hereby disclaims any disposition or intention to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over said Island except for the pacification thereof, and asserts its determination when that is accomplished to leave the government and control of the Island to its people.
Página 372 - ... hours after the arrival of any vessel the master must, under a penalty for failure of $1 per ton registry measurement, produce to the proper officer a manifest of her cargo, with the marks, numbers, and description of the packages and the names of the respective consignees, which...
Página 223 - ... circulation in the Island of Cuba shall be received for customs at the following fixed rates in American money: Peso, 60 cents ; medio peso, 30 cents ; peseta, 12 cents; real, 6 cents; medio real, 3 cents. Bronze and copper coins now current in the Island of Cuba will be received at their face value for fractional parts of a dollar in a single payment to an amount not exceeding 12 cents (1 peseta). The metrical system of weights and measures is in use in Cuba. Importations from the United States...
Página 221 - Rico exempt from the duties stipulated in the tariffs on compliance with the prescribed conditions and the formalities established for every case in the customs ordinances : 344.
Página 242 - Carriages and other vehicles (except those for the conveyance of goods) imported in the rough or prepared for upholstering or painting, shall pay the...
Página 373 - The tonnage tax on entries of a vessel from a port or place not in Cuba shall not exceed in the aggregate $2 per net ton in any one year, beginning from the date of the first payment. The tonnage tax on entries of a vessel from other ports or places in Cuba...
Página 170 - There are 17,259 houses, of which 15,494 are one-story, 1,552 are two stories, 186 are three stories, and only 27 are four stories, with none higher. At least 12 in every 13 inhabitants live in one-story houses; and as the total civil, military, and transient population exceeds 200,000 there are more than 12 inhabitants to every house. Tenement houses may have many small rooms, but each room is occupied by a family. Generally the onestory houses have four or five rooms; but house rent, as also food...
Página 233 - Velvety tissues, such as corduroys and velveteens; three-ply plush tissues, cut or not, N. W kilog..

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