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Territories — Continued

annexation of, 324.
annexation of Louisiana, 328.
incorporation of, 330.
status of, as embryo States, 332.
annexation of, under treaty or war power, 339.
annexation of, under general international powers, 340.
annexation of, by statute, 340.
alienation of, 342, 507.
purposes for which, and modes by which, may be annexed, 344.
annexation by joint resolution, 344.
consent of inhabitants for annexation of, 347.
power of Congress to govern, 351, 362.
Dred Scott case, 353.
military government of, 380.
annexation of, by conquest or military occupation, 380.
conquered, status of, 387.
presidential governments in, 388.
annexation of, by treaty, 392.
powers of president in, prior to congressional action, 403.
distinction between incorporated and unincorporated, 405.
status of, after annexation, 406.
views of Justice Brown as to status of, 412, 421.
citizenship in, ceded, 442.
commerce with, 773.


annexation of, 324, 344.

Third Term

presidential, 1147.


taxation of, 612, 618.
state inspection laws, 671.

Trade Unions

federal legislation relating to, 746.


interstate, state regulation of, 666.


state taxation of articles in, 712.


essential to commerce, 631.

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power of Congress to define and punish, 833.
statutory provisions as to, 833.
may be committed by aliens, 834.
domicile not necessary, 834.
no petit treason in United States, 835.
what constitutes, 835.
enlistment of men does not constitute, 835.
against State of the Union, 839.


between the States forbidden, 235.
annexation of territory by, 392.
citizenship in territories annexed by, 444.
negotiation of, 456.
amendment of, by senate, 462.
ratification of, 465.
agreements not requiring senatorial approval, 467.
enforcement of, 480.
appropriation of money in enforcement of, 480.
abrogation of, 481, 513.
to be executed with uberrima fides, 505.
date of taking effect, 517.
denunciation of, 518.
construction of, 518.

Treaty Power

annexation of territory under, 339.
may not incorporate territory, 416, 428.
naturalization under, 446.
federal power exclusive, 450.
federal power comprehensive, 451.
manner of exercise of, 455.
of the senate, 458.
foreign States held to knowledge of constitutional location of, 464.
constitutional extent of, 493.
reserved rights of the States and, 495.
legislative power ancillary to, 506.
alienation of territory by, 507.

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Ultra Vires Acts

of public officers, responsibility for, 1310.

Unconstitutional Law

doctrine of Marbury v. Madison examined, 2.
force of, 10.

Uniformity in Taxation

application of principle of, to unincorporated territories, 411.
what constitutes, 596.




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Upper California

military government in, 388.

Unwritten Laws

force of, 41.


in senate, how filled, 559.
in house of representatives, how filled, 560.


situs of, for purposes of taxation, 717.

Veto Power

of the president, 567.
parts of bills may not be vetoed, 568, 1307.

election of, see

“ President."

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debt controversy of, 1084.


of constitutional guarantees, 813.

defined, 795.
civil war, 796.
declaration of, 796, 1208.
power of president to declare, 797.
articles of, 1192.
powers of military courts in time of, 1206.
prosecution of, 1212.
States may not declare, 1238.
distinguished from martial rule, 1238.
martial law in time of, 1241.

War Power

annexation of territory under, 339.

We the People

meaning of, 36.



views of, as to unconstitutional legislation, 4, 8, n.
use of term Constitution ” by, 38.
argument of, in Luther v. Borden, 159.
position of, in Thrasher's Case, 246.

Weights and Measures

power of Congress to fix, 781.


tax for use of, 580.

Wilson, James

constitutional views of, 47.

Wilson Act

construction of, 683.

Writs of Error

from federal Supreme Court to state courts, 120, 804, 978.

Woman Suffrage

not guaranteed by Fourteenth Amendment, 185.

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