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Railway Rates

administrative establishment of, 1323.
grant to corporations of right to fix, 909.
regulation of interstate, 748.
delegation of power to regulate, 749.
injunctions by federal courts to restrain state officials from enforcing,

state regulation of, 728.


of treaties, 405.

Real Estate

tax on succession to, not direct, 615.


of interstate carriers, state taxation of, 720.


of Congress, signing bills during, 571.


of arid lands, federal power over, 1051.


agreements for, 477.


of sovereignty of foreign states, 461.


of Southern States, 161, 1222.
see “Military Government."


constitutionality of, 154, 1324.


administrative, 1164.


of officers, mandamus to compel, 1186.

Religious Freedom

constitutional guarantee of, 423, 841.

Removal from Office

power of president, 1174.
of inferior officers may be regulated by Congress, 1185.
injunctions to prevent, 1185.
powers of state governors, 1187, n.

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Removal of Suits

from state to federal courts, 124, 789, 994.
state restrictions upon, 145.

Representatives to Congress

qualifications of, 524.
qualifications determined by the House of Representatives, 525.
privileges of, 530.
apportionment of, among the States, 523.
right to vote for, a federal right, 540.
power of United States to compel election of, within the States, 555.

Republican Form of Government

constitutional guarantee of, 115.
definition of, 151.

Reserved Rights

of the States, and the treaty-power, 495.


joint and concurrent, presidential approval of, 568.

Resulting Powers

definition of, 65.

Retroactive Legislation

constitutionality of, 1265.

Revenue Bills

orignation of, in house of representatives, 566.

Revenue Laws

application of, to annexed territory, 392.
modification or repeal of, by treaties, 488.

Revenue Officials

removal of suits against, to federal courts, 125.

Rhode Island

Dorr's Rebellion in, 156, 158.


constitutionality of, 569.


responsibility of United States for injuries to foreigners in, 259.


exclusion of, from house of representatives, 526.

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Rolling Stock

state taxation of, 717.

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Safety Appliances

on trains, federal law providing for, 735, 744.


federal, state taxation of, 102.
state, federal taxation of, 113.


at boards of trade, taxation of, 613.
of articles imported included within interstate commerce, 642.

San Domingo

protocol relating to, 471.


compulsory service of, not involuntary servitude, 853.

Searches and Seizures

federal power to examine the mails, 784.
constitutional provision as to, 828.
corporations protected, 829.


unconstitutionality of, 85.


state taxation of federal, 103.

Seditious Libel

power of Congress to define to punish, 845.


immunity from, 823.
what constitutes, 825.
right to immunity from, may be waived, 825.
when right to immunity from, may be claimed, 826.
immunity from, must be complete, 826.
corporations not protected against testimony of their agents, 827.
production of private books and papers, 828.

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treaty-making powers of, 455.
negotiation of treaties by, 458.
amendment of treaties by, 462.
vacancies in, how filled, 564.
approval of, not required as to certain international agreements, 467.


qualifications of, 524.
qualifications of, determined by senate, 525.
privileges of, 530.
power of United States to compel the election of, 555.
election of, 557.
act of 1866, 558, n.
popular election of, 559.


suspension of, 1173.

Separation of Powers

constitutional principle of, 1259.
not compulsory upon the States, 1260.
provisions of the Constitution, 1261.
not complete, 1262.
general principle of, stated, 1263.
legislative and judicial acts distinguished, 1264.
declaratory and retroactive legislation, 1265.
legislative control of judicial procedure, 1267.
performance of administrative acts by the courts, 1274.
power of courts to punish contempts, 1270.
power of Congress to punish contempts, 1274.
judicial review of administrative determinations, 1276.
judicial powers of administrative agents, 1277.
conclusiveness of administrative determinations, 1278.
fraud orders, 1283.
Chinese exclusion cases, 1286.


actual, required in actions in personam, 201.
in divorce proceedings, 206.


see “ Slavery."

Set Off

in suits against the States, 1096.


citizenship or suffrage not dependent upon, 185.

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Sherman Anti-Trust Act

“ Anti-Trust Act."


Slaughter House Cases

doctrines of, 177, 192.


in the Philippines, 442.
prohibition of, 848.
enforcement of Thirteenth Amendment, 848.
peonage, 850.
Civil Rights cases, 851.
compulsory service of seamen is not, 853.
contracts for personal services, 854,


fugitive, 234.
importation of, 800.

Slave Trade

declared piracy, 795.

Southern States

reconstruction of, 161.


inherent powers of, 66.
existence and extent of, a political question, 1003.
international, of the United States, 64.
territorial, 214, 246.
de facto and de jure, 337.
recognition of, 461.

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Speedy Trial

constitutionally guaranteed, 815.
Spirit of the Constitution

constructive principle of, 43.

Stamp Taxes

on state documents, 118.

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