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Fourteenth Amendment - Continued

provisions of, as to apportionment of representatives among the States,

see “ Citizenship;” “ Due Process of Law;" “ Equal Protection;" “ Police


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Full Faith and Credit Clause

congressional legislation in definition and enforcement of, 195.
does not apply to Territories or District of Columbia, 196.
does not apply to criminal causes, 197.
establishes a rule of evidence, 198.
statutes of limitations, 199.
statutory rights of action, 199.
judgments in rem and in personam, 201.
conveyances of land by order of court, 202.
nul tiel record, 202.
tax exemptions, 204.
marriage and divorce, 205.

Game Laws

state, and interstate commerce, 676.

General Welfare

meaning of, 39.

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Good Will

taxation of, 967.


de facto and de jure, 158, 165, 386.
state, federal control of form of, 151.
presidential, 151.
republican form of, defined, 151.

Governor of a State

powers of, contrasted with those of the president, 1167, n.
power of, to remove from office, 1187, n.

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annexation of, 325.

Guana Islands

annexation of, 324, 340.


constitutional, waiver of, 813.

Habeas Corpus

writs of, from state courts for release of persons in federal custody, 130.
issuance of writs of, by federal courts, 132.
the Neagle Case, 135, 1152.
writ of, issue only when imperative, 136.
what action to be taken by federal court upon return of, 138.
in extradition proceedings, 227.
suspension of writ of, 801, 1244.
jury not required in proceeding in, 809.
writ defined, 1253.
power to suspend and effect of, 1254.
power of president to suspend, 1255.

Hague Conferences

arbitration treaties under conventions of, 473.



views of, as to annexation of territory, 328.

Hawaiian Islands

annexation of, 325, 338, 345.
government of, 364.
status of, 432.
jury trial in, 433.

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House of Representatives

vacancies in, how filled, 560.
conclusiveness of records of, 562.
constitutional force of rules of, 564.
origination of bills for revenue in, 566.
see “ Elections."



headmoney tax, 578.
state inspection laws, 672.
power of administrative officials, 1289.
see “ Chinese Exclusion.”


see “ Self-Incrimination."


jury trial not required, 806.
constitutional provisions, 1121.
persons subject to, 1121.
when civil officers may be impeached, 1122.
offenses for which impeachment will lie, 1123.
punishment upon conviction, 1124.
effect of dissolution of Congress upon, 1124.

Implied Powers

definition of, 54, 61.
administrative necessity a source of, 62.
international responsibility a source of, 64.

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Inferior Federal Courts

do not include territorial courts, 371.
see Circuit Courts of Appeal;” “ Circuit Courts;" “ District Courts.*

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Inferior Officers

who are, 1175.
Congress may regulate the removal of, from office, 1185.

Information to Congress

duty of president to furnish, 1167.

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Inherent Sovereign Powers

existence of, examined, 66, 454.

Inheritance Taxes

constitutionality of, 581.
state, 599.
federal, 602.


from state to federal courts, and from federal to state courts, 142.
to restrain state officials, 1074, 1091.
to prevent removal of federal officers, 1185.
to the president, 1301.

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Inspection Laws

state, 670, 688.
tobacco, 671.
immigration, 672.

Insular Cases

examination of, 361, 407, 411.


business of, not commerce, 634.
tax on, not direct, 615.

Insurance Companies

restrictions upon right of, to remove suits into federal courts, 146.

Intangible Personal Property

taxation of, 955.
foreign held bonds, 955.
shares of stock, 957.
mortgages, 960.
credits, 961.
franchises, 966.
good will, 967.


to export, 641.

Internal Improvements

power of Congress to appropriate for, 588.

commerce is, 633.

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