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Due Process of Law

Slaughter House Cases, 177.
taxation and, 583, 621.
collection of taxes and, 624.
legal tender and, 627.
definition of, 856.
historical meaning of, 858.
requirements of, not unchangeable, 859.
rules as to evidence and procedure may be changed, 680.
appeal not essential to, 862.
confronting witnesses, 863.
trial in courts of law not essential to, 863, 1278.
statutory formalities and, 864.
fixed interpretation of law not guaranteed by, 864.
substantive rights and, 865, 868.
meaning of per legem terræ, 865.
distinction between American and English doctrines as to, 865.
all departments of government are bound to provide, 866.
erroneous interpretation of law as a denial of, 868.
Ju Toy Case, 1289.
administrative determinations, 1291.

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presidential, appointment of, 1125.
Eleventh Amendment
does not apply to suits instituted by a State, 122, 1070.

Suability of States."


Eminent Domain

federal exercise of, in the States, 119.
federal power of, 378.
and obligation of contracts, 910.

Employers' Liability Law

federal, 741, 743.

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Enabling Acts

province of, 321.


in army and navy, obligations assumed by, 1193.


in taxation, 593.
of the States, 239.

Equal Protection of the Law

constitutional guarantee of, 180.
taxation and, 593.
constitutional provision as to, 873, 881.
definition of, 881.
corporations entitled to, 882.
administrative discretion and, 885.
political rights not concerned, 886.
classifications and, 886.
classifications must be reasonable, 887.
laws and judicial systems not required to be uniform throughout the

State, 888.
similar, but not the same, privileges required, 889.


in federal courts, 1024.


writs of, from federal to state courts, 120.

Established Religion

prohibited to the United States, 841.


rules of, in federal courts, 1026.


bills of, not articles of commerce, 633.


defined, 582.

Exclusion of Aliens

power of United States as to, 25, 452.

Exclusion of Commodities

power of States as to, 678.
from the mails, 784.

Exclusive Powers

federal, 73.

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Executive Departments

see “ Departments.”

Executive Practice

interpretative force of, 26.


from taxation, force of, outside the State in which granted, 204.
contracts of tax, 892.


denial of right of, 286.
English doctrine of, 286.
treaty of Ghent, 287.
right recognized by United States, 288.
statute of 1868, 289.
judicial decisions as to, 290.


of legislation not subject to judicial inquiry, 19.

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Express Companies

taxation of, 718, 951.


of aliens, 251, 452.


constitutional provision as to interstate, 222.
governor's action may not be compelled, 222.
by a State to foreign State, 224.
auxiliary state legislation, 226.
judicial examination of proceedings of, 226.

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Extradition - Continued

habeas corpus in, 227.
abduction and forcible return of fugitives from justice, 228.
trial for offenses other than those for which, is had, 231.
who are fugitives from justice, 232.
international, 479.

[blocks in formation]

Fifteenth Amendment

enforcement of, 550.
does not directly confer suffrage, 538.


excessive, may not be imposed, 830.

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Fire Insurance

business of, not commerce, 634.


regulation of, by treaty, 501.


annexation of, 324.
treaty provisions as to status of inhabitants of, 333.
status of, after annexation, 392, n., 419, n.

Foraker Act

for government of Porto Rico, 364, 403, 411.

Force Act of 1833

provisions of, 125, 133.

Foreign Commerce

includes right of sale of articles imported, 643.
state taxation of, 699.
federal control of, 769.

Foreign Corporations

state control of, 219.
no rights of, under Comity Clause, 219.
state taxation of, 702.
doing an interstate commerce business, state control of, 695.

[blocks in formation]

Foreign States

suits by, 1060.

Foreign Territory

military government of, 1217.
annexation of, 329.

Fourteenth Amendment

general purpose and effect of, 177.
Slaughter House Cases, 177.
legislative power granted Congress by, 186.
equal protection of law, 187.
effect of, on first eight amendments, 183.
prohibitions of, directed to the States, 188.
adoption of, 522.

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