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Contracts — Continued

constitutionality of state laws impairing obligation of, a federal question,

how far decisions of state courts controlling, 914.
doctrine of cases reaching federal courts from state courts, 916.
refusal of federal courts to follow state decisions holding state laws

void alleged to be in impairment of obligation of, 920.
cases based on diversity of citizenship, 920.
rule of Gelpeke v. Dubuque, 922.
extension of this rule, 925.
obligation of, and the Eleventh Amendment, 1080.

Conventions, Constitutional

interpretative value of debates in, 30.


taxation of, 105.
not citizens within meaning of the Comity Clause, 218.
federal taxation of, 619.
federal control of, 763.
federal incorporation of, 764.
entitled to equal protection of the law, 882.
regulation of public service, 901.
citizenship of, 984.
federal right to sue in federal courts, 986.

Corporations, Foreign

conditions that may be imposed by States for permission to do business

in, 146.
regulation by States where doing business, 695.
state taxation of, 702.

Corporate Securities

taxation of, 595.


international, conduct of, by president, 468.


federal power to grant, 793.
definition of, 794.


power of Congress to punish, 781.
passing and uttering, distinct offenses, 781.
of foreign securities, power of Congress to punish, 795.


power of, to hold legislative acts void, 1.

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Courts of Admiralty

jurisdiction of, 1113.

Courts, Federal

issuance of writs of habeas corpus by, 132.
removal of suits to, 129.
writs of error from, to state courts, 120.
independence of, from state control, 141.
proceedings in, may not be enjoined by state courts, 142.
injunctions from, to state courts, 142.
tenure of judges of, 970.
practice in, 970.
inferior, 971.

Supreme Court;" “ Circuit Courts of Appeal;” “District Courts.”


Courts, State

writs of error to, from Supreme Court, 120.
removal of suits from, to federal courts, 125.
may not restrain federal officials, 130, 142.
may not issue mandamus or certiorari to federal officials, 141.

Courts, Territorial

are congressional courts, 369.

Court of Claims

organization of, 973.
jurisdiction of, 982.

Courts of District of Columbia

organization and status of, 973.


status and powers of, 1197.
jurisdiction of civil courts to review proceedings of, 1198.
jurisdiction of, over violations of local civil law, 1200.
power of Congress to vest exclusive jurisdiction in, 1203.

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taxation of, 961.


federal power to punish piracies and feronies on high seas, and offenses

against law of nations, 794.
constitutional limitations with reference to federal power to define and

punish, 806.
see “ Jury;" “ Jeopardy,” etc.

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Criminal Law

of the Indians, 302.
federal, statutory in character, 1019.

Criminal Suits

against federal officials, removal of, to federal courts, 128.
state common-law remedies and punishments adopted in federal courts,


Cruel and Unusual Punishments

constitutional provision as to, 830.

Cumberland Road Bill

veto of, 588.

Customs Laws

application of, to annexed territories, 393.


status of, during occupation by the United States, 384, 389, n.


Danbury Hatters' Case

doctrines of, 759.

Dawes Act

provisions of, 310.

Dawes Commission

work of, 312.


in constitutional conventions, interpretative value of, 30.
legislative, interpretative value of, 33.

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Delegation of Legislative Power

to the District of Columbia, 371, 375.
constitutionality of, 1317.
local governmental powers may be delegated, 1317.

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Delegation of Legislative Power - Continued

power of president under tariff laws, 1319.
power to issue administrative ordinances, 1318.
power to establish railway rates, 1323.
referendum as a, 1324.


executive, of the United States, 1125.
relation of, to the president, 1159.
mandamus to heads of, 1304.


definition of, 324.
see “ Territories.”

Direct Tax

definition of, 603, 613.
tax on carriages not a, 614.
tax on land is a, 614.
capitalization tax is a, 614.
tax on insurance companies and on succession to real estate, not a, 615.
income tax, 616.
sales or exchanges, 618.
tobacco, 618.
sugar, 619.
federal inheritance tax, 620.
in District of Columbia, 372.

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District of Columbia

full faith and credit olause does not apply to, 196.
citizenship in, 273.
power of inhabitants to sue in federal courts, 374.
delegation of legislative power to, 375.
status of, 406, n.
civil rights of inhabitants of, 426.
commerce with, 773.

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congressional, 536.

District Courts

organization of, 972.
appeals from, 976.
jurisdiction of, 981.

Diversity of Citizenship

jurisdiction of federal courts based on, 984.
suits by or against corporations, 984.


decrees of, relation of full faith and credit clause to, 205.
suits for, held actions in personam, 210.


state, federal taxation of, 118.

Doing Business

state regulation of foreign corporations, 196, 698.
what constitutes, 699.

Domestic Disorder

Dorr's Rebellion, 1236.
powers of military commander in times of, 1240.
suppression of, by federal government, 1215.


of aliens, 245, 249.
as determining jurisdiction in divorce proceedings, 206.

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Double Allegiance

when created, 246, 285.

Double Taxation

constitutionality of, 968.

Dred Scott Case

doctrines of, 260, 262, 353.


state taxation of, 705.

Dry Docks

admiralty jurisdiction over, 1112.

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