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exclusion of, 251, 452, 1287.


taxation of, 647.

Circuit Courts

organization of, 972.
appeals from, 976.
jurisdiction of, 980.

Circuit Courts of Appeal

crganization of, 972.
appeals from, 977.
jurisdiction of, 980.


federal, defined in Fourteenth Amendment, 176.
right of suffrage not incidental to federal, 185, 537.
of corporations within meaning of Comity Clause, 218.
defined, 258.
state and federal, distinguished, 260.
doctrine of Dred Scott case, 262.
effect of Fourteenth Amendment, 270.
national, primary and paramount, 270..
in the Territories, 273.
Wong Kim Ark case, 274.
of Indians, 307.
of inhabitants of District of Columbia, 273, 374.
of inhabitants of ceded territory, 443.
of inhabitants of Hawaii, Porto Rico and the Philippines, 447.
of corporations, 984.

· Allegiance;" Aliens;" “ Expatriation;" "Indians;" “Naturaliza



Civil Officers

of the United States, when impeachable, 1122.

Civil Rights Act

provisions and constitutionality of, 186.

Civil Service

requirements of, 1180.
ordinances relating to, 1325.

Civil Causes

removal of, from state to federal courts, 129.
jury trial in, 840.
vaiver of jury trial in, 841.

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Civil War

constitutional theory upon which prosecuted, 88.
military government of territory occupied in, 1219.
confiscation acts in, 1220.
exercise of military authority outside theatre of war in, 1244.
see “War;" " Military Law;" “ Declaration of War;" “ Habeas Corpus.”

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Cleveland, President

controversy of, with Congress as to furnishing information, 1167.

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C. O. D. Shipments

state regulation of, 686, 692.


see "Anti-Trust Act.”

Comity, Interstate

constitutional provisions, 213.
political privileges, 215.
state proprietary interests, 216.

corporations not citizens within meaning of Comity Clause, 218.

defined, 631.
transportation essential to, 631.
transportation of persons is, 633.
bills of exchange not articles of, 633.
insurance is not, 634,

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Commerce – Continued

lotteries, 638.
navigation, 652.
does not include production of goods transported, 640.
intent to export not controlling, 641.
general definition of, 650.
with the Territories, 773.
with the District of Columbia, 773.
with the Indians, 298, 773.
see “ Interstate Commerce;" “ Foreign Commerce."

Commerce Clause

importance of, 629.
purpose of, 630.

Commercial Law

general principles of, 1034.


to federal officers, 1176.

Commodities Clause

of Act of 1906, 762.

Common Defense

meaning of, 39.

Common Law

in the federal courts, 1030.
and interstate commerce, 727, 1032.
general principles of, 1033.
general principles of commercial law, 1034.


between the States, 235.
between the States and the United States, 238.

Conclusiveness of Administrative Determinations

general doctrine of, 1278.
land patents, 1281.
fraud orders, 1283.
Chinese exclusion cases, 1286.

Concurrent Resolutions

see “ Resolutions."

Concurrent Federal Powers

general doctrine of, 73.

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States may not enter into, 235, 450.

Confiscation Acts

in civil war, 1220.

Congressional Districts

subdivision of States into, 536.

Congressional Elections

federal control of, 543.

Congressional Governments

in the Territories, 369.

Congressional Records

probative value of, 562.


presumption as to constitutionality of legislation of, 20.
power over District of Columbia, 375.
power to admit new States, 320, 338.
power to govern territories, 351, 367.
power to annex territory by joint resolution, 344.
acts as national legislature when legislating for District of Columbia, 376.
limitations upon powers of, 405.
powers of, in Unincorporated Territories, 411.
obligation to appropriate in enforcement of treaties, 480.
the name, 524.
qualifications of members of, 524.
privileges of members of, 530.
general powers of, 573.
action by, may not be compelled, 573.
power to appropriate money, 588.
absolute and qualified limitations upon, 799.
suspension of habeas corpus, sol.
bills of attainder, 801.
ex post facto legislation, 803.
definition and punishment of crime, 806.
power to punish contempts, 1273.

Conquered Territory

status of, 387.


annexation of territory by, 339, 380.

of inhabitants of annexed territory, 347.

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United States, supremacy of, 1.
principles of construction of, 12.
Webster's use of term, 38.
to be construed as a whole, 40.
amendment of, 519.

Consumption Tax

nature of, 582.

Contemporaneous Interpretation

force of, 25.


power of courts to punish for, 1270.
power of president to pardon for, 1270.
civil and criminal, distinguished, 1271.
power of Congress to punish for, 1272.

Contested Elections

in Congress, 527.
punishment of perjury in connection with, 134.


of States, 242.
for personal services not enforceable, 854.
state bankruptcy laws and obligation of, 776.
Federal Government not forbidden to impair obligation of, 874.
how far protected under due process of law, 875.
obligation of, not to be impaired by the States, 891.
changes in manner of enforcement of, 892.
curing technical defects in, 892.
of tax exemption, 892.
to which a State a party, 893.
what constitutes a, 893.
marriage not a, protected by Obligation Clause, 893.
license not a, 894.
permission to foreign corporation to do business, when a, 894.
charter of public corporation not a, 895.
by municipal corporation, 896.
charter of a private corporation is a, 897.
charter grants strictly construed, 898.
police power and obligation of, 902.
of tax exemption, 905.
impairment of, by taxation, 907.
eminent domain and obligation of, 910.
construction of, by federal courts, 911.
existence of, a federal question, 912.

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