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ALBANY, N. Y., February 2, 1920

TO HON. HARRY C. WALKER, President of the Senate:

SIR.- We have the honor herewith to transmit our annual report for the year 1919.

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ALBANY, N. Y., February 2, 1920

To the Legislature of the State of New York:

The State Tax Commission respectfully submits for the consideration of the Legislature the following report for the year 1919:

The year 1919 is in many respects notable for sane and progressive legislation in tax matters. It is the belief of the Commission that no year since the passage of the special franchise act in 1899 has shown more important results than the year just past.

The Personal Income Tax

In its last annual report this Commission stated: "We believe that the time has come to enter upon a more scientific method of raising revenues for State and locality and for the relief of real estate. In this connection the Commission recommends the enactment of a general personal income tax law at a low rate, which will be a tax on income after it is received by the taxpayer, based upon the taxable ability of the recipient of such income."

The Commission not only recommended the enactment of such a law, but used every effort and influence in its power to make the proposed legislation an accomplished fact.

It was constantly in touch with the Legislative Committee headed by Senator Davenport and materially aided in the construction of the act which was destined to become historical in tax legislation in this State. The Commission was not actuated by any selfish motives in the assistance it gave to the Joint Tax Committee of the Legislature, and notwithstanding the fact that the Legislature saw fit to transfer the administration of this law


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