Mineral Resources of the United States, Parte1

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914
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Página iv - Survey and the classification of the public lands and examination of the geological structure, mineral resources, and products of the national domain.
Página 604 - Provided, That on all importations of lead-bearing ores the duties shall be estimated at the port of entry, and a bond given in double the amount of such estimated duties for the transportation of the ores by common carriers bonded for the transportation of appraised or unappraised merchandise to properly equipped sampling or smelting establishments, whether designated as bonded warehouses or otherwise.
Página 579 - ... they shall be sampled according to commercial methods under the supervision of Government officers, who shall be stationed at such establishments, and who shall submit the samples thus obtained to a Government assayer, designated by the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall make a proper assay of the sample, and report the result to the proper customs officers, and the import entries shall be liquidated thereon, except in case of ores that shall be removed to a bonded warehouse to be refined for...
Página 604 - ... metals of home or foreign production: Provided, That the bonds shall be charged with...
Página 604 - That the works of manufacturers engaged in smelting or refining, or both, of ores and crude metals, may upon the giving of satisfactory bonds, be designated as bonded smelting warehouses. Ores or crude metals may be removed from the vessel or other vehicle in which imported, or from a bonded warehouse, into a bonded smelting warehouse without the payment of duties thereon, and there smelted or refined, or both, together with ores or crude metals...
Página 80 - Of these openings there are five or six, the "top," "middle," and "third" being the most prolific of ore. The "flats" and "pitches" common in the Wisconsin mines have been found in only one or two instances in Iowa. The crevices have an east-west trend and sometimes extend considerable distances, being mined at different places, in which case they are known as "ranges.
Página 579 - ... reexported or the regular duties paid thereon within six months from the date of the receipt of the ore. All labor performed and services rendered under these regulations shall be under the supervision of an officer of the customs, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and at the expense of the manufacturer.
Página 219 - Northern districts. — The outlying districts in Gilpin County are the .Vermilion district, 4 miles northwest of Central City; Pine district, 7 miles northwest of Central City; Independence and Union districts, 9 miles north of Central City, embracing Perigo and Rollinsville, Lump Gulch, and Moon Gulch sections...
Página 579 - Provided further, That all labor performed and services rendered pursuant to this section shall be under the supervision of an officer of the customs, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury...
Página 130 - CENTRAL AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI. The ore deposits of central and southeast Missouri reach in a more or less connected belt from the region of Benton, Pettis, Morgan. Moniteau, Cole, and Miller counties on the northwest to the northern and eastern flanks of the St. Francis Mountains on the southeast. It is also true that there are scattered areas where more or less mining has been done all the way between the northwest end of this belt and the Joplin region, so that strictly speaking the lead and zinc...

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