The Federal Government and Child Labor: A Brief for the Palmer-Owen Child Labor Bill

1914 - 32 páginas

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Página 26 - Our dual form of government has its perplexities, State and nation having different spheres of jurisdiction, as we have said, but it must be kept in mind that we are one people, and the powers reserved to the States and those conferred on the nation are adapted to be exercised, whether independently or concurrently, to promote the general welfare, material and moral.
Página 16 - The limitations which this statute places upon her contractual powers, upon her right to agree with her employer as to the time she shall labor, are not imposed solely for her benefit, but also largely for the benefit of all.
Página 15 - America has chosen to be in many respects, and to many -purposes, a nation ; and for all these purposes her government is complete; to all these objects, it is competent. The people have declared, that in the exercise of all powers given for these objects, it is supreme. It can then in effecting these objects legitimately control all individuals or governments within the American territory.
Página 16 - That the constitutional power of Congress to regulate commerce among the States and with foreign nations comprehends power to regulate contracts between the shipper and the carrier of an interstate shipment by defining the liability of the carrier for loss, delay, injury or damage to such property, needs neither argument nor citation of authority.
Página 16 - Differentiated by these matters from the other sex, she is properly placed in a class by herself, and legislation designed for her protection may be sustained, even when like legislation is not necessary for men, and could not be sustained.
Página 19 - We have said that the carrying from State to State of lottery tickets constitutes interstate commerce, and that the regulation of such commerce is within the power of Congress under the Constitution. Are we prepared to say that a provision which is, in effect, a prohibition of the carriage of such articles from State to State is not a fit or appropriate mode for the regulation of that particular kind of commerce? If lottery traffic, carried on through interstate commerce, is a matter of which...
Página 3 - ... and sixteen years have been employed or permitted to work more than eight hours in any day, or more than six days in any week. or after the hour of seven o'clock post -meridian, or before the hour of six o'clock ante-meridian...
Página 15 - The power to regulate commerce among the several States is granted to Congress in terms as absolute as is the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations.
Página 3 - That it shall be the duty of each district attorney to whom the Secretary of Agriculture shall report any violation of this act, or to whom any health or food or drug...
Página 24 - That which belongs to commerce is within the jurisdiction of the United States, but that which does not belong to commerce is within the jurisdiction of the police power of the state.

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