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Selected Stock List of Recent and Important Publications.


Note.—Early in the year 1859, Mr. H. 0. Houghton, a gentleman of education and refinement, and intimately acquainted with the London Publishing Houses, formed a company to establish this Press at the Riverside near Harvard College, Cambridge, Mass., with the design of Stereotyping and printing for the American Publishers after the English models of typographical excellence and execution.

How readily the American Houses have put into the hands of this Company one and another of the works of our standard Authors and of those of recent important value, the following list shows. In all cases the complete and latest editions, carefully arranged, have been sent to press; while the works have been printed on highly toned paper, of faultless typography, and of beautiful finish. The issue of our authors "in a style equal to their merits," cannot fail to be popular with the reading public, while they make if new and vastly improved era in the history of American publishing enterprise.

BACON. The works of Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, Viscount St. Albans, and Lord High Chancellor of England. Collected and edited by James Speddino, M.A., of Trinity College, Cambridge; Robkht Leslm Ellis, M.A., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge j and Douglas Denon Heath, Barrister-at-Law, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; in 15 volumes, crown 8vo. $1 50 per volume. The first 5 volumes have appeared, embracing the Literary and Professional works. MILMAN. History of Latin Christianity: including that of the Popes to the Pontificate of Nicholas V., by Henry Hart Milman, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's. In 8 volumes, $1 50 per Tolume. MACAULAY. Critical, Historical, and Miscellaneous Essays. By Lord Macaulay, with Memoir, Index and Portrait, in 6 volumes, $1 25 per volume. No such edition of the Essays of this learned and brilliant writer has hitherto appeared on either Continent, and no greater tribute could be paid to the great man's memory than this issue from the Riverside Press. Besides the excellence of material, typography, &c, this edition has many new features. The Essays have been arranged in chronological order, and a complete index specially prepared. Appended are several later Essays; and those rightly attributed to Lord Macaulay not in any previous edition.

HALLAM, View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages. By Henry Hallam, in 3 volumes, $ 1 25 per vol. The Constitutional History of England from the accession of Henry VII, to the death of George II. by the same author, in 3 volumes, $1 25 per volume. This scholarly and elegant edition of the works of Hallam will be gladly welcomed. It is as accurate, more handsome, and greatly cheaper than the English editions. The "Literary History of Europe," by the same author, and uniform with the above edition, is shortly expected from the press. DISEAELI. Curiosities of Literature. By Isaac Diseaeli, with a view of the Life and Writings of the author, by his son, the Hon. Benjamin Disraeli. In four handsome volumes. $1 25 each. CARLYLE. Critical and Miscellaneous Essays. Collected by Thomas Carlyle, with notes and portrait, in four volumes, $1 25 each.

LAMB. The works of Charles Lamb, including the famous Essays of Elia, letters, 4c, 4 volumes, $1 25 each.

BACON'S ESSAYS with Whately's Annotations. Fine Library edition, $2 50.

BURTON'S ANATOMY OF MELANCHOLY. 3 volumes, with antique frontispiece, $4.

THE POETS. Embracing Byron, 4 volumes; Milton, 2 volumes; Rogers 1 volume; Campbell, 1 volume; Collins, Gray and Goldsmith, 1 volume. $1 25 each.

THE STANDARD HISTORIES. Embracing Maoaulay's
England in five volumes, with memoir, additional notes,
index, &c. Hume's England six volumes. Milman's
Gibbon's Rome, six volumes. $1 25 per volume.
The Waverley Novels in 50 volumes, also Lockhart's Life of

Sir Walter Scott in 9 volumes, tinted paper, 75c. per volume.

ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA. Just completed, the eighth edition of this valuable work, with extensive improvements and additions, and numerous engravings. 21 volumes, 4to, offered in cloth at $110, or in half Russia, marbled edges, or half calf $150.


A HISTORY OF THE HIGHLANDS AND HIGHLAND CLANS. With Selections from the Stuart Papers. Illustrated with Portraits, Armorial Bearings, Map of Clan Territories, Coloured Specimens of Clan Tartans, Scenery of Important Localities, and Woodcuts. By James Browne, Esq., LL.D., Advocate. In four volumes, royal 8vo, $18 cloth.

THE SCOTTISH NATION; or the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, and Biographical History of the People of Scotland. By William Anderson, author of the life, and editor of the works, of Lord Byron, &c, &c., with 20 original Portraits on Steel, and upwards of 200 on Wood; besides Autographs, Seals, Views, Genealogical and Titular Tables, and other illustrative subjects. In course of publication in 3 handsome volumes, vol. 1 now ready, 8vo, cloth $5 50. SCOTLAND ILLUSTRATED, In a Series of Picturesque Views, with Descriptive Letterpress, and an Essay upon the Scenery of the Highlands, by Prof. Wilson. In one volume, demy 4to. Eighty Splendid Engravings on Steel, and numerous Woodcuts, cloth boards, price $6 M). • THE KIRK AND THE MANSE. Comprising Views and Notices of the most interesting parish "Kirks and Masses" in Scotland, from original drawings, in Tinted Lithography, and in a superior style. The Letterpress • descriptions and general introductions are by the Rev. Robert W. Fraser, M.A., Minister of St. John's, Edinburgh. In one volume price $11 50.



THE WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS. Notes by Hogg and Motherwell. Life by Hogg. Portrait and numerous illustrations. 5 vols, small 8vo, cloth, price $5, or in half calf $8.

BURNS, ROUTLEDGE'S EDITIONS. Edited by Rev. R. A. Willmott. 1 vol. 12mo, cloth, $1, or in boards 50c.

THE WORKS OF ALLEN RAMSAY. Essay on his Genius and Writings by Lord Woodhodselee. Life by George Chalmers; and B large Appendix. Portrait and numerous engravings. 3 vols, small 8vo, cloth, price $3, or in half calf $5 25.

THE WORKS OF ROBERT TANNAHILL AND JOHN WILSON. Notes and Life by Philip A. Ramsay. Portrait and Vignette, small 8vo, cloth, $1, or in half calf $1 60.

THE WORKS OF ROBERTFERGUSSON. Original Memoir; an Essay on his Genius and Character; numerous Notes and a Glossary. Portrait and illustrations. Small 8vo, cloth, price $1, or in half calf $1 60.

THE BALLADS OF SCOTLAND. Edited by Prof. Aytodn, of University College, Edinburgh, and Editor of Blackwood's Magazine. 2 vols. $3 50.

THE ILLUSTRATED BOOK OF SCOTTISH SONGS, from the 16th to the 19th century. 1 vol. cloth, 8vo, $1.

POETICAL WORKS OF Wm. MOTHERWELL, with Life, 4c, complete, blue and gold, 75c.

MOTHERWELL'S MINSTRELSY, ancient and modern, with Historical Introduction and Notes. 2 vols. $1 50.

WHISTLE-BINKIE. A Collection of Scottish Songs. 2 vols. $1.50.

POETICAL WORKS OF SIR WALTER SCOTT. Complete, with Memoir, Index, &c. 3 vols., blue and gold, $2 M, the same, author's edition, with Turner's Landscapes, &c. 1 vol. $2 50.

The same, Edited by Rev. R. A. Willmott, in Routledge's series, 1 vol., cloth, $1.

POETICAL WORKS OF JAMES HOGG, (Ettrick Shepherd) With Life by Prof. Wilson, &c. 5 vols. $5.

THE SELECT SONGS OF SCOTLAND, with melodies to which they are sung. Arranged with accompaniments and introductory and concluding symphonies for the piano-forte. Notices, Historical, Biographical, and Critical, of the Songs and Airs appended. In one vol. 4to, cloth, $4, or in half morocco $5.

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