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But then he coudna bear a grudge,

E'en to the very Deil.
Then let his frailties be forgot,

And sweetly may he slumber;
And at the rising may he rank,

Amang the happy number.


0 come and listen while I sing

A song of human nature!
For high, or low, we're all akin,

To every human creature;
We're all the children of the same—

The great—the "mighty mother ;" And from the cradle to the grave,

We lean on one another.

It matters little what we wear,

How high, or low, our station;
We're all alike—the slaves of sin,

And sons of tribulation.
No matter what may be the coat,

With which our breasts we cover;
Our hearts within are of one stuff,

And linked to one another.

The earth beneath our common home,

The heavens bending o'er us;
And wheresoever we may turn,

Eternity's before us.
By pride, and envy, we have been

But strangers to each other;
But nature meant that we should lean,

In love on one another.

With Adam, from the bowers of bliss,

We all alike were driven;
And king, and cadger, at the last,

Must square accounts with heaven.
We're all in need of sympathy,

Tho' pride the fact would smother; And its as little's we can do—

To comfort one another.

A fool's a fool, the world o'er,
Whate'er may be his station;

A snob's a snob, tho' he may hold
The sceptre of the nation.

And wisdom was ordained to rule,—
Tho' knaves aside may shove her ;—

That all the human race might live, In love with one another.

A king may need our sympathy,

For all his great attendance; For among men there's no such thing

As perfect independence.
Tho' great is mighty England's heir,

Poor Paddy is his brother!
And from the cabin to the throne,

We lean n one another.


By his own hand my brother died, Oh ghastly was the wound;

And the people said

He'd not be laid
In consecrated ground.

I loved him from my childhood up,
He was mine only brother;
With flashing eye
I vow'd he'd lie
Beside our buried mother.

And at the deepest hour of night,
I wrapt him in a sheet;
When all were gone,
Then all alone
I bore him through the street.

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