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The cloud clears away, 'tis the horsemen are flying— All scattered like chaff by the might of the Gael,

One long yell of triumph while bonnets are waving, And Scotland forever, resounds through the dale. JONNY KEEPS THE KEY O'T.

My heart is locked against the lads, Tis little they can see o't,

They needna try to press its springs, For Jonny keeps the key o't.

Auld Aunty says I scorn them a',

And that I shoudna do it,
For lang ere I'm as auld as her,

That I may sairly rue it.

She says I'm but a pridefu' quean,
Or heart I've nane to gie o't,

But little, little does she ken
That Jonny keeps the key o't.

tor scorn I'm surely no to blame,
There's nane o' them will dee o't,

For oh my heart is no mine ain,
For Jonny keeps the key o't.


D' ye mind o' the lang simmer days, Mary White?
When we gaed to the Alpatrick braes, Mary White?
When I pu'd the wild gowans,

And wi' a delight,
I hung them in strings roun'
Thy neck, Mary White?

D' ye mind o' the sang ye wad raise, Mary White?
The sang o' sweet Ballenden braes, Mary White?
It coudna be love, but
A nameless delight,
which thrilled through my bosom,
My dear Mary White!

O that was a sweet happy time, Mary White!
I've ne'er had sic moments since syne, Mary, White!
When we looked at ilk ither,
And laughed wi' delight;
Yet hardly ken't what for,
My dear Mary White!

We were young, we were happy indeed, Mary White,
Noo care's strewn gray hairs on my head, Mary White.
My hopes hae a' withered

Wi' sorrowful' blight;
But still ye are green in
This heart, Mary White!

And oh! do ye e'er think on me. Mary White?
Oh! then does the tear blin' your e'e, Mary White?
Or hae ye lang wak'd frae

That spell o' delight,
And left me still dreaming,
My dear Mary White?

'Tis often I think upon thee, Mary White;
For still thou art dear unto me, Mary White;
For a' that this heart has

E'er keu't o' delight,
Was nocht to the moments
Wi' thee, Mary White!

D' ye 'mang the living still bide, Mary White?
Or hae ye cross'd owre the dark tide, Mary White?

Oh! how this auld heart wad
Yet leap wi' delight,

Could I again see thee,
My dear Mary White!

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