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ietter of President Lincoln to the Mayor of Baltimore, further correspondence, 182 ; remarks on attack a
716; letter of the Secretary of State to the Governor of Sumter, 183 ; " No man could tell where this ou
Maryland, 717; interview between commissioners from would end," 133 ; letter to Governor Magoffin, 188
Baltimore and the President, 717; the blockade procla- WARD, JAMES H., birth, 748; education, 748; writings, Tes;
mation, 717; seizure of telegraphic despatches, 718; service, 749.
proclamation ordering blockade of Florida, and sus- Warren, Fort, used as a prison, 862.
pension of habeas corpus writ, 718; instructions by the Warsar, Mo., burning of, 495.
Secretary of the Treasury to collectors of the customs, Washington, its situation, 749; circumstances of its seles
718; mails discontinued, 718; extra session of Congress, tion for the seat of Government, 749; rumors of an
719; its action, 719; finances, 719; army, 719; navy, tack on President Lincoln, 750; investigation, T80;
719; act passed to approve and justify the acts of the sembling of troops at, 750; inquiries by Congress of the
President, 719; its constitutionality, 719; military ar- reason, 750; reply of President Buchanan, 750; da o
rangements, 719, 720; retirement of Gen. Scott, 720; Secretary Holt, 751; inauguration ceremonies, 131; ex-
promotion of Gen. McClellan, 720; correspondence, 720; citement on April 15th, 752; movement of troops, 754,
order of Gen. McClellan on taking command of the 753; small arms and ordnance issued at the arsenal, TSK
army, 721; biographical notices of numerous army off. Wheeling, Va., its situation, 754; capital of Westera Vire
cers, 721-726.

ginia, 754.
WHITTEMORE, THomas, birth, 754; pursuits, 754; writing, 114
WICKLIFFE, Caas. A., member of Congress, 226; on the

confiscation bill, 247.
Vermont, its boundaries, 726; statistics, 727; response to WIGFALL Locis T., Senator in Thirty-sixth Congress, 168;

the call for troops, 727; action of the Legislature, 727; we intend to leave this Union—then bring tas back,
Personal Liberty Bill, 727; war loan, 727; first regi. 168; the people of the South cannot save the Union,
ment, 727; other troops, 728; vote of the State, 728.

171; on non-intervention, 181; comes with a flag of
Vicat, Louis JOSEPH, birth, 728; discoveries, 728; pursuits, truce to Fort Sumter, 668.
728; honors, 728.

WILLEY, WAITMAN T., member of the Senate, 225; on the
VIELE, E. L., biographical notice of, 726.

object of the war, 242.
Vienna, its situation, 728; skirinish at, 728.

Williamsport, Va., its situation, 754; skirmish near, iss.
Virginia, movement of her Legislature for a Peace Confer- WILLIAMS, Tuomas S., birth, 754; education, 754; pursuits,

ence, 178; the resolutions, 178; boundaries, 729 ; popn- 754.
lation, 729 ; vote, 729 ; public sentiment, 729; Union Wilson, HENRY, member of the Senate, 228; on the acts of
meetings, 729; resolutions of New York, how received, President Lincoln, 228-288.
729 ; action of the Legislature, 730; address of members Wilson's Creek, Mo., its situation, 755; details of the battle
of Congress, 730; the State Convention, 730; it assem-

at, 755.
bles, 731 ; organization, 731; proceedings, 731; on Lin, Wilson, WILLIAM, stationed with his regiment on Santa
coln's inaugural, 732; debates, 782, 783; communication Rosa Island, 578; attacked by Confederates, October
from Governor Pickens, 784; response to the call for & 1861, 574.
troops, 784, ordinance to repeal the ratification of the Winans, Ross, his arrest, 860.
United States Constitution, 735; proclamation, 785; Winchester, its situation, 785 ; occupied by troops TSS.
exports of grain prohibited, 736; warlike aspect, 736i WINDER, J. 1., letter on seizing certain Federal prisoners
joins the Southern Confederacy, 736; convention with, for hostages for the safety of Confederate privateers
787; proceedings in Western Virginia, 737; mustering

men, 151.
troops, 738; military movements, 738; bridges ordered WINTHROP, THEODORE, his birth, 756; education, 756;
to be burned, 738; debate on the payment of State in- death, 756
terost, 789; vote on the secession ordinance, 789; paper Wisconsin, its boundaries, 756; population, 756; banks,
money, 740; military strength of Virginia 740; condi- 756; bank riot, 756; vote for Lincoln, 756; session of
tion of affairs in the State, 741; list of battles and skir- the Legislature, 756 , its action, 757 ; the war bill, 737;
mishes, 741; counties of Accomac and Northampton, acts passed, 757; troops furnished, T57.
742: proclamation of General Dix, 742; prices of mer. Wise, Ges. H. A., retreats from Charleston, Va, 10
chandise, 742; passes ordinance of secession, 188; how Wochentliche Union office sacked by a mob, 6st.
received in the Confederate States, 188.

WOOD, BENJAMIN, member of Congress, 926; offers a reso-
Virginia, Western, its attachment to the Union, 742 ; lution in the House, 944.

boundaries, 743; a Convention called, 743; Its proceed- Wood, FERNANDO, proclamation of, 631.
ings, 743; Declaration of Independence, 743 : speech of Wool and Flaw Fabrics, the disentegration, 757; how done,
the new Governor, 743; address of Governor Letcher 757 ; uses, 757.
to the people, 743; McClellan's proclamation, 744; Wool, Jons Ellis, biographical notice of 722.
population, 744; Attorney-General Bates on the situa- Wrigut, Horatio G., biographical notice of, 724
tion of Western Virginia as a State, 745; McClellan's
proclamation to the Union men, 745; to his troops, 746
details of his campaign, 746, 747; despatches, 747.

YANCEY, W. L, appointed Commissioner to Europe, 192
Yuleg, David L, Senator in Thirty-sixth Congress, 146;

withdraws, 198; remarks on, 193.
Wade, BENJAMIN F., Senator in Thirty-sixth Congress,

166; totally unable to understand precisely what it is of
which they complain, 171 ; when has a Republican Sen-
ator proposed to violate a right of the South : 171; on ZAGONTI, Major CHARLES, re-capture Springfield, Mo

the bill to discontinue postal service in seceded States, 218 659.
WALKER, L. P., Secretary at War, orders General Beaure. ZWIENER, Ernst F., his birth, 758; education, 738; labors

gard to demand the surrender of Fort Sumter, 132 ; in architecture, Tos



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