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Washington, May 15, 1927. This publication covers the coast from St. Croix River to Race Point, Cape Cod, including Cape Cod Bay. It is based mainly upon the work of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, including the results of a special examination in 1926.

The present edition (which is the second) has been prepared by Lieut. R. R. Lukens under the direction of Lieut. Commander J. H. Hawley, chief, coast pilot section.

Great courtesy has been shown by the Lighthouse Service, the United States Engineers, and local authorities in furnishing information for use in this publication. Special acknowledgement is due the local inspectors, Steamboat Inspection Service, Boston, Mass., for their assistance in laying out sailing directions for Boston Harbor.

The aids to navigation are corrected to May 6, 1927.

Navigators are requested to notify the Director, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, of any errors or omissions they may find in this publication or of any additional matter which they think should be inserted for the information of mariners.

E. LESTER JONES, Director.





General information -

Pilots and pilotage.



Storm warnings-

Radio service.

United States Coast Guard stations---

Massachusetts Humane Society, life-saving stations-

Variation of the compass.

Tides and currents_-

Inland waterways_-

Descriptions and salling directions_

Gulf of Maine--

Currents, Gulf of Maine--.

Approaching or standing along the coast of Maine eastward of


Approaching or standing along the coast between Portland and Cape


Directions, Cape Cod to East Quoddy Head --

Directions, inside passages, West Quoddy Head to Portland_.

Directions, inside passages, Portland to West Quoddy Head_.

St. Croix River and approaches.

Currents, St. Croix River and approaches.

Coast, West Quoddy Head to Machias Bay-

Machias Bay and River.

Directions, Machias Bay.

Englishman and Chandler Bays---

Directions, Englishman and Chandler Bays.

Chandler Bay to Pleasant Bay.

Pleasant, Narraguagus, and Pigeon Hill Bays..

Directions, Pleasant and Narraguagus Bays-

Coast, Petit Manan to Frenchman Bay

Frenchman Bay--

Directions, Frenchman Bay.

Winter Harbor..

East side, Winter Harbor to Sullivan Harbor.

Sullivan Harbor

Sullivan Harbor to Mount Desert Narrows.

Bar Harbor--

Bar Harbor to South West Harbor.

South West Harbor and approaches.

Directions, South West Harbor.

Islands off Blue Hill Bay-

Blue Hill Bay--

East side..

West side

Blue Hill Harbor -

Union River Bay-

Directions, Blue Hill Bay

Jericho Bay

Eggemoggin Reach.

Deer Island Thorofare

Merchant Row---



The courses and bearings given in degrees are true, reading clockwise from 0° at north to 359°, and are followed by the corresponding magnetic course in points, in parentheses. General directions, such as northeastward, west-southwestward, etc., are magnetic.

Distances are in nautical miles and may be converted approximately to statute miles by adding 15 per cent to the distances given.

Currents are expressed in knots, which are nautical miles per hour. Except where otherwise stated, all depths are at mean low water.

In accordance with the desire of the International Hydrographic Conference, each depth is followed, in parentheses, by its equivalent in meters.

Heights are given in feet with metric equivalent in parentheses.

Changes and other corrections affecting all coast-pilot volumes are included in the Notice to Mariners published weekly by the United States Department of Commerce. About one year after a Coast Pilot is published, and at approximately yearly intervals thereafter until a new edition is brought out, a supplement, giving the more important corrections and additions to its text since the date of its publication, is issued. The date of the latest supplement to each Coast Pilot, for which a supplement has been issued, is shown in the list of Coast Pilots published each week in the Notice to Mariners. Any supplement may be obtained, free of charge, upon application to the Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C., or any of its field stations. Each supplement is complete in itself and cancels all previous supplements.

Do not use this Coast Pilot except with reference to the latest supplement that may have been published and Notices to Mariners issued after the date of the supplement.


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