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[blocks in formation]
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Points SSE. 14 E.

1 Midway between Far

rel and Sparrow

Islands. 238 400 yards south of Bar

ter Island Ledges spindle.

[blocks in formation]

274 38 mile W. by N. from

Southern Mark



300 yards southwest

of Deer Island Thor

ofare Light. Midway between Far

rel and Sparrow Islands. Pass south of red and black spar marking 14

foot spot. 400 yards south of

Barter Island Ledges spindle heading for Southern Mark

Island. 38 mile W. by N. from Southern Mark

Island (grassy). 6B.

Owls Head to Casco Passage via

Eggemoggin Reach 400 yards_north of

Monroe Island. 14 mile SSE. of McIn

tosh Ledge buoy. 12 mile northwest of

Resolution Island. 42 mile southwest of

Cape Rosier. Perpendicular striped

bell buoy.

200 yards north of

black spar No. 7.

NE. by E. 3. E.

[blocks in formation]

400 yards NNE. of

Pumpkin Id. Ledge black buoy. Bring

Blake Point astern. 400 yards northeast of

black buoy No. 11. 300 yards southwest

of Byard Point.

E. Y2 S.


SE. 78 S.


SE. 18 E.


SSE. 12 E.

300 yards ENE. of

outer black buoy off North Deer Isle. Bring wharf at Sargentville astern. 100 yards southwest

of red buoy No. 4B.

[blocks in formation]
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8A. Bass Harbor Bar

to Petit Manan via Western way (Charts 306, 305, and 1202)

-Continued Black spar No. 3 on

port beam. Spurling Point fair

way black and white can buoy, heading for Bear Island

Light. 14 mile southwest Bear Island Light. (For directions Frenchman Bay see p. 91.) 200 yards north of

Lewis Rock black

buoy No. 3A. Schoodic Island red

whistle buoy. 9. Petit Manan through

Moosabec Reach (Charts 305 and 304)

[blocks in formation]

Petit Manan black and

white fairway bell

buoy. 38 mile north of Nash

Island Light.

[blocks in formation]

Green Island abeam.

Bring Nash Island light astern and pass in mid-channel through Tabbott

Narrows. 14 mile WNW. black

buoy No. 11. Bring

Bar Island astern. 14 mile north of Pomp

Island. Black buoy No. 9.

Follow channel buoys carefully, passing southward

of red buoys. Red buoy No. 6.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The waters comprising the approaches to the St. Croix River are Quoddy Roads, Lubec Narrows, Friar Roads, and Passamaquoddy Bay (Chart 801). The principal entrance is around the northern end of Campobello Island through Head Harbor Passage, and is deep and generally clear. The channel through Lubec Narrows is also frequently used, especially at high water. The tidal currents are strong, and sailing vessels can make no headway beating against them.

Quoddy Roads lies between the southwestern end of Campobello Island and West Quoddy Head; it is the usual anchorage for vessels seeking shelter against northerly and westerly winds or waiting for a favorable tide to pass through Lubec Narrows. The entrance between Liberty Point Ledge and West Quoddy Head is about 34 mile wide, with a least depth of 28 feet (8.5 m.) near the middle of the entrance; the best water leads about 14 mile eastward of West Quoddy Head. The anchorage affords shelter against all but east and southerly winds in 12 to 25 feet (3.7 to 7.6 m.) ; vessels anchored here for shelter when the wind hauls eastward get under way and pass through Lubec Narrows to the anchorage in Johnson Bay. The northern and western parts of the roads between West Quoddy Head and Lubec are full of shoals, partly bare at low water, on which are numerous fish weirs.

West Quoddy Head, on the western side of the entrance of Quoddy Roads, is high and wooded. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, a red and white horizontally banded tower at the eastern end, is the most prominent mark. The light is fixed white, 83 feet (25.3

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