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Adams v. Sworder (1). (Annulled Bankruptcy-Order obtained by Fraud-Sale by

Assignees—Right to Sue)
Adams v. Sworder (2). (Purchase Set Aside-Account of Rents—Wilful Default)
Adams's Lunacy, Re. (Lunacy Regulation Act, 1862, s. 12 — Mode of Valuing

Lunatic's Property)
Adamson v. Wilson. (Practico-Injunction-Undertaking as to Damages).
Aldebert v. Leaf. (Life Assurance Company-Rights of a Policyholder-Practice-

Injunction-Future Acts of Wrongdoer)
Anglo-Danubian, &c., Company (Limited) v. Rogerson. (Undertaking as to Damages

-Limited Company)
Inon. Re, an alleged Lunatic. (Lunacy Regulation Act, 1862, s. 11–Petitioner's

Itchley v. Sprigg. (Legitimacy-Evidence of Mother)
Attorney-General v. Boyle. (Practice—Declaratory Decree-Injunction- Application

to Parliament)
Attorney-General v. Greenhill. (Will—Perpetuity_Devise to a Corporation for Cha-

ritable Purposes-Direction for Perpetual Lease below True Value-Unascer

tained Class of Persons interested-Representation). Attorney-General v. Naylor. (Practice-Parties-Rent-charge_Charity Suit-Arrears


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Bagot v. Bagot. Legge v. Legge. (Waste-Timber-Mines)
Banner v. England. Re Wood's Lunacy. (Practice-Lunacy-Production of Papers).
Barker v. Young. (Will—“And "-Express and Implied Powers-De facto and effec-

tual Appointment—"As aforesaid ")
Barrs v. Lea. (Mining Lease--Annual Payments Reserved, Rent or Purchase Money)
Barrs v. Fewkes. (Will, Construction-Gift to Executor-Resulting Trust-- Pleading

Bective, The Earl of, v. Hodgson. (Will—Executory Devise of Residue of Realty-

Executory Bequest of Share of Residue of Personalty-Intermediate Income

pending Contingency-Accumulation—Thellusson Act—Intestacy). Beresford's and Paul's Case. Re Waterloo Fire Assurance Company. (Company

Contract with Promoter—Contract with Director—7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, s. 29) Bernard v. Norton. (Practice - Final Foreclosure—Attendance of Mortgagee to

receive Money)
Bermingham v. Sheridan. Re Waterloo, &c., Assurance Company. (Vendor and Pur-

chaser-Parol Agreement for Sale of Shares-Implied Condition-Constructive



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Bethell v. Casson. (Practice-Exceptions to Answer—Production of Documents—Cove

nant to produce Deeds-Costs of Production)
Bianconi, Re. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 88–Domicile—Practice)
Birmingham, Wolverhampton, and Dudley Railway Company, Re. (Practice—Lands

Clauses Consolidation Act, ss. 85, 87—Condition of Bond not Fulfilled)
Blasson v. Blasson. (Will—“Born and Living”—En ventre)
Bishop of London, The, Ex parte. (Ecclesiastical Corporation-Dividends on Stock in

Court-Apportionment Acts)
Boldero v. Saunders. (Practice-Exceptions to Answer—Schedule—Answering by

Boucicault v. Delafield. (International Copyright—7 & 8 Vict. c. 12, s. 19)
Box's Trusts, Re. (Shares, Bequest of-Specific Legatee—Calls)
Boyce, Re. (Trustee Act, 1850, s. 32–Lunatic Trustee—Devise by Implication)
Boyes v. Bedale. (Will-Construction-Domicile-“Child”)
Bradish v. Ellames. (Transfer of Land Act, 1862 (25 & 26 Vict. c. 53, s. 41)
Brandon v. Brandon. (Practiee— Mortgage pendente lite—15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 52)
Brett v. East India and London Shipping Company (Limited). (Specific Performance

- Demurrer).
Brettle, Re. Jollands v. Burdett. (Married Woman-Bond Debt-Apportionment of

Interest—"Due and Receivable").
Bridgwater v. De Winton. (Practice—Exceptions to Answer—Bankers, Mortgagees).
British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Society, Re. Lane's Case. (Joint-Stock

Company—Transfer of Shares to Company-Acquiescence—Presumption in

Favour of Validity—7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, s. 29)
British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Society v. Norton. (Winding-up-7 & 8

Vict. c. 110, s. 29—Presumption of Assent—Refunding)
British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Company, Re. (Orpen's Case)
Brookes v. Boucher. (Pleading—Prayer for General Relief)
Broome, Re. Re Dawson's Trusts. (Trustee Act, 1850, ss. 32, 35—Trustee Ex-

tension Act, s. 6–Invalid Trustee)
Brown, Appellant, v. Gugy,' Respondent. (Law of Canada—Riparian Rights-Actual

and Apprehended Damage-Dénonciation de Vouvel Euvre-Public and Private

Action-Public Nuisance)
Buck, Ex parte. Re Hampstead Junction Railway Company. (Practice-Lands

Clauses Consolidation Act, s. 82-Costs of Conveyance)
Buckeridge v. Whalley. (Practice—Rehearing—Enlargement of Time-Consolidated

Order XXXI. r. 1)
Bulkeley v. Stephens. (Will-Construction—" Issue Living at my Death "-Con-

version-Income-Tenant for Life—Apportionment).
Bunn v. Bunn. (Production of Documents—Document tending to Criminate-

13 Eliz. c. 5, s. 3). Butlin v. Arnold. (Practice-Co-plaintiffs originally appearing by same Solicitor-Re

tirement of Solicitor-Refusal of one of Plaintiffs to Appoint a New Solicitor).



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Carew v. Cooper. (Pensions of Indian Officers-Assignment--47 Geo. 3, Sess. 2, c. 25, s. 4)

188 Catholic Publishing and Bookselling Company (Limited), Re. (Winding Up-Com

panies' Act, 1862—25 & 26 Vict. c. 42—Company bound by Admission of

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Chaplin v. Young (1). (Creditors' Deed-Liability of Inspectors Principal and Agent) 449 Chaplin v. Young (2). (Creditors' Deed-Profit by Inspector)

600 Chaplin's Trusts, Re (1). (Will-Construction-Lapse)

192 Chaplin's Trusts, Re (2). (Practice-Costs—Trustee Relief Act--Two Petitions) 289 Chapman 1. Bradley. (Settlement - Marriage with Deceased Wife's Niece “ Solemnised”)

182 Charlesworth v. Gartsed. (Partition Suit-Right of Way-Suspension of RightRevival)

54 Clarkson v. Edge. (Bond in Restraint of Trade-Consideration-Partnership formed with son of Obligee-25 & 26 Vict. c. 42)

283 Cleary, Appellant, v. McAndrew, Respondent. (Priority of possessory Lien for Freight and General Average over Respondentia Bond)

254 Coates v. Coates. (Principal and Surety-Legacy-Set of -21 Jac. 1. c. 16-Bankruptcy-Costs)

355 Cochrane v. Willis. (Demurrer-Equitable Title-Hearing)

446 Cockburn, Ex parte. Re Smith & Laxton. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 192-Composition Deed)

227 Cood v. Cood. (Judgment of Foreign Court-Contract between Englishmen, but relating to Land Abroad)

275 Cookes v. Cookes. (Practice—Taking Accounts—15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 54)

97 Cooper 1. Jenkins. Haymes v. Cooper. (Solicitor's Lien-Judgment Debt-Priority). 627 Coppard v. Allen. (Inspector-Wilful Default-Parties).

411 Coventry v. Chichester. (Double Portions—Satisfaction Election

666 Coventry v. Barclay. (Partnership Articles-Authentic Interpretation-WaiverAcquiescence Suspense-Account)

224 Cox's Case. Re Wheal Emily Mining Company. (Company-Winding Up-Contributory–Nominal Shareholder-Companies Act, 1862, s. 200)

97 Currie v. Larkins. (Prenuptial Settlement-Construction-Vesting–Child coming of Age, but predeceasing Parent)

621 Cresswell v. Dewell. (Practice - Married Woman-Reversionary Interest-Real Assets -Bill on behalf of single Creditor-Statute of Limitations)

148, 400 Croxon v. Lever. (Practice-Foreclosure—Absolute Decree against an Infant)

238 Cudlip v. Smedley. Practice-Motion to make Agreement for Reference a' Rule of Court-Service)

246 Curlewis v. Carter. (Practice-Injunction-25 & 26 Vict. c. 42)

60 Curteis v. Curteis. Garwood v. Curteis. (Practice-Bill and Cross Bill-Priority of Answer)


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Davenport v. Davenport. (Settlement-Executory Trust~Impeachment of Waste

Daw v. Terrell. (Equitable Mortgage—Deposit)
Dawson's Trusts, Re. Re Broome. (Trustee Act, 1850, ss. 32, 35—Trustee Extension

Act, s. 6-Invalid Trustee)
Dennis's Trusts, Re. (Practice-Trustee Act, 1850—Appointment of New Trustees-

Vesting Order)
Depree v. Bedborough. (Vendor and Purchaser-Conditions of Sale-Forfeiture of

Dettmar v. Metropolitan and Provincial Bank (Limited). (Security Invalid-In loco

parentis–Guardian and Ward)







D'Eyncourt v. Gregory. (Will—Executory Settlement—Shifting Clause-Construction)
Dill, Appellant, v. Murphy and Palmer, Respondents. (Privilege of Colonial Parlia-

ment-18 & 19 Vict. c. 55—Legislature of Victoria-Colonial Act, 20 Vict.

No. 1- Meaning of the term "Define")
Dillon v. Ashwin. (Practice-Costs--Assignment-Pendente lite)
Drew v. Martin. (Contract of Purchase in Names of Husband and Wife- Advance-

Dutton v. Crowdy. (Will, Construction-Where "Share" includes accrued Share

Intention to keep Estate aggregate-Cross-remainders, when to be implied)






Eastwood v. Lever. (Building Society-Restrictive Covenants—Trustees—Parties

Edwards v. Normandy. (Trustee and Cestui-que-Trust-Principal and Agent-Account

of Profits).
Edye v. Addison. (Settlement-Covenant to Settle After-acquired Property-Husband

and Wife) Elsey v. Adams. (Practice-Stay of Proceedings on Interlocutory Motion-Costs) Evans v. Rosser. (Will—Construction-Limitation to a Man during Life, or until his

Second Marriage—Condition in Restraint of Marriage—Practice—Demurrer

Eyre v. Burmester. (Mortgage—Priority-Fraud—Annuity-Interest)




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Fletcher v. Green. (Married Woman-Power of Appointment over Reversion-Concurrence in Breach of Trust)

626 Flockton v. Peake. (Jurisdiction- Account-Opening Settled Account)

453, 626 Floyer v. Bankes. (Succession Duty-16 & 17 Vict. c. 51, s. 17—Jointure RentCharge, without Deduction in respect of Taxes)

16 Foley v. Maillardet. (Practice-Pleading—Answering Bill by Affidavit-Service of Bill

on Defendant out of Jurisdiction-Consolidated Order X, r. 7—2 Will. 4, c. 33
-4 & 5 Will. 4, c. 82).

361, 446 Ford v. Tynte (1). (Practice-Estoppel by previous Decree—Interest on Arrears of Annuity)

559 Ford v. Tynte (2). (Waste—Ornamental Timber—Form of Inquiry—Report of Expert -15 & 16 Vict. c. 80, s. 42).

676 Foster v. Harvey. (Practice-Affidavit-Before whom to be Sworn-Mortgage-Foreclosure or Sale-Immediate Sale)

98 Foxen v. Foxen. (Will–Construction Specific Bequest-Residuary Clause)

452 Foxwell v. Bostock. (Patent-Provisional and Complete Specification)

546 Foxwell v. Webster. (Consolidation of Suits-Plaintiff's right to separate, full and

immediate Answers—Patent-Validity Disputed-Several Classes of Infringe-
ment-Mode of Procedure).

103, 180 Frayne v. Taylor. (Conversion—Heir-at-Law-Next of Kin)

360 Freeman v. Ellis. (Exoneration–Lunacy—16 & 17 Vict. c. 70 (Lunacy Regulation Act, 1853)

243 Frost v. Ward (1). Frost v. Ward (2). (Practice-Conduct of Suit-Two Suits for the same purpose—Solicitor acting for both Parties)

348 Furness Railway Company, Re. Re Romney. (PracticeLands Clauses Consolidation Act, Section 80-Costs)

287 Fry v. Ernest. (Practice-Unpaid Costs—15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 19)



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