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Garty's Settlement, Re. (Practice—Trustee Act, 1850, s. 32—Appointment of New
Trustee-Trustee declining to act)

636 Garwood v. Curteis. Curteis v. Curteis. (Practice-Bill and Cross Bill—Priority of Answer)

604 Glanville v. Glanville. (Will—Class)

58 Godfrey v. Tucker. (Judgment Creditor—Bill to Redeem prior Mortgage-Writ of Elegit—Supplemental Matter—Demurrable Bill_Costs at Hearing)

20 Goodricke v. Taylor. (Assignment by Trader—Bankruptcy-Fraud).

245, 678 Great Ship Company (Limited), Re. (Winding Up-Injunction to restrain Creditor-25 & 26 Vict. c. 89 (Companies' Act, 1862), ss. 85, 201).

102, 181 Green v. Gascoyne. (Will—Thellusson Act)

238 Greenough v. Shorrock. (Married Woman-Mortgage of separate Estate-Further Advances)

599 Groome v. Dell. (Will, Construction—Proviso--Gift Over-Lapse).

26 Gruning v. Prioleau. (Practice—Demurring Time alone-Defendant served out of the Jurisdiction)

184 Gurnell v. Gardner. (Equitable Assignment of Chattels-Power of Attorney)




110 239 289


693 627

Hall v. Barrows. (Trade-mark—Partnership Assets—Goodwill)
Hampstead Junction Railway Company, Re. Ex parte Buck. (Practice-Lands Clauses

Consolidation Act, s. 82-Costs of Conveyance)
Hand v. North. (Will-Construction--Tenancy in Common)
Hand v. Street. (Practice—Motion to Dismiss)
Harding, Ex parte. Re Williams. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 90—“Debt Contracted

after the Passing of the Act "-Joint-Stock Companies Winding-up Acts, 1848

and 1849—Calls)
Haymes v. Cooper. Cooper v. Jenkins. (Solicitor's Lien—Judgment Debt-Priority).
Head, Re. (Bankruptcy Consolidation Act, 1819, s. 125—Order and Disposition-

Heys v. Astley. (Specific Performance—Statute of Frauds—Mutuality)
Holden, Re. Ex parte Roberts. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 137—Solicitor's Books-

Costs of Manager).
Holmes v. Prescott. (Will, Construction-Vesting-Devise of Leaseholds by reference

to Freeholds—Gift to all “who shall attain Twenty-one"-Income pending

Hopkinson v. Lusk. (Construction – General Words - Conveyance by Retiring

Hughes v. Young. (Practice—Distribution of Residuary Estate - Covenants in Leases

- Indemnity to Executors)

294 19





Isenberg v. East India House Estate Company (Limited). (Practice-Ancient Lights

- Mandatory Injunction-Damages_21 & 22 Vict. c. 27 (Sir H. Cairns' Act)
-Form of Order).



Jenkins' Trusts, Re. (Trustees—Trustee Relief Act, 10 & 11 Vict. c. 96—Payment

into Court without giving Notice of Adverse Claim)
Jennings v. Rigby. Re Rigby. (Administration of Assets—Priority–Unregistered

Judgment against Executor or Administrator-Simple Contract Debt-23 & 24
Vict. c. 88, s. 3)


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Johnson, Re. (Bankrupt- Appeal in forma pauperis-Deposit).
Johnson r. Wyatt. (Injunction-Acquiescence-Mistake-Damages—Jurisdiction-

21 & 22 Vict. c. 27—25 & 26 Vict. c. 42)
Jollands v. Burdett. Re Brettle. (Married Woman—Bond Debt-Apportionment of

Interest-"Due and Receivable").
Jones, Ex parte. Re Wilson and Slater. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 110—Suspension

of Proceedings-Bankrupt's Accounts)
Jones v. Binns. (Practice-Plea—Bankruptcy-12 & 13 Vict. c. 106, s. 145—24 & 25

Vict. c. 134, s. 117)
Jones v. Frewin. (Will, Construction-Gift, to Class or Individuals ?–Substitutionary

Gift) :
Jones's Settlement, Re. (Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845-Reinvestment in

Jopp v. Wood. (Rehearing after Enrolment-Misapprehension of Judge as to the real

Interests of Parties-Domicil)







Knox v. Gye. (Practice- Amendment of Bill after Decree-Supplemental Bill).
Kulberg, Re. (Factorship-Agency—Goods in the Order and Disposition of Bankrupt)

190 197




239 241


Lacey v. Burchnall. (Practice-Suit by an Infant)
Lambert v. Rendle. (Will—Power to Executor to carry on Business of Testator-Un-

authorised carrying on of Business—Tenant for life and Remainderman

Unequal Drawings out of Profits-Interest)
Lane's Case. Re The British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Society. (Joint-

Stock Company-Transfer of Shares to Company-Acquiescence—Presumption

in favour of validity-7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, s. 29)
Lawrence v. Maule. (Practice—Next-of-Kin Suit—Supplemental Order—15 & 16

Vict. c. 86, s. 52)
Lawson v. Stoddart. (Practice-Examination of Witnesses-Summons)
Leak v. MacDowall. (Loss suffered by Partnership — Legacy in Compensation

Leather Cloth Company (Limited) v. The American Leather Cloth Company (Limited).

Trade-mark-False Representation)
Lightfoot v. Burstall. (Will, Construction-Residuary Bequests—Lapse)
Lloyd v. Banks. Lloyd v. Davies. (Practice-Next Friend)
Lloyd v. Davies. Lloyd v. Banks. (Practice-Next Friend)
Lockett v. Cary. (Production of Documents—Solicitor's Lien).
London and Westminster Wine Company (Limited), Re. (Practice-Winding-up-

Service of Petition—Gen. Ord. Nov. 11, 1862, r. 3)
Louis v. Louis. (Will—Election-Unattested Codicil)
Lowndes v. Bettle. (Injunction-Trespass)
Lowndes v. The Garnett and Moseley Gold Mining Company of America (Limited), and

Others. (Company–Advance by Directors for Necessaries—Statute of Limita

tions--Acknowledgment) Lysaght v. Westmacott. (Practice—Sub-mortgage — Redemption-Form of Decree) .


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Macey v. Metropolitan Board of Works. (Thames Embankment Act, 1862—Lands

Clauses Consolidation Act—Easement_Lands Injuriously affected—Practice-
Injunction-Balance of Convenience and Inconvenience).



57, 623



Macleod v. Buchanan. (Mortgage—Stop Order—Priority).
Martin V. Whitmore. Reeve v. Whitmore. (Bill of Sale—Licence to Seize After-
acquired Chattels).

15 Martyr v. Lawrence. (Exception out of a Demise-Construction—Injunction).

689 Mason v. Broadbent. (Contributory Mortgage-Power of Sale-Arrears of Interest, Statute 3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 27, ss. 25, 42).

101 Maw v. Pearson. (Practice-Creditor's Trust Deed-Taxation-Summons to Discharge Certificate-General Objections)

99 Mendel, Ex parte. Re Moor. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 153-Deed of AssignmentSchedule D).

516 Merton College, Re. (Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1815--Costs of Re-investment -Apportionment)

598 Metcalfe's Will, Re. (Status of a Nun-Civil Death-Disability-Undue Influence -Fund in Court belonging to a Nun)

549, 657 Middleton v. Greenwood. (Specific Performance—Waiver by Plaintift of part of Agreement—Damages—21 & 22 Vict. c. 27, s. 2.) .

150, 694 Moor, Re. Ex parte Mendel (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 153—Deed of AssignmentSchedule D.

546 Montagu v. Earl of Sandwich. (Will-Construction—“Residue of Money")

186 Morshead's Will, Re. (Practice-Compensation paid into Court-Defence Acts, 1842, 1860—Payment out to Trustees-Service)

280 Mortimer 4. Picton. (Investments—22 & 23 Vict. c. 35, s. 32–23 & 24 Vict. c. 38, ss. 10, 12—General Order of 1st February, 1861-East India Stock)


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Nesbitt v. Berridge
North Staffordshire Railway Company v. Lawton. (Railway Company_Contract with

Tenant for Life-Specific Performance—Compensation—" Possession")




Oficial Liquidators of the Southampton, &c., Steam-Boat Company v. Rawlins.

(Practice--Amended Bill—Interrogatories to the whole Bill---Costs) Orpen's Case.—Re The British Provident Life and Fire Assurance Company. (Com

pany-Transfer of Shares-Contributory-Registration—7 & 8 Vict. c. 110).



657 367


Papayanni, Appellant, v. Russian Steam Navigation and Trading Company, Re

spondents. (Consular Court at Constantinople---Jurisdiction over British

and other Foreign Subjects—Admiralty Jurisdiction—Common Law Remedy). Paterson v. Paterson. (Lands Clauses Act (8 & 9 Vict. c. 18), s. 80—Interim Invest

ment of Purchase Money-Costs). Patrick v. Yeatherd. (Will, Constr uction-General or Specific Legacy) Paul and Beresford's Case. Re Waterloo, &c., Assurance Company. (Company-Con

tract with Promoter-Contract with Director_7 & 8 Vict. c. 110, s. 29). Peek v. North Staffordshire Railway Company. (Carriers-Railway Traffic Act, 1851,

& 7—Special Contract— Insurance of Goods) .
Pegler c. White. (Vendor and Purchaser-Specific Performance-Contract for Sale of

Leaseholds—Uncertain Title to the Reversion)
Phillips . Edwards. (Parol Agreement- Part Performance - Married Woman-

Ponsardin v. Peto. Ex parte Uzielli. (Practice-Motion by party intervening pro

interesse suo—Legal Estate-Costs of Suit-Priority)




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Portarlington v. Damer. (Will, Construction-Qualifying Clause-Charge of Estates

Pratt v. Keith. (Practice—Demurrer for Want of Parties—Demurrer Ore Tenus)
Prichard v. Wilson. (Mortgage—Covenant not to Sell without Notice-Covenant

giving Action for Damages only–Jurisdiction of Equity)

264 406



Rackham v. De La Mare. (Will, Construction—Gift Over—Death in Testator's

25, 398 Ranking v. Barnes. (Power-Fraud-Exclusiveness)

660 Re (1). (Substituted Service of Judgment-Debtor Summons-Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 79-Consolidation Act, 1849, s. 121-Costs)

197, 248 Re - (2). (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 70, r. 1-Service of Petition Abroad—Practice) 293 Reeve v. Whitmore. Martin v. Whitmore. (Bill of Sale—Licence to Seize afteracquired Chattels)

15 Renard v. Levinstein. (Practice-Discovery-Patent-Secret Process—Exceptions partly allowed)

665 Ricketts, Re. (Arbitration-Attendance of Witnesses-Jurisdiction—3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 42, s. 40).

56 Rigby, Re. Jennings v. Rigby. (Administration of Assets-Priority-Unregistered

judgment against Executor or Administrator-Simple Contract Debt-23 & 24
Vict. c. 88, s. 3).

22 Roberts, Ex parte. Re Holden. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 137—Solicitor's books, Costs of Manager)

230 Robertson, Appellant, v. Dumaresq, Respondent. (Act of New South Wales in Substi

tution for Petition of Right (20 Vict. No. 15)-Promise of Allotment of Land
by Colonial Governor-Consideration-Measure of Damages)

587 Robson v. Flight. (Practice-Exceptions to Answer-Discovery as to Matters only material after Decree)

183 Romney, Re. Re Furness Railway Company. (Practice—Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, s. 80—Costs)

287 Rose, Sir George, and Others, Appellants, v. Watson, Respondent. (Contract of SaleVendor's Default-Lien-Notice-Interest)

673 Rowlands 1. Evans. Williams v. Rowlands. (Practice—15 & 16 Vict. c. 86, s. 44Appointment of Representative)




Saint Sepulchre's, Vicar of, Ex parte. Re The Westminster Bridge Acts. (9 & 10

Vict. c. xxxis., s. 49— Costs of Conveyance—Lands Clauses Consolidation
Act, ss. 1, 82)

594 Sanders, Re. (Misdescription-Dismissal of Petition)

196 Saull's Estate, Re. (Practice-Order made in the Taxing Masters' Office—ProcessCons. Ord. XXIX. r. 2).

701 Saunders, Ex parte. Re Waterloo Life, &c., Company. (Winding up-DirectorAcceptance of Shares--Contributory)

58, 230, 548 Schneider v. Shrubsole. Shrubsole ». Schneider. (Practice-Jury-Appeal)

54 Scholefield v. Lockwood. (Mortgage by Husband and Wife—Exoneration of Wife's

Estate - Tenant for Life of several Estates, each Subject to a Mortgage-
Reduction of Principal of one Mortgage, Arrears of Interest on the other-

177 Seale v. Hayne. (Gift of Chattels-Heirloom).



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Shafto V. Adams. (Reversionary Interest - Post-nuptial Settlement — Pressure
Ignorance of Value)

363 Shrubsole v. Schneider. Schneider v. Shrubsole. (Practice—Jury-Appeal)

54 Sichel ». Raphael. (Jurisdiction-Agreement affecting Lands Abroad-Equitable Assignment of Mortgage)

662 Sidney v. Wilmer. (Reversal of the Decision Reported in 25 Beav. 260)

180 Singleton v. Selwyn. (Practice - Demurrer-Inspectorship Deed— ContributionSeparate Liability-Multifariousness)

27 Slater and Wilson, Re. Ex parte Jones. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 110—Suspension of Proceedings-Bankrupt's accounts)

269 Smith and Laxton, Re. Ex parte Cockburn. (Bankruptcy Act, 1861, s. 1924 Composition Deed)

227 Smith v. Etches (1). (Practice—Parties-Husband and Wife—Redemption of Wife's Estate)

196 Smith v. Etches (2). (Practice-Security for Costs-Next Friend of Married Woman) 457 Smith v. Johnson. (Copyright Act (5 & 6 Vict. c. 45, s. 18)—Republication“Separately or Singly")

108 Smith v. Leveaux. (Principal and Agent-Account, Right to)

18 Smith v. Whitmore. (Arbitration–9 & 10 Will. 3, c. 15—Common Law Procedure Act, 1854, s. 17–Jurisdiction to Set Aside Award)

193 Solicitors' and General Life Assurance Society, The, v. Lamb. (Policy of Assurance

Provision making Policy Void in Case of Suicide of Assured, except to extent
of Interest of Assignee for Value— Marshalling Assets).

702 Solomon v. Honywood. (Principal and Agent-Misrepresentation)

605 Somerset v. Cox. (Officer's Commission—Assignment of Proceeds—Priorities—Effect of Notice to Agents of Regiments)

682 Stables, Re. (Lunacy Regulation Act, 1862 (25 & 26 Vict. c. 86), s. 13—Lunacy

Regulation Act, 1853 (16 & 17 Vict. c. 70), ss. 2, 116–Married Woman-
3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 74, ss. 77–84)

620 Steele v. Stuart (1). (Practice-Service of Defendants out of Jurisdiction-Cons. Ord. X. 7)

291 Steele v. Stuart (2). (Equitable Assignment—Pleading Account-Parties Resident out of Jurisdiction)

686 Suffield v. Brown. (Easement—Implied Reservation-Disposition of the Owner of Two Tenements)

340 Swaine v. The Great Northern Railway Company. (Practice—Injunction-Nuisance

-Delay-Acquiescence—21 & 22 Vict. c. 27—25 & 26 Vict. c. 42—Damages) 109, 399 Sweeting v. Sweeting. (Will—Secret Illegal Trust–Legal Estate)

240 Sykes v. Sheard. (Specific Performance—Trust for Sale with Consent—Death of one of the Persons to Consent)


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Tatham v. Drummond. (Double Legacies—Mortmain—“Establishing Slaughter

houses") Thompson v. Cartwright. (Annuity Act, 53 Geo. 3, c. 141, s. 10—“Grantor”—Notice

to Solicitor when not Notice to Client-Annuity in Reversion) Thornton v. Thornton. (Will, Construction of Intestacy-Annuity-Surplus Rents

and Dividends-Specific Legacy). Tidswell, Re. (Arbitration—Misconduct of Arbitrator—Bill of Costs not seen by other

side-Employment of Accountant-Uncertainty)



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