Colton's Traveler and Tourist's Guide-book Through the United States of America and the Canadas

J. H. Colton, 1852 - 250 páginas

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Página 225 - Between these points is the strait — about one mile broad, in the narrowest part, and five miles long from the sea to the bay. Passing through this gate,* the bay opens to the right and left, extending in each direction about 35 miles, having a total length of more than 70, and a coast of about 275 miles.
Página 224 - San Joaquin and Sacramento, rise at opposite ends of this long valley, receive numerous streams, many of them bold rivers, from the Sierra Nevada, become themselves navigable rivers, flow toward each other, meet half way, and enter the bay of San Francisco together, in the region of tide-water, making a continuous water line from one end to the other.
Página 2 - ... presents to the eye, at one view, the moral and religious condition of the world, and the efforts that are now making for its evangelization. It is so colored, that all the principal religions of the world, with the countries in which they prevail, and their relation, position, and extent are distinguished at once, together with the principal stations of the various missionary societies in our own and other countries. It is so finished, being on cloth, that it may be easily folded and conveyed...
Página 4 - Extraordinary exertions have been employed to make this map perfectly reliable and authentic in all respects. It is the only large map that exhibits the United States in its full extent. Being engraved on steel...
Página 226 - Previous to the treaty of peace with Mexico, and the discovery of gold, the exportable products of the country consisted almost exclusively of hides and tallow. The Californians were a pastoral people, and paid much more attention to the raising of horses and cattle than the cultivation of the soil. Wheat, barley, maize, beans, and edible roots, were cultivated in sufficient quantity for home consumption, but, as far as I am informed, not for exportation.
Página 11 - NEW TESTAMENT MAP, A map of the countries mentioned in the New Testament and of the travels of the Apostles — with ancient and modern names, from the most authentic sources. 1 sheet* Size, 3% by 25 inches.
Página 182 - ST. PAUL, the capital, is situated on the left bank of the Mississippi, 15 miles by water, and 8 miles by land, below the Falls of St. Anthony. The town is situated on a plateau terminating on the river in a precipitous bluff 80 feet elevation above the river. The bluff recedes from the river at the upper and lower ends of the town, forming two landings, from both of which the ascent is gradual. The first store or trading-house was built in 1842. In June, 1849, the town contained 142 houses, all...
Página 17 - WESTERN PORTRAITURE; And Emigrants' Guide : a Description of Wisconsin, •' Illinois, and Iowa, with Remarks on Minnesota and other Territories. By Daniel S. Curtiss.
Página 224 - The foot hills of the Sierra Nevada, which limit the valley, make a woodland country, diversified with undulating grounds and pretty valleys, and watered with numerous small streams, which reach only a few miles beyond the hills, the springs which supply them not being copious enough to carry them across the plains. These afford many advantageous spots for farms, making sometimes large bottoms of rich, moist land. The rolling surface...
Página 227 - ... country, and is immediately available in an uncoined state for all the purposes of exchange. It is not here as in other countries, where the products of the earth and of art are sent to markets — foreign and domestic — to be exchanged for the precious metals. Here gold not only supplies the medium of domestic trade, but of foreign commerce. A large trade has consequently sprung up, and, centering at San Francisco, is thence distributed into the interior. The whole world is competing for its...

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