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Love, like that bird, when friendship's throng
With fortune's sun depart,
Still lingers with its cheerful song,

And nestles on the heart.


THE Voice of Spring! and blushing flowers Lean trembling from their seats,

Wooing from sunbeams and from showers

A free exchange of sweets:

Blithe birds their matin notes prolong

Among the cottage vines:

And cottage children list the song—
Sweet incense to sweet shrines!

Loth to depart, the sunny stream,

Oft turning, glides away

All things of Paradise the dream

To this dim spot convey.

Hearts! which the sweet affections bind

With nature's purest tie,

Where hope and faith are deeply shrined,

Too deeply, soon to die→

Ye love the season! pure as light,

Untired the spirits play:

Rich dreams are yours for coming night,
And richer still for day→→

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"Speed, speed my bark! life's laughing seas Are not as false as fair'

The white sail fills-cold blows the breeze And rocks have darkened there!

The voice of Autumn! earth receives
The summons of decay :-

Rustling around, the yellow leaves
Bestrew the wanderer's way.

No bloom or balm to cheer the hours;
The blithe bird sings no more:

Hoarse brawls the stream in forest bow'rs,
That murmured sweet before:

Through the black woodland, dim and pale

The dying hills appear;

And hark! the moaning night-winds wail
The requiem of the year!

Hearts! where misfortune has effaced

The sunrise beams of youth;

And cold experience truly traced,

Earth is no home for truth;'

Fame, friendship, pleasure-vainly bought

Love-wasted to a sigh

Dark night descending-ere ye thought

The gentle evening nigh:

What hope remains? 'lone Autumn's smile

To mourners kindly given

Wasted on changing earth awhile
Beams from unchanging heaven.?

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NIGHT! solitary night!

Sleep on the weary, pleasant dreams for wo,
On the worn heart a freshness and delight,
Dost thou bestow:

Birds on the sheltering nest,

Young flowers unfolded to the dewy air,
And thought ascending to the worlds of rest,
Thy sway declare.

With thee a shadowy band,

Rise like remembered music on our ears,
And vanished hope, whose arch of promise spanned
The coming years.'

Night! solitary night!

Bards of undying fame and power are thine,
Shedding rich gleams of intellectual light

Around thy shrine:

Oh, how wert thou adored,
When the Chaldean read thy bright array,
And science through the starry maze explored
Her radiant way!

Awak'ner of high thought;

And passion struggling with the solid earth!



By thee mankind are eloquently taught
Their primal worth.

Night! solitary night! Immortal pages, glowing with deep song, And minds inspired outwinging human flight, To thee belong!


FAREWELL! perchance we meet no more

Upon this dreary earth;
Fill up for parting hours should be
The tempest-time of mirth;
Too soon they'll pass, and weariness
Cling to this heart and thine-

So let us tinge the coming cloud
With the rosy flash of wine.

Thou just one! in thy spirit
The ancient spirit burns;
Its truth, its courage, and its faith
Beam from thine eye by turns:
I throw me on thy trusting breast

And starts the unbidden tear-
A tribute on the unsullied shrine
Of thy affection here.


They told thee I was stern and cold,
And bade thee turn away

From one by his own feeling doomed
To wither and decay-

Fools! little know they that the heart
Now throbbing 'gainst thine own
Resigns its citadel to pride-

To tenderness its throne.

Fill up and when the golden wine
Touches the sparkling brim,
We'll drink the memory of that star
Whose light grew early dim;
Our friend-our brother-he who rests
On the far Indian shore-

His cheerful smile and manly song
Can gladden us no more.

Peace to his ashes! o'er his grave

The screaming sea-bird wheels;
The silver wave, with timid step,
To kiss its bosom steals,
The spicy winds moan over it
A sadly musical strain-

But fill! here's the name of MILLER

Once more-again-again!

Alas, alas, that MEMORY

Should be still in love with Wo;

That her brightest glances linger

On the dreariest spots below;


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