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Fort Wayne, Ind.



Angola, N. Y.

STAIT, F. W., M. D., Udaya

giri, Nellore District, India.


EDWARD, Mount Vernon, N. Y.

INDEX, 1924

JANUARY—Pages 1 to 60 in-

FEBRUARY—Pages 61 to 126,

MARCH–Pages 127 to 186,

APRIL-Pages 187 to 258, in-

MAY—Pages 259 to 322, in.

JUNE-Pages 323 to 376, in-

JULY—Pages 377 to 434, in-

AUGUST—Pages 435 to 494,

SEPTEMBER–Pages 495 to

552, inclusive.
OCTOBER- Pages 553 to 610,

NOVEMBER—Pages 611 to

678, inclusive.
DECEMBER—Pages 679 to

742, inclusive.

of thyroid origin, 482.
of thyroid origin, radio-

therapy in, 602.
Athletics and the heart, 490.
Atrophy, progressive muscu-

lar, cause and treatment

of, 605.
Auto hazards to health, 684.
Automobile, the doctor's, 58,

124,183, 257, 320, 492, 608,

trip, doctor's, thru the

White Mountains-Dru-

eck, 731.
Automobiles and more auto-

mobiles, 330.
and the spread of disease,

Avitaminoses and anincretin-

oses, some thoughts re-
garding so-called-Abder-
halden, 143.

Backache, 120.

Abderhalden, Emil, 143.
Abdominal conditions, chron-

ic, diagnosis of, 116.
Abrahams, Robert, 17.
Academy of Medicine, New

York, recommendations

offered by the, 335.
Accidents, dangers of, 331.
Acetanilid-with remarks rel-

erant and otherwise

Harnsberger, 298.
Acidosis and alkalosis in chil.

dren, 117.
careless and improper use

of the term, 429.
in infants and children, 315
Acne, or pimples, 427.
Acriflavine, neutral, in ulcer-

ative colitis, 670.
Addicts, drug, how many?

Adenoid, relation between

pituitary and, 110.
Adenoids, removal of tonsils

and, suggestions to be fol.

lowed-Pearlman, 228.
Adrenal therapy, thoughts on

-Christensen, 632.
Adults, spoiled, spoiled chil-

dren and, 73.

Advertising by the cults, 112.
Advice to those who marry

medical men, 607.
After-thoughts: scabs, natural

and artificial-Konkle,

Age, old, hygiene of, 182.
Alcohol, action of-Wright,

sterilization by aid of, 121.
Alienists, testimony of, in

criminal trials, 692.
Alkalosis, acidosis and, in

children, 117.
Anaphylaxis from blood-co-

agulating agents, 507.
Anemia, pernicious, treatment

of, iodine in, 605.
the treatment of, 686.
Anesthesia, paravertebral,

with an improved technic
for its use in renal sur-
gery-Lousley and Pugh,

sacral, in urology, 121.
spinal, in abdominal sur-

gery, 692.
Anesthetic, ethylene as an,

Angina pectoris, treatment

of, 55.
Anthrax and brushes, 615.
Antiseptic, new, in nose and

throat work-Callison,

Antiserum treatment of epi-

demic meningitis, 488.
Antitoxin in diphtheria, 121.
Appendectomy, hernia follow-

ing, 507.
Appendicitis, errors in home

treatment of, 55.
Appendix in relation to other

abdominal diseases, 551.
Argyria-Bock, 305.
Arteriosclerosis in thyroid

deficiency, 546.
Arthritis, chronic, diagnosis

of, 485.
Asphyxia and shock; resus-

citation following, 509.
Aspirin, cut flowers kept fresh

by, 318.
Asthma, hay-fever, and other

exudative manifestations,

new "combined" treatment

for, 52.

Ball, Bertram, 594.
Bandages, plaster-of-Paris, in-

structions for making,

Barnes, George Edward, 580.
Basedow's disease, 306.
Beauty parlor and public wel.

fare-Webb, 364.
Beckes, Miriam, 411.
Beeler, Bruce H., 44.
Beer is not medicine, 326.
Berkeley, William N., 627.
Bieber, Joseph, 642.
Bioclimatology-effects of

climate, temperature and
seasons upon the nutri.
tion of the different races
of mankind-Schaefer,

Birth control, 249, 437.

control legislation, 65.
palsy, 312.

weight, guarding the, 63.
Bishop, Louis Faugeres, 94.
Bismuth therapy in syphilis

-Levin, 717.
Bladder, carcinoma of the,

high voltage in the treat-

ment of, 252.
pain, causation of, by vari.

ous foods, 117.

Blindness, various responsi.

bilities for preventing-

Carris, 538.
Blood, glands of internal se-

cretion and the, 602.
Blood-pressure in early life,

Blood, spleen and the, 562.
Bock, Franklin W., 305.
Boil in the nostril, treatment

of, 54.
Bones and joints, tuberculosis

of the, 487.
Bookshelf, medical, growing,

Bosma, H. A., 407.
Bronchial lymph glands, tu-

berculosis of the, 175.
Bronchitis, chronic, 118.
Brushes, anthrax and, 615.
Bunkomen, 8.

Copyrights, patents and,

ethics of, 51.
Corns, treatment of, 56.
Cosmetics, 378.
Cough of bacterial origin and

its treatment, 169.
what is? 169.
Cowen, Robert L., 479.
Cramp, writer's, and allied

affections-Graham, 458.
Crime and criminals, 138.

and literature, 450.
in relation to medicine, 247.

legislation and, 333.
Criminals, dreamers versus,

new, 272.
Cronin, Herbert J., 601.
Curriculum, medical, 504.

Caffeine, use of, intraven-

Deafness, problem of, 190.

Calcium deficiency in sprue,

lactate for migraine, 49.

metabolism in infants, 606.
Callison, James G., 405.
Cancer-cause and prevention

-Schilling, 598.
cause and prevention-

Wright, 716.
conquering, from within-

Held, 339.
gland transplantation for,

institute, municipal, 443.
of the rectum-Beeler, 44.
of uterus, heat and starva-

tion treatment of, 370.
public education concern-

ing, 112.
quest and conquest, 548.
-serologic experiments in

its therapy-Held, 162.
Canick, Michael, 30 and 465.
Carbon dioxid, therapeutic,

monoxid poisoning, treat-

ment of, 324.
Carbuncle, treatment of, 737.
Carcinoma of the bladder,

treatment of, high voltage

in the, 252.
Cardiac decompensation, 253.
disturbances associated

with diseases of the thy.

roid gland, 480.
exercise, functional test in
100 cases of heart disease,

Carris, Lewis H., 538.
Censorship and non-censor-

ship, 272.

Cereal feeding thick, in mal-

nutrition, 740.
Cesarean section, 6.
Chancre of the neck-Good-

man and Traub, 236.
Chastisement, 52.
Cheese, 253.
Chemistry and medicine, 329.
Child, debilitated, 607.

labor, 9.

wayward, 248.
Children, acidosis and alka.

losis in, 117.
acidosis in infants and, 315.
mental deficiency in, 243.
neuropsychiatry in treat-

ment of, 550.
purulent pleurisy in, 689.
rheumatism in, 390.
spoiled, and spoiled adults,

treatment of enuresis in,

use of the salicylates in,

Children's habits, 267.
Chlorin, therapeusis, 127.
Chlorine, germicidal value of,

in diseases of the respir-

atory tract, 386.
Cholecystitis and cholelithia.

sis in children, 116.
Cholelithiasis, cholecystitis

and, in children, 116.
Cholin and its responsibility

for bodily decline-Heid,

Christensen, A. C., 632.
Citrated blood, the

fusion of, 691.
Clinic, pay, what about the?

Clinics—free and pay, 338.

habit, 502.
Coccyx, malformations, frac-

tures and dislocations of

the-Drueck, 295.
Coffee, growing use of, 123.

question, study of, 182.
Colds, common, 556.
Colitis, ulcerative, neutral

acriflavine in, 670.
Colloidal administration, ob-

servations on-Holden,

Coma, treatment of, 179.
Compliment, a deserved, 694.
Constipation, electrotherapy

in, 606.
endocrine disturbance a

cause of, 482.
treatment of, 250.
treatment of, factors in ra.

tional-Canick, 30.
Consultations and consulta.

tions-Konkle, 158.

treatment of, 37.
Death rates, summer, 381.
sudden, dangers of, follow-

ing hypodermic injection

of foreign substances, 691.
Deaths among taxpayers, 557.

rural, 438.
de Gerin, M. T., 722.
Dental infection, 253.

injuries, 334.
Dentistry, preventive, 137.
Dermatitis, Mah Jongg, 70.
Dermatologic eponyms-Good-

man, 473.
Diabetes insipidus, treatment

of, 481.
insulin treatment of, 118.
management and control of,

advance in the dietetic

Special Article, 676.
relation of suprarenals to,

Diabetic problems of today,

Diagnosis, abdominal, pyelog.

raphy in, 117.
and treatment of internal

hemorrhoids—Canick. 465.
laboratory, 690.
of chronic abdominal con-

ditions, 116.
of chronic arthritis, 485.
of enlarged thymus by the

the X-ray and treatment,

of hyperthyroidism, 735.
of pulmonary tuberculosis,

of pulmonary tuberculcais,

in the-Thewlis,

service to his community,

Doctors, release for, 115.
Dorsey, Thomas M., 96.
Dowd, J. Henry, 661.
Dreamers versus criminals,

Drink problem as it is looked

upon from medical view-

point, 200.
Drueck, Charles J., 295, 413,

and 731.
Drug addicts, how many, 444.
Drugs, absorption of, thru

skin and mucous mem-

branes, 448.
the time at which to take,

Dyes, hair, poisoning by use

of, 313.
Dysmenorrhea and the inter-

relations of the endocrine

glands, 481.
functional treatment of, 119.

Enuresis and sugar, 741.
in children, treatment of,

Erythematous affections, 298.
Ether treatment of pertussis,

Ethylene as an anesthetic,

uses and dangers of, 335.
Eugenic laws, 683.
Eugenics, nutrition and, 554.
Euthanasia, 682.
Evolution, slow march of, 566.

studies in-Redfield, 474.
Examinations, periodic phys-

ical, for physicians, 76.
public health, 679.
Experimentation, political, is

it wise at this time? 565.
Explosions, coal dust, 498.
Eye, ear,

nose and throat
practice, standardization

of, 483.
human, transplanting, 668.
strain with marked second-

ary physical symptoms
-Redway, 226.


Fame, price of, 672.

Fear, 262.
Fee basis, new economic, for

operations, 608.
Feeding, breast, 189.
Feet, painful, 485.
Food and drink, iodine in,

and goiter, 548.
iodine as a, 325.
poisoning, 669.
values, special, in a grow-

ing child's diet, 181.
Foods, pernicious exploitation

of, 111.
sea, iodine content of, 57.
various, causation of blad-

der pain by, 117.
Foot and mouth disease, 265.
Fornet, W., 393.
Fractures, electricity in treat-

ment of, 488.
French medical courses for

American physicians-

Mathé, 706.
Fried, Herman, 25.

Gall-bladder affections with

Diarrhea, treatment of, 670.
Diet during use of insulin,

growing child's, food values

in, 181.
infants’, iron in, 606.

rational, 261.
Dietetic, advance in the, man-

agement and control of
diabetes-Special Article,

Diets, intellectual giants dis-

agree about, 180.
Diphtheria, 440.

antitoxin in, 121.

deaths from, 13
Disease, automobile and the

spread of, 685.
Basedow's, 306.
foot and mouth, 265.
heart, 373 and 607.
heart, preventing, 618.
heart, prevention of, 58.
mental, phosphate ratio in,

mouth as a factor in the

causation of, 568.
outgrowing, 259.
the importance of

mouth in the causation of
-the new science of

oralogy-Ball, 594.
treatment of, real and sup-

posed results from the-

Barnes, 580.
Diseases, abdominal, appen.

dix in relation to, 551.
contagious, ages of, 495.
contagious, controlling 135.
occupational, 7.
of the heart, treatment of,

and their sequela-Abra-

hams, 17.
of the pineal gland-Berke-

ley, 627.
of the respiratory tract,

chlorine in, 386.
of the skin in their relation

to internal medicine, 485.
of the thyroid gland, treat-

ment of, iodine, 734.
of ye olden time-Morse,

treatment of, colonic ther-

apy in the, 247.
venereal-Pugh, 521.
venereal, public prostitu-

tion in the dissemination

of the-Wolbarst, 275.
Doctor, country, decline of

the, 271.
the country, again-Good-

hue, 451.
Doctor's automobile trip thru

the White Mountains-
Drueck, 731.

ars, discharging, treatment

of, 486.
Eclampsia: modern aspects

and treatment-Rubel,

pre-eclampsia and, 428.
Economic fee basis for opera-

tions, 608.
situation, medical-Ochs-

ner, 40.

Eczema in infants, manage-

ment of, in private prac-

tice, 316.
treatment of, 671.
Edovaccines, internal im-

munization with-Fornet,

Education, medical, improv.

ing, 193.
public, concerning cancer,

Electricity in treatment of

fractures, 488.
Electrotherapy in constipa-

tion, 606.
Emphysema, cutaneous-

Hammond, 399.
Empyema, chronic, treatment

of, 53.
Endemic goiter, 369.
Endocrine derangement, tis-

sue metabolism, 422.
disturbance, a cause of con-

stipation, 482.
glands, dysmenorrhea and

interrelations of the, 481.
knowledge, study of iodine

in light of, 667.
system, ovaries and, 602.
Endothermy, 130.

of-Rafsky, 511.
Gas exhaust, danger from,

metabolism, iodine and, 423.

warfare, humane, is? 309.
Gland, pineal, diseases of the

-Berkeley, 627.

Hygiene of old age, 182.

of the voice, 250.
Hyperthyroidism, 49 and 666.

diagnosis of, 735.
in pregnancy, 109.
relation of the heart in, 306.
toxic, X-ray therapy in, 174.
vital capacity of lungs in,

Hypodermic injections, pain-

less, 253.

I ce

therapy, parathyroid, 740.
thymus, application of the,

in medicine, 173.
thymus, in relation to men-

tal defection, 308.
thyroid, and indicanuria,

thyroid, cardiac disturb

ances associated with dis-

eases of, 480.
tissue, parathyroid, paroxys-

mal tachycardia control-

led by, 306.
transplantation for cancer,

Glands, bronchial lymph, tu-

berculosis of the, 175.
endocrine, dysmenorrhea

and the interrlations of,

of internal secretion and

the blood, 602.
sex, and digestive disturb-

ance, 174.
sluggish, renewed efficiency

of, 423.
the influence of the, 242
thyroid and ductless, radia-

tion therapy of the, 421.
Glaucoma, observations on,

Goiter, danger of iodine in

treatment of, 250.
effect of, on heart, 368.
endemic, 369.
endemic, treatment and

prophylaxis of, 368.
exophthalmic, pathogenesis

of, 174.
iodine and, 241.
iodine in food and drink

and, 548.
simple, treatment of, 423.
toxic, 482.
toxic and non-toxic, thymic

hyperplasia in, 482.
Gonorrhea and syphilis and

their relation to marriage

-Wolbarst, 85.
treatment of, vaccine, 604.
Goodhue, E. S., 451.
Goodman, Herman, 236 and

Gouty diathesis, treatment of

the, dietetic, 372.
Graham, Douglas, 458.
Grapefruit, vitamine content

of, 429.
Growth as a factor in prog-

nosis, 489.


abits, children's, 267.
H dyes, pois by use

Hammond, Robert Lee, 399.
Harnsberger, Stephen, 298 and

Harrower, Henry H., 584.
Hay-fever, asthma, and other

exudative manifestations,

treatment of, 252.
Health, auto hazards to, 684.

contracting for, 71.
examinations, launching the

periodic movement, 689.
interests, public, 131.
of laundry workers, 687.
prosperity and, 611.
public, courses thru corre-

spondence and literature,

public, examinations, 679.
results from examinations,

war and, 1.
Heart, affections of, massage

in the treatment of, 118.
athletics and the, 490.
disease, 373 and 607.
disease, prevention of, 58.
diseases of the, treatment

of-Abrahams, 17.
effect of goiter on, 368.
in acute infections, 428.
in hyperthyroidism, 306.
three types of premature

contractions occurring in

the same-Bishop, 94.
vegetative nervous system

and, 119.
Hearts, repair of, thru per-

formance of movements-

Taylor, 517.
Heat and starvation treat-

ment of cancer of uterus,

Held, Wm., 162, 339 and 526.
Heliotherapy and surgery, 69.
Hemoptysis, 486.
Hemorrhoids, internal, diag-

nosis and treatment of-

Canick, 465.
Heredity, body physique and,

Hernia following appendecto-

my, 507.
Heroin, elimination of, 187.
Herpes zoster, 604.
Hiccough, 61.

treatment of, 122.
Hints, 741.
Holden, W. B., 348.
Hoogstraten, William Van,

Humidity, effects of high tem-

perature and, 373.
Hydrochloric acid therapy in

rickets, 488.
acid, use of, 318.

ce cream, pure and impure,

Immunization, internal with

edovaccines-Fornet, 393.
Income protection

for the
physician, 337.
tax disputes, 508.
Indicanuria, thyroid gland

and, 666.
Infancy, thymus hypertrophy

in, 317.
thymus in, 109.
vomiting in, lavage in treat-

ment of, 118.
Infant feeding, lactic acid

milk in, 607.
mortality, biology and, 616.

mortality, nations and, 680.
Infantile diarrhea, preventive

measures of, 740.
diarrhea, treatment of, 738.
Infants, acidosis in, and chil-

dren, 315.
calcium metabolism in, 606.
eczema in, in private prac-

tice, 316.
immune from measles, 121.
Infection, dental and oral,

pneumococcus, treatment of

lobar pneumonia due to-

Bieber, 642.
Infections, acute, heart in,

treatment of, by intravenous

injections, 245.
Influenza and pneumonia-

connatural drainage vs.
other methods of treat-

ment-Harnsberger, 648.
Injections, milk, in general

paralysis, 673.
Insulin by the mouth-Har-

rower, 584.
diet during use of, 670.
therapy, balance in, 12.

treatment of diabetes, 118.
Intelligence testing, 249.
International understanding,

Intestinal stasis, chronic, 177.

toxemia, 672.

of, 313.

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