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Iodine and gas metabolism,

and goiter, 241.
as a food, 325.
content in sea foods, 57.
in food and drink, and

goiter, 548.
in the treatment of goiter,

danger of, 25.
in the treatment of perni.

cious anemia, 605.
study of, in the light of en-

docrine knowledge, 667.
treatment in diseases of the

thyroid glands, 734.
Iron in infants' diet, 606.


ournalism, medical, one hun.

dred years of, 430.

Menorrhagia of long duration

--Cowen, 479.
Mental defection, thymus

gland in relation 308.
deficiency in children, 243.
disease, phosphate ratio in,

healing, 499.
problems, 248.
training, early, as it inter-

ests the doctor, 249.
Menu of hours, man's, 623.
Mesopotamia, medicine in-

Hiranandani, 729.
Midwives, trained, 133.
Milk as a food, 256.
injections in general paraly-

sis, 673.
lactic acid, in infant feed-

ing, 607.
Montgomery, Andrew H.. 350.
Mortality, current increase in

New York City, 694.
sex, double standard of-

Talmey. 203.
Morons, motor, 621.
Morse, W. H., 229 and 470.
Mouth as factor in the

causation of disease, 568.
importance of the, in the

causation of disease—the
new science of oralogy-

Ball, 594.
Music, lovers of good,

Lewisohn stadium con-
certs and what they mean
to-Hoogstraten, 433.

Keister, Bittle C., 710.

Konkle, W. B., 158 and 591.



, acute, treatment


Laundry workers, health of,

Larage in the treatment of

vomiting in infancy, 118.
Laws, eugenic, 683.
Lead poisoning, gaseous, 626.
poisoning in the rubber

industry-Cronin, 601.
poisoning, recent facts

about, 625.
Legislation and crime, 333.

birth control, 65.
Legislative responsibility and

licensure, 62.
Levin, Oscar L.. 717.
Lewisohn stadium concerts

and what they mean to
lovers of good music-

Hoogstraten, 433.
Libido, narcism and-Talmey,

Life expectancy, 500.

prolonging, 373.
Literature, crime and, 449.
Liver, functional test of, 117.
Lowsley, Oswald Swinney,

Lungs, vital capacity of, in

hyperthyroidism, 602.

and libido-Tal-
mey, 695.
Neck, chancre of the-Good-

man and Tarub, 236.
Nervous disorders, trauma

and, 4.
patient, 249.
system, vegetative, and the

heart, 119.
Nervousness, what is? 442.
Neuropsychiatry in treatment

of children, 550.
Nutrition and eugenics, 554.

vitamines as factors in, 251.

Obesity, treatment of, 738.

Magid, M. O., 290.

treatment of general pare-

sis, 624.
treatment of, with quinine,

Malformations, fractures and

dislocations of the coccyx

-Drueck, 295.
Malnutrition, cereal feeding

in, 740.
Malpractice defense, group

plan of, 690.
Man an electrical machine,

Manslaughter, 195.
Manustupration with refer-

nces to the infantile

type--Mapes. 533.
Mapes, Charles C., 533.
Marcy, Dr. Henry 0.--passing

of one of the world's great

surgeons, 74.
Massage in treatment of affec-

tions of the heart, 118.
Mathé, L., 706.
Mats, wrestling, clean, 501.
Measles, infants immune

from, 121.
Medical bookshelf, growing,

courses, French, for Ameri-

can physicians-Mathé,

curriculum, 504.
economic situation-Ochs-

ner, 40.
ideals, attainment of, 113.
journalism, one hundred

years of, 430.
mirror-a medical treatise

of the eighteenth century

-Beckes. 411.
responsibility in anti-tuber.

culosis campaign, 741.
Medicine, American, state of

-- Morse, 229.
ancient history of-Wright,

business efficiency in-Dor-

sey, 96.

chest, spice, 319.
crime in relation to, 247.
industrial, obstructions to

the development of, 565.
in Mesonotamia-Hiranan-

dani, 729.
real reward in, 52.
study of, 199.
study, shall the poor boy?

Meetings, medical, 270.
Melville, E. J., 301.
Men, medical, advice to those

who marry, 607.
wastage of, 553.
Meningitis, epidemic, antise-

rum treatment of, 488.

Ochsner, Edward H., 40.
Office rent problem, solving

the, 424.
Oil, 75.
Old-time physician (poem)

Mathews, 197.
Oliguria, pituitary treatment

and, 109.

Malaria and disease in East.

ern Europe, fighting, 491.


uinidine in auricular fibril.

lation, 56.
Quinine, treatment of malaria

with, 118.

Operations, new economic fee

basis for, 608.
Organotherapy, 603.

future of, 109.

successful, 423.
Osteopaths in New Jersey,

honest efforts among the,

Otitis media, treatment of

acute, 316.
Ovaries and endocrine sys-

tem, 602.


Radio, medical publicity by,

Radiology, who should prac-

tice? 673.
Radiotherapy in asthma of

thyroid origin, 602.
Radium and X-rays, effects of,

upon normal and cancer.

ous tissues, 374.
hazard, 11.
in malignancy, status of, 16.

treatment of sarcoma, 318.
Rafsky, Henry A., 511.
Rates, mortality, increasing

and decreasing, 67.
Rectum, cancer of the-

Beeler, 44.
Redfield, Casper L., 474.
Redway, Laurance D., 161 and

Rehabilitation, need of, 64.
Resuscitation following as-

phyxia and shock, 609.
Rheumatism in children, 390.

thyroid and, 173.
Rickets, 120.
hydrochloric acid therapy

in, 488.
Right hand caused human

brain growth, 180.
or wrong, am I?-Dowd,

Robinson, Beverley, 47.
Robinson, Dr. Beverley, is

dead! 387.
Robinson, Dr., eighty years

old, 198.
Rockefeller Foundation, 377.
Roentgen-ray treatment of

keloids, 737.
Rubel, Henry M., 357.

Sadism, third degree, 622.

ain, an antagonist to, 373.
bladder, causation of, by

various food, 117.
in severe and fatal illness,

alleviation of, 118.
Palsy, birth, 382.
Paralysis, general, milk in-

jections in, 673.
Parathyroid gland therapy,

368 and 740.
gland tissue, paroxysmal

tachycardia controlled by,

Patents and copyrights,

ethics of, 51.
Patient, grateful, 274.
Patriotism and common sense,

Peace danger, 314.
Pearlman, Louis M., 228.
Pellagra, 740.
Peptic ulcer, gall-bladder

affections with, and treat-

ment-Rafsky, 511.
Pertussis, ether treatment of,

X-rays for, 266.
Pessary, the-its correct

method of selection and

application-Magid, 290.
Phosphate ratio in mental dis-

ease, 607.
Phthisis in old persons, OC-

currence of, 117.
Physician, income protection

for the, 337.
Physicians, deaths of, in

1923, 60.
American, French medical

courses for—Mathé, 706.
examinations for, periodic

physical, 76.
out-patient, paid service for,

Pimples, acne or, 427.
Pineal gland, diseases of the

-Berkeley, 627.
Pituitary and adenoid, rela-

tion between, 110.
gland, active principle of,

treatment and oliguria, 109.

Pituitrin, a new use for, 734.
Plague, pneumonic, 612.
Plaster-of-Paris bandages, in-

structions for making,

Pleurisy, purulent in chil-

dren, 689.
Pneumonia, laboratory find.

ings, prognostic impor-

tance of-Fried, 25.
influenza and-connatural

drainage vs. other meth.
ods of treatment-Harns-

berger, 648.
lobar, due to pneumococcus

infection, treatment of

Bieber, 642.
successful treatment of -

de Gerin, 722.
treatment of, forty years

ago, 371.
Pneumonic plague, 612.
Poisoning by use of hair dyes,

food, 669.
lead, gaseous, 626.
lead, in the rubber industry

- Cronin, 601.
lead, recent facts about, 625.
Post-graduate medical study

in France-Mathé, 706.
in Holland-Bosma, 407

summer courses, 327.
Practice, eye, ear, nose and

throat, standardization

of, 483.
Practitioner, general, French

medical courses for-

Keister, 710.
Pregnancy, blood in, 57.

hyperthyroidism in, 109.
Prince and the public, 567.
Proceeding, dangerous, 269.
Profession, medical, should

the, advertise? 389.
Prohibition intolerance, 332.
Prosperity and health, 611.
Prostitution, public, in the

dissemination of the
venereal diseases-Wol-

barst, 275.
Protection, income, for the

physician, 337.
Pruritus ani, treatment of

Drueck, 413.
Psychoses, alcoholic, 497.

syphilis and, 613.
Pugh, Winfield Scott, 521 and

Pulmonary tuberculosis, early

diagnosis of, 691.
Pyelitis, treatment of, 251.
Pyelography in abdominal

diagnosis, 117.
Pyorrhea: its cause and treat-

ment, 737.

Salicylates, use of, per rec-

tum in children, 551.
Sarcoma, treatment of, radi.

um, 318.
Scalp, lacerated wounds of,

Scarlet fever, 440.

prevention of, 549.

recent studies in, 336.
Schaefer, Theodore William,



Schatz, William J., 219.
Schilling, John, 598.
Sea-sickness, treatment of, 55.
Seminal treatment, growing

importance of, 57.
Sepsis, puerperal, 120.
Sex difference in mortality,

glands, and digestive dis-

turbance, 174.
morality, double standard

of-Talmey, 203.
Sick, chronically, caring for

the, 558.
Simplicity, 739.
Skin, diseases of, in relation

to internal medicine, 485.
function, new, 436.
importance of, in non-spe-

cific therapy-Montgom-

ery, 350.
tuberculosis of, 740.
Smith, Bion E., 454.
Social pathology, 436.
Soda fountain optimism, 139.
Sodium phosphate in thera-

peutics, 604.
Spice medicine chest, 319.
Spinal anesthesia in ab-

dominal and pelvic sur.

gery, 692.
Spleen and the blood, 562.
Stait, F. W., 233.
Sterility, prevention of, 551.

tonsils and, 264.
Sterilization by aid of alcohol,

Stethescope, multiplying, 53.
Stomach, ulcer of the, treat-

ment of, 178.
Study, post-graduate medical

in France-Mathé, 706.

in Holland-Bosma, 407.
Sugar and enuresis, 741.

sweeter than, 375.
Sunlight, therapeutic value of

-Melville, 301..
Surgery, ancient-early oper-

ators of India-Stait, 233.
heliotherapy and, 69.
Survive, can we?-Smith, 455.
Swallow, Edward, 354.
Swimming pools, 328.
Syphilis and psychoses, 613.
bismuth therapy in-Levin,

gonorrhea and, their rela-

tion to marriage-Wol-

barst, 85.
in the pregnant female, 56.
maternal and fetal, 382.
ocular, 317.
problem solution of the,


Tachycardia, paroxysmal,

controlled by parathy.

roid gland tissue, 306.
Talmey, B. S., 203 and 695.-
Taxpayers, deaths among, 557.
Taylor, J. Madison, 517.
Teeth, sound, versus clean

teeth, 137.
Temperature, effects of high,

and humidity, 373.
Tension treatments, valuable

hint about, 251.
Testimony of alienists in

criminal trials, 692.
Thewlis, Malford W., 288.
Things, old-fashioned, 734.
Thymic hyperplasia in toxic

and non-toxic goiters, 482.
Thymus, diagnosis of en-

larged, by the X-ray, and

treatment, 546.
enlarged, recognition of the

importance of, 306.
enlarged, treatment for, 481.
gland in medicine, 173.
gland in relation to mental

defection, 308.
hypertrophy, symptoms and

treatment of, in infancy,

in infancy, 109.
Thyroid affections, classifica-

tion of, 307.
and ductless glands, radia-

tion therapy of the, 421.
and rheumatism, 173.
and thyroxin, 368.
deficiency, arteriosclerosis

in, 546.
extract, use of, 50.
gland and indicanuria, 666.
gland, diseases of, cardiac

disturbances associated

with, 480.
not a safe short-cut to slim-

ness, 141.
surgery of the, 109.
Thyrotoxicosis, X-ray treat-

ment of, 547.
Tonsillectomy, effects of, 560.

ultimate results of, 197.
Tonsils and adenoids, removal

of, suggestions to be fol-

lowed-Pearlman, 228.
and sterility, 264.
Tourists, motor, 379.
Trachea, probable perforation

of-Redway, 161.
Tracheotomy, importance of

early, 172.
Transfusion of citrated blood,

Traub, Eugene F., 236.
Trauma and nervous disor-

ders, 4.

Treatment and general man-

agement of eczema in in.
fants in private practice,

and prophylaxis of endemic

goiter, 368.
antiserum, of epidemic men-

ingitis, 488.
dietetic, of the gouty diathe-

sis, 372.

asthma, new "com-
bined”, 52.
for enlarged thymus, 481.
functional, of dysmenor-

rhea, 119.
heat and starvation, of can-

cer of uterus, 370.
indications for, in fibroid

tumors of the uterus, 551.
insulin, of diabetes, 118.
iodine, in the diseases of

the thyroid gland, 734.
malaria, of general paresis,

medical, of gastric and

duodenal ulcers, 370.
neuropsychiatry in, of chil.

dren, 550.
of acute intestinal obstruc-

tion by high temporary

jejunostomy, 605.
of acute laryngitis, 177.
of acute otitis media, 316.
of affections of the heart,

massage in, 118.
of anemia, 686.
of angina pectoris, 55.
of appendicitis, errors in

home, 55.
of asthma, hay-fever, and

other exudative manifes.

tations, 550.
of boil in the nostril, 54.
of carbon monoxid poison-

ing, 324.
of carbuncle, 737.
of carcinoma of the bladder,

high voltage in the, 252.
of chronic empyema, 53.
of coma, 179.
of constipation, 250.
of constipation, factors in

rational-Canick, 30.
of corns, 56.
of cough of bacterial origin,

of deafness, 370.
of diabetes insipidus, 481.
of diarrhea, 670.
of discharging ears, 486.
of disease, real and sup-

posed results from the-

Barnes, 580.
of diseases, colonic therapy

in the, 247.
of diseases of the heart and

Voice, hygiene of the, 250.
Vomiting in infancy, lavage

in, 118.


ar and health, 1.

Roentgen-ray, of keloids,

tension, valuable hint about,

vaccine, of gonorrhea, 604.
Tuberculin inunctions, cutane-

ous, 564.
Tuberculosis, advanced pul-

monaryviewpoints re-

garding, 140.
artificial light in, 484.
bone, light therapy in, 54.
mortality from, in 1922, 60.
of the bones and joints, 487.
of the bronchial lymph

glands, 175.
of the skin, 740.
pulmonary, errors in the

diagnosis ofThewlis,

treatment of fever in, 56.
Tuberculous patients, treat-

ment of—Robinson, 47.
Tumors, fibroid, of the uterus,

indications for treatment,

Water, distilled, intravenous

injection of, as a thera-
peutic measure-Schatz,

drinking, importance of,

Wayward child, 248.
Webb, J. Lewis, 364.
Weight, birth, guarding the,

Welfare, public, beauty parlor

and-Webb, 364.
“When a man's sick his

troubles begin"-Swallow,

Whooping cough, treatment

of, 392.
Why hasn't it been done? 243.
Wolbarst, Abr. L., 85 and 275.
Wounds of the scalp, lacer.

ated, treatment of, 606.
Wright, Adam H., 587 and

Wright, Jonathan, 77.
Writers' cramp

and allied
affections—treatment by
massage and kinesither-
apy-Graham, 458.

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lcer of the stomach, treat-

ment of, 178.
Ulcers, gastric and duodenal,

medical treatment of, 370.
Uterus, fibroid tumors of, indi-

cations for treatment, 551.

Vaccine treatment of gonor-

Xr -ray therapy in toxic hy.

perthyroidism, 174.
therapy, possibilities of

deep, 119.
X-rays, control of, 57.
effects of radium and, upon

normal and cancerous tis-

sues, 374.
for pertussis, 266.



their sequelæ-Abrahams,

of eczema, 671.
of enuresis in children, 550.
of fever in tuberculosis, 56.
of fractures, electricity in,

of goiter, danger of iodine

in, 250.
of hay fever, 252.
of hiccough, 122.
of infantile diarrhea, 738.
of infections by intravenous

injections, 245.
of internal hemorrhoids,

diagnosis and—Canick,

of lacerated wounds of the

scalp, 606.
of lobar pneumonia due to

pneumococcus infection-

Bieber, 642.
of obesity, 738.
of pernicious anemia, io-

dine in the, 605.
of pertussis, ether, 428.
of pneumonia forty years

ago and today, 371.
of pneumonia, successful-

de Gerin, 722.
of progressive muscular

atrophy, 605.
of pruritus ani-Drueck,

of pyelitis, 251.
of pyorrhea, and its cause,

of sea-sickness, 55.
of simple goiter, 423.
of simple ulcer of the

stomach, 178.
of thymus hypertrophy in

infancy, 317.
of thyrotoxicosis, X-ray, 547.
of tuberculous patients-

Robinson, 47.
of vertigo with adrenalin,

of vomiting in infancy,

lavage in the, 118.
of whooping cough, 392.
pituitary, and oliguria, 109.
radium, of sarcoma, 318.

Venereal diseases, public pros-

titution in the dissemina-

tion of-Wolbarst, 275.
diseases—their prevention

and control-Pugh, 521.
Vertigo, treatment of, with

adrenalin, 48.
Vitamine content of grape-

fruit, 429.
Vitamines as factors in nutri.

tion, 251.
important data in regard to,

la of, 261.

inc stearate dusting pow.

der, dangers from, 447.




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