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78th Congress, 2d Session

(January 10-December 19, 1944)


VOL. 1






373. Operations of Postal Savings System, 1943.

374. Annual report of Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventive

Medicine, 1943.

377. Message from the President to Congress, Jan. 11, 1944, recommending
passage of national service law, etc.

378. Communication from the President transmitting report of status of emer-
gency funds as of Nov. 30, 1943.

381. Supplemental estimate for Executive Mansion and grounds, 1944.

382. Proposed provision for maintenance of extension of Cuyahoga River channel,

Cleveland Harbor, Ohio.

383. Report concerning foreign service retirement and disability fund.

386. Message from the President requesting passage of bill providing method of
voting in time of war by armed forces.

388. Supplemental estimate for State Department for foreign service.

389. Proposed contract authorization for Navy Department and draft of pro-

vision pertaining to naval appropriations.

390. Supplemental estimates for Supreme Court for preparation of rules for
criminal and civil procedure.

391. Supplemental estimate for Veterans Administration for additional hospital

and domiciliary facilities.

392. Operations and employment of Work Projects Administration as of Nov. 30,


393. Joint press release of War and Navy Departments on Japanese atrocities to

prisoners of war.

394. Handbook for servicemen and servicewomen of World War II and their

dependents, prepared by Wright Patman.

395. Supplemental estimate for National Housing Agency for war housing.

396. Supplemental estimate for Office of Education for training of defense workers.

397. Supplemental estimate for National Gallery of Art to pay taxes on Widener


398. Supplemental estimate for Social Security Board to increase grants to States

for old-age assistance.

399. Supplemental estimates for Agriculture Department, 1944.

400. Provision pertaining to appropriation for Agricultural Adjustment Agency,

conservation of land resources.

401. Supplemental estimates for Public Health Service, 1944.

402. Proposed provision pertaining to appropriation for Veterans Administration,


403. Supplemental estimates for Library of Congress, 1945.

404. Drafts of proposed provisions pertaining to Selective Service System appro-


405. Draft of proposed provision pertaining to existing appropriation for Petro-

leum Administration for War.

406. List of reports to be made to Congress.

407. Supplemental estimate for National Capital Housing Authority, 1944.
408. Supplemental estimate for War Department for maintenance of United
States Soldiers' Home.

409. Supplemental estimate for Immigration and Naturalization Service, 1944.
410. Supplemental estimates for Treasury Department, 1944.

415. Draft of proposed provision pertaining to existing appropriation of Foreign

Economic Administration.

416. Supplemental estimates for Post Office Department, 1944.

418. Supplemental estimates for State Department, 1944.

419. Supplemental and deficiency estimates for Interior Dept.

420. Supplemental estimate for Justice Department for medical care of inmates

of Federal penal institutions.

422. Supplemental estimate for Architect of Capitol for improving Library of

Congress buildings and grounds.

424. Estimates for overtime and additional compensation granted to Federal and

District of Columbia employees.

441. Veto message on bill to continue Commodity Credit Corporation, etc.

442. Report of Federal Trade Commission on distribution methods and costs of

building materials.

443. Veto message on revenue act of 1943.

448. Report of Home Owners' Loan Corporation on plan for its liquidation.

452. Report of commission of physicians appointed to examine requirements for
admission to Army, Navy, etc.

453. Veto of bill referring claims due to construction of Intracoastal Waterway to
district court, southern Florida.

454. Veto message on bill for relief of Charles R. Hooper.

455. Veto message on bill for relief of Mona Graham (Mrs. Renzie).

456. Appointment of 2 additional Assistant Secretaries of State.

457. Report from State Department with draft of proposed legislation to amend

act grading clerks in foreign service.

458. Judgments rendered by Court of Claims.

459. Judgment rendered by district court for district of Oregon in favor of A.


460. Judgments rendered against Government by District Courts.

461. Proposed provision relating to judgment rendered by Court of Claims in

favor of Kingan & Co., Inc.

462. Estimate submitted by Navy Department to pay claims for damages by

naval vessels.

463. Judgments rendered against Government by District Courts.

464. Judgments rendered against Government by District Courts.

465. Claims for damages to privately owned property arising out of activities of

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

466. Estimate for Public Roads Administration to pay claims for damage to

roads and highways.

467. Estimate submitted by Navy Department to pay claims for damages by

Coast Guard vessels.

468. Estimate to pay claim of Lulu E. Wellington.

469. Judgment rendered by district court for southern New York in favor of

Union Shipping & Trading Co., Ltd.

470. Claims allowed by General Accounting Office.

471. Estimates to pay claims for damages to private property.

474. Closer relationship between American republics.

477. Attitude of United States toward Austria, study by Herbert F. Wright.

478. Supplemental estimates for Entomology and Plant Quarantine Bureau and
Forest Service to combat spruce budworm.

479. Revised estimates for Federal Security Agency, 1945.

480. Supplemental estimates for Interior Department, 1945.

481. Estimate for Petroleum Administration for War, 1945.

482. Estimate for Solid Fuels Administration for War, 1945.

483. Estimate for Office of Censorship, 1945.

484. Estimate for War Shipping Administration, 1945.

485. Estimate for National War Labor Board, 1945.

486. Estimate for Fair Employment Practice Committee, 1945.

487. Estimate for Central Administrative Services Division, 1945.

488. Estimate for Congested Production Areas Committee, 1945.

489. Estimate for Office of Defense Transportation, 1945.

492. Estimates for Selective Service System, 1945.

496. Estimate for Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, 1945.

498. Supplemental estimates for Navy Department and naval service, 1944.

499. Estimate for Office of Scientific Research and Development, 1945.

500. Estimate for War Production Board, 1945.

501. Estimate for War Relocation Authority, 1945.

503. Proposed provision pertaining to appropriation of Smaller War Plants

Corporation, 1945.

508. Supplemental estimate for Navy Department and naval service for repair

facilities, Navy.

510. Supplemental estimate for Bonneville Power Administration, 1945.

511. Estimates for War Manpower Commission, 1945.

512. Estimates for Office of Strategic Services, 1945.

517. Veto message on bill for relief of John W. Booth, 3d.

518. Survey report on Santa Ynez River watershed, Calif.

519. Veto message on bill for relief of heirs of Simon M. Myhre.

520. Provision pertaining to Public Health Service appropriation rel. to care of

Navy and Marine Corps members.

521. Estimate for Office of War Information, 1945.

523. Message from the President allowing bill rel. to voting for armed forces to

become law without his signature.

524. Proposed provisions rel. to Children's Bureau appropriation for grants to
States for maternity and infant care.

528. Supplemental estimate for Engineer Department for 3 seagoing hopper


529. Draft of proposed provision pertaining to foreign war relief appropriation.

532. Estimate for Office of Civilian Defense, 1945.

538. Letter from clerk of House relating to papers regarding case of U. S. v.

Joseph E. McWilliams et al.

539. Draft of proposed provision pertaining to appropriations for Procurement

Division, 1944 and 1945.

540. Draft of proposed provision rel. to Government Printing Office appropria-
tion for printing Federal register.

543. Estimate for Office of War Mobilization, 1945.

551. Supplemental estimate for Engineer Corps, Army, for flood control on Terre

Noire Creek, Ark.*

552. Estimate for Employees' Compensation Comn. for payments to beneficiaries
of missing employees of Govt. contractors.

553. Supplemental estimate for Labor Statistics Bureau for improving Cost of

living index.

554. Estimate for National Capital Park and Planning Commission for acquisition

of 3 playground sites. *

555. Supplemental estimates for District of Columbia, 1945.
558. Supplemental estimates for Treasury Department, 1944.
*Corrected print.

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