History of Morgan's Cavalry

Miami printing and publishing Company, 1867 - 570 páginas

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Página 41 - Your dispatch is received. In answer I say emphatically, Kentucky will furnish no troops for the wicked purpose of subduing her sister Southern States.
Página 437 - ... acquisition. I saw very few articles of real value taken — they pillaged like boys robbing an orchard. I would not have believed that such a passion could have been developed, so ludicrously, among any body of civilized men.
Página 194 - He answered with as much gusto as I called him. I telegraphed as follows : ' Frankfort to Lexington : ' Tell General Ward our pickets are just driven in. Great excitement. Pickets say the force of enemy must be two thousand. 'OPERATOR.
Página 48 - I am prepared to say that I will agree to withdraw the Confederate troops from Kentucky, provided that she will agree that the troops of the Federal Government be withdrawn simultaneously, with a guarantee (which I will give reciprocally for the Confederate Government) that the Federal troops shall not be allowed to enter or occupy any part of Kentucky in the future.
Página 39 - Compound for sins they were inclined to, By damning those they had no mind to.
Página 38 - States that it is the opinion of this general assembly, that whenever the authorities of these States shall send armed forces to the South for the purpose indicated in said resolutions, the people of Kentucky, uniting with their brethren of the South, will as one man resist such invasion of the soil of the South at all hazards and to the last extremity
Página 440 - Morgan supposed that they would, of course, be brought there. If we could get past Cincinnati safely, the danger of the expedition, he thought, would be more than half over. Here he expected to be confronted by the concentrated forces of Judah and Burnside, and he anticipated great difficulty in eluding or cutting his way through them.
Página 343 - That the thanks of Congress are due, and are hereby tendered, to MAJOR GENERAL GEORGE H.
Página 41 - the right to choose her own position; and that, while her natural sympathies are with those who have a common interest in the protection of slavery, she still acknowledges her loyalty and fealty to the government of the United States, which she will cheerfully render until that government becomes aggressive, tyrannical, and regardless of our rights in slave property.
Página 205 - Lexington on the 28th inst., with nearly twelve hundred, having been absent just twentyfour days, during which time I travelled over a thousand miles, captured seventeen towns, destroyed all the Government supplies and arms in them, dispersed about fifteeen hundred home guard, and parolled nearly twelve hundred regular troops. I lost in killed, wounded, and missing, of the number that I carried into Kentucky, about ninety.

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