Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers, Metallurgists, Mine Proprietors, Engineers, Shipbuilders, Scientists, Capitalists ..., Volumen35

Perry Fairfax Nursey
Knight and Lacey, 1841

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Página 125 - I have also reason to believe that the power of the STEAM ENGINE may be applied to work the WHEELS, so as to give them a quicker motion, and consequently, to increase that of the ship. In the course of this summer, I intend to make the experiment; and the result, if favourable, shall be communicated to the public.
Página 132 - We left the fair city of New York ; we passed through the romantic and ever-varying scenery of the highlands ; we descried the clustering houses of Albany ; we reached its shores ; and then, even then, when all seemed achieved, I was the victim of disappointment. Imagination superseded the influence of fact. It was then doubted, if it could be done again ; or if done, it was doubted if it could be made of any great value.
Página 298 - Somerset, then lord protector, a new office was erected for him ; he was made governor of the mystery and company of the merchant adventurers for the discovery of regions, dominions, islands, and places unknown, a pension was granted -him by letters patent £166, 13s.
Página 146 - Carriages drawn by horses. 8 That, as they admit of greater breadth of tire than other Carriages, and as the roads are not acted on so injuriously as by the feet of horses in common draught, such Carriages will cause less wear of roads than coaches drawn by horses.
Página 56 - Engineer, for improvements in locomotive engines and in carriages, chairs, and wheels for use upon railways, and certain machinery for use in the construction of parts of such inventions.— Sealed December 16, 1840.
Página 342 - ... adopted throughout the entire scale. A constant proportion is thus established between the depth and the pitch of the thread. In calculating the former, a deduction is to be made for the quantity rounded off, amounting to one-third of the whole depth, that is, one-sixth from the top, and one-sixth from the bottom of the thread. Making this deduction, it w'ill be found that the angle of 55" gives for the actual depth rather more than three-fifths, and less than two-thirds of the pitch. The precaution...
Página 342 - It will be observed that above one inch diameter the same pitch is used for two sizes. This could not have been avoided without introducing small fractional parts. The economy of screwing apparatus was also promoted by repetition of the thread. It is important to remark that the proportion between the pitch and the diameter varies throughout the entire scale. Thus, the pitch of the | inch...
Página 396 - ... and is such that if the section of , the channel were rectangular, the wave's rate of motion would be just equal to that acquired by a heavy body in falling through a height equal to one-half the depth of the fluid. Whilever, then, the body or boat moves with a velocity less than, or only equal to, that of the wave of translation...
Página 119 - ... carbonic acid. The hydrogen so passing away is transparent and invisible ; not so, however, the carbon, which, on being so separated from the hydrogen, loses its gaseous character, and returns to its natural and elementary state of a black, pulverulent, and finely-divided body. As such, it becomes visible, and this it is which gives the dark colour to smoke. Not sufficiently attending to these details, we are apt to give too much importance to the presence of the carbon, and have hence fallen...
Página 256 - BURNETT, of Ravensbourne Wood Mills, Deptford Creek, Gentleman, for improvements in machinery for cutting wood, and in apparatus connected therewith, part of which may be applied to other purposes.

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