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Burnie, dimin of barn

Chantin, chanting Buskit, dreiled

Chap, a peison, a fellow, a Bulle, Boftle, to bufle

blow But an' ben, the country kitch- Chearfu', chearful en an' parlour

Cheep, a chi-p; to chirp But without

Checkit, checked Byre, a cow-ffable

Chiel, or cheel, a young fellow By himsel, lunatic, Jiftracted, Chimla, or 'chimlie, a fire-grate

Chimla-lug, the firefide с

Chitte: ing, shivering, trembling

Chow., 10 chew; check for *A', to call, to name, to

chow, side by side drive

Choakin, choking Ca't or ca’d, called, driven, Chuffie, fat-faced calved

Claise, or claes, cloaths Cadie or caddie, a young fel

Clash, an idle iale, the story low who runs messages

of the day Cadger, a carrier

Claw, to scratch Saff, chaff

Clachan, a mall village, i

hamlet Caird, a tinker

Clarkit, wrote
Cairn, a locfe heap of Rones
Calf-ward, a mall inclosure

Clap, clapper of a mill
for calves

Claus, to clean, to scrape Callan, a boy

Clauted, scrared Caller, fresh, round

Clatter, to tell idle Aories; an Cam, did come

idle story Canna, cannot

Cleed, to cloche Cannie, gentle, mild, dextrous

Cleick, cloth, claithing, cloath.

ing Cansilie, dextroudly, gently Cantharidian, made of cantha

Clinkin, jerking, clinking rides

Clinkumbell, who iings the

church bell
Cantraip, a charm, a spell
Canvie, chearful, merry

Clips, Meers
Cape-fare, cope-stone, key. Clock, to katch ; a beetle

Clinmaclave:,idle conve:fatien fione Careflin, carefsin;

Clockin, hatching Carrýin, carrying

Clour, a bump or swelling af

ter a blow Careerin, chearfully

Cloot, the hoof of a cow, sheep, Cartes, Cards

&c. Carin, a stout old woman

Cloctie, an old name for the Caudron, a caldron

Deril Caup, a wooden drinking vesfel

Coaxin, wheedling Cavid, cold

Coble, a fishing boat
Chanter, a part of a bagpipe

Ceg, a wooden dich
Coggie, dirin. of cog

Colie, a general aud fone

times a peculiar name for

country cur dogs
Comin, coming
Commaun, cominand
Cood, the cud
Coof, a blockhead, a ninny
Cookit, appeared and disap-

peared by fits
Cjoft did caft
Cootie, wooden kitchen dis ;

all tbale fowls whose Legs
ore clad with feathers, are
Jaid ic be cootie
Core, corps, party, clan
COILA, from Kyle, a district

of Ayriliire, so called, faith
tradition, from Coil, or Coi-

lus, a Pictish monarch
Couter, che inhabitant of a cot-

borile or cottage
Cowe, to terri'y to keep under

to lop; a fright, a branch of

furze, broom, &c.
Cowp, to barter, 10 tumble

over ; a fall, a gang
Cowpit, tumbled
Cowte, a cole
Cowrio, cowering
Couthie, kind, loving
Cove, a cavern
Cozie, snug, roizely, snugly
Crabit, crabbid, fretful
Ciack, conversation : to con-

Crakin, coşve: fing
Craft, or or ft, a fu'd near a

house, in old bufoundry Crank, the noise of an un.

greased wheel
Crankous, fretful, captious
Crambo. clink, os crambo-jin-

gle, "hymes, doggerel verses
Cranreuch, the hoar fioft
Crap, a crop, the top
Craw, a ciow of a cock, a rook

Creel, a basket; to have one's

wits in a creel; lo be ciazid,

to be fascinated Creshie, greaty Creepin, creeping Cronie, crony Crood or croud, to coo as a

dove Croon, a hollow continued

moan; to raake a noiie like the continued roar of a bull,

to hum a ture Crooning, humming Crowlen, crawling Crouchie, crock-backed Crowdie time,' breakfast ime Croust, chcarful, courageous Crouly, chearfully, courage

ouily Crushin, cruling, crusht,

crushed Crump, hard and brittle, spoken

of bread Crunt, a blow on the head

with a cudget Cuif, a block-head, a ninny Cummock, a short staff with a

crooked head Curler, a player on ice Cu lie, a courtesy Curling, a well known game

on ice Curlie, curled, whose hair falls

naturally in ringtets Cormurring, murmuring ,

flight, rumbling ouile Curpin, the crupper Culhat, the dove, or wood




Dati, merry, giddy, fool.

ith Daffin, merriment, foolishness

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T'ainty, pleasant, good hu Doure, stout, durable, lubmoured, agiceable

born, fullen Daimen, rare, now and then; Dow, am, or are able tn, can

daimen-icker, an ear of corn Downa, am or are not able,

now and then Dancin, dancing

Dowie, worn with grief, taDappl't, rappled

tigue, &c. Darg, a day's labour

Dowff, pithless, wanting force Darklins, darkling

Drap a drop; to drop Daud, to thrash, to abuse Drapping, dropping Daur, to dare, dourt, dared Dreadfu', dreadful Daw'd, a la ge picce

Dreep, to ooze, to drop Dautit or dauted, fondled, Dreeping, oozing, dropping carressed

Drift, a drove Dearies, dimin. of dears

Dribble, diizzling, laver Dearthfu', dear

Drinkin, drinking Deave, to dealen

Droddum, the breech Deil-ma care! no matter! for Droop-rumpi't, that droops at all that!

the crupper Deleeret, delirious

Drouih, thirst, drought Delvin, digging with a spade Drumlie, muddy Descrive, to describe

Drunt, pet, four humour Deservin, deserving

Drummock, meal and water Devel, a stunning blow

mixed raw Dimpļ't, dimpled

Draken, drunken Dight, to wipe, to clean corn Dryin, drying

from chaff ; cleaned from Dub, a finall rond of water chaff

Dud, ragʻ, cloaches Ding, to worst, to push Duddie, ragged Dinna, do not

Dung, wortted, pushed, driven Ljrl, a flight tremulous ftroke Duh, to push as a ram, &c. or pain

Dulht, push'd by a ram, ox,

&c. Difrelpeckit, disrespected Dizzen, a dozen

Dizzie, giddy
Doited, stupified

E, the cye, een, the eyes
Dcelfu', doleful
Dool, sorrow ; to fing dool, to Spirits
lament, to mourn

E'ening, evening Donsie, unlucky

Eild, old age Dorty, saucy, nice

Elhuck, the elbow Douce, or douse, rober, .wise, Eldriich, ghaftly, frightful prudent

En', end
Doucely, soberly, prodently ENBRUGH, EDINBURGH
Dought. was, or weie able Eneugh, enough

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Free, a foc

Enfin, ensuing

fidge, to fidgit Especial, elpecially

Fidgin, fdgeling Eydent, diligent.

Fier, found, healthy; a bro

ther, a friend F

Feint, fiend, a petij onth

Fitsle, to make a rulling noise, TA' fall, lot ; to fall

to fidget ; a bufile Fae, a foe

Fit, a foot Fac't, faced

Fittie lan', the nea: horse of Faein, foam

the hindmolt pair in the Feddom't, fathomed

plough Fairin, a fairing, a present Fizz, to make a hifing noise Faithfu', faithful

like fermentation Fallow, fellow

Flatterin', hattering Fand, did find

Flainen, Hannel Farl, a cake of bread

Fleeh, a fitece Fareweel, farewell

Pleg, a kick, a random blow Fall, trouble, care ; to trou. Flingin tree, a piece of timber ble, to care for

hung by way of partition Fash'ctroubled

between two horses in a Falterels, ribbon ends, &c. fiabie, a fail Fasten-een, Faltens. Even

Fleech, to supplicate in a fiatFauld, a feld; to fold

tering manner Faulding, folding

Fleecliin, fupplicating Fau', fault

Flether, to decoy by fair Fawsont, decent, seemly

words Feckfu', large, brawny, ftout Fle: herin, flattering Feckless, pudy, weak, filly

Flitcher, to futter as young Fear't, frighted

neftlings whed their dam Fearfu', faightful

app'oaches Feat, neat, spruce

Flircherin, fluttering Feg, a fig

Fley, to scare, to frighten Feide, feud, enmity

Fley'd, frighted, feared Fecht, to fight, fechtin, fight

Flik, to fret at the yoke ing

Tliski, fretted Fell, keen, biting; the flesh

Flinders, fhreds, broken pieiminediately under the skin; a field pretty level on the Flitter, to vibratė like the side or top of a hill

wings of small birds Fend, to live comfortably Flitering, filuttering, vibratFerlie or ferly, to wonder; a ing

wonder, a term of contempt Flunkie, a servani in livery Fetch, to pull by fils

Fiyin, fiying Fetch't, pulled intermittently. Foamin, foaining

Foilearig forefathers


Foord, a ford
Forby, besides
Forfairn, dist. essed, worn out,

jaded, Forgather, to meet, to en

counter with Forgie, to forgvie Forjelket, jaded with fatigue Formin, forming Fou, full, diunk Fow, a bushel, &c. Foughten, troubled, harassed Fia, from Fieath, froth Fien', friend Fud, the cut of the hare,

coney, &c. Fuff, to blow intermittently F'uff'i, did blow Far, a furrow Furm, a form, bench Funnie, full of merrimest Fyften fiteen Fyke, trifling cares; to piddle, to be in a fuss about

trifes Fyle, to foil, to di ly Fyl’t, foiled, dirtied

Gatherin, gathering
Gaucy, jolly, large
Cear, riches, goods of any

kind Geck, to toss the head in wan

topness or (corn Ged, a pike Centles, great folks Geordie, a guinea Gef, a child, a young one Ghailt, a ghost Gie, to give, gied, gave, gie'r

given Gillie, dimin. of giil Gimmer, 1 ewe, from one te

Iwo yeai's old Gin, if, against Gistie, dimin. of gift Gipsy, a young girl Gir.., to giin, to twist the fea

tures in rage, agóny, &c. Gizz, a perewig Glib-gabbet, that speaks

smoothly and readily Gley, a squint; to squint,

Agly, off at a side wing Clazie, glittering smooth like

glass Glaßit, inattentive, foolis Gleg, sharpe, ready Glint, to peep, glinted, peeped,

glintin, peeping Cloamin, the twilight Glowr, lo fare, to look ; a

ftare, a look Glowr'd, looked, nared Clowrin, Itaring Glunch, a frown; to frown Cowd, gold Gowan, the power of the daily,

dandelion, hawkweer, &c. Gowff, the game of golf; to

Brike, as the bat does the ball

at golf Gowff'd, ftruck

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