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Next uprofe our Bard, like a prophet in drink':" Craigdarroch, thou’lt soar when creation shall sink ; • But if thou would flourish immortal in rhyme, "! Come-one bottle more- and have at the sublime !

" Thy line, that has struggled for freedom with

" Bruce u Shall heroes and patriots ever produce : “ So thine be the laurel, and mine be the bay ; " The field thou hast won, by yon bright god of

“ day!”

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AIR the face of orient day : Fair the tints of opening rose; But fairer fill my Delia dawns

More lovely far her beauty blow 6.

Sweet the lark's wild, warbled lay i

Sweet the tinkling rill to hear : But Delia more delightful still

Steal thine accents on mine car.

The flower-enamour d husy bce

The rosy banquet loves to fip; Sweet the streamlet's limpid lapse,

To the sun-brown'd Arab's lip.

But Delia on thy balmy lips,

Let me, no vagrant infect, rove; O let me steal one liquid kiss !

For ah! my soul is parchd with love.

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ROSE-BUD by my early wauk,
Adown a corn-inclosed bawk,
Sae gently bent its thorny ftauko

All on a dewy morning :

Ere twice the shades o' dawn arc filed, In a' its crimson glory spread, And drooping rich the dewy head,

It fcents the early morning.

Within the bush her covert neft
A little linnet fondly preft,
The dew fat chilly on her breaft,

Sae early in the morning :

She foon shall see her tender brood,
The pride, the pleasure o' the wood,
Amang the fresh green leaves bedew'd,

Awauk the early morning.
So thou dear bird young Jenny, fair,
On trembling Atring, or vocal air,
Shalt sweetly pay the tender care

That tents thy early morning.
So thou sweet rose bud, young and gay,
Shalt beauteous blaze


the day, And bless the parent's evening ray

That watch'd thy early morning.

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USING on the roaring Ocean, Which divides my love and me; Wearying in warm devotion,

For his wcal where'er he be.

Hope and Fear's alternate billow

Yielding late to Nature's law, Whispering spirits round my pillow,

Talk of him that's far awa.

Ye whom Sorrow never wounded ;

Ye who never shed a tear ; Care untroubled, joy surrounded,

Gaudy day to you is dear. Gentle night do you

befriend me; Downy sleep, the curtain draw; Spirits kind, again attend me,

Talk of him that's far awa.

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WILLY brew'd a peck o' mault,
And Rab and Allan cam to see;
Three blyther hearts that lee lang night
Ye wadna found in Christendie.

We are na’ fou, we're nae that fou

But just a drappie in our e'e;
The cock may craw, the day may daw,

Yet ay we'll taste the barley brie.

Here are we met, three merry boys,

Three merry boys I trow are we ; And monie a night we've merry beer,

And monie mae we hope to be.

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It is the moon.I ken her horn,

That's blinkin in the lift sae bie : She shines sae bright to wile us hame,

Eut by my footh fhe'll wait a wee, Wha firft shall rise to gang awa,

A cuckold, coward, loon is he! Wha first beside his chair shall fa', He is the king amang the three !

CHORUS We are nae fou, &c.

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