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Onondaga Indian Reservation, agent for:
Orin L. Fellows

67 Otsego county judge: Ulysses Grant Welsh

39 Palisades Interstate Park, commissioners of: William H. Porter

...51–73 Frederick C. Sutro

...51-74 Port Wardens, port of New York: Louis Jacobson

..87-89 Charles W. Ferry

..87-89 Thomas Rock

.87-89 Public Service Commissioner, First District: Frederick J. H. Kracke..

...36-50 Charles Bulkley Hubbell

.36-50 Oscar S. Straus

.46-72 Public Service Commissioner, Second District: Thomas F. Fennell

..50–60 Charles B. Hill

..54-60 Jerome L. Cheney

..89-90 Reprieves, commutations and pardons (see Document).... 75 Rome Custodial Asylum, manager of: Susan Hoagland

....63–74 Rudolphus C. Briggs

..75-83 Rockland county judge: Mortimer B. Patterson

...42-44 Rochester State Hospital, manager of: Herald P. Brewster.

70 State Board of Managers of Reformatories, member of: Adelaide Briggs

89 State School of Agriculture at Morrisville, trustees of: John H. Broad.....

58 Rt. Rev. John Grimes.

86 State Agriculture and Industrial School, manager of: Fannie A. Whitney

.41-59 George E. Pier

..41-59 Cyril Summer, M. D.....

..41-59 Saint Lawrence State Hospital, manager of: Robert S. Waterman

..43, 49 Schuyler county judge and surrogate: Seaman F. Northrup.



State Board of Charities :
Third Judicial District:
Benjamin W. Arnold

Fourth Judicial District:
Eleanora W. Higley

...38-48 Seventh Judicial District: Mortimer R. Miller

...38–48 State Board of Charities, City of New York, commis

sioner of:
Lee K. Frankel .

...51-59 Eleanora W. Higley

69 Lillie Boller Werner

90 State Custodial Asylum for Feeble Minded Women, man

ager of:

Nicholas Lewis McDonald, D. D. S....

.44–48 State Fair Commissioner: Henry K. Williams

.. 37–50, 57–67 State Department of Health, report of (see Document)... 74 State Commission of Prisons, member of: Henry Solomon

71 George W. Davids

72-74 State Industrial Commissioner: John M. Lynch

.. 46, 72 State Board of Reformatories, member of: Seymour Lowman

61 Superintendent of Insurance: Jesse S. Phillips

69 Syracuse State Institution for Feeble-Minded Children,

manager of:
William A. Kelly, D. D. S..

...44–48 Jessie B. Durston...

..76–83 Ida Strauss Marshall

.76-83 Clara A. Walters

..76–83 Tax Commissioner: John J. Merrill

...37-49 Thomas Indian School, manager of: Josephine M. Sisson

45 Utica State Hospital, manager of: George E. Dunhan

70 Elizabeth Kellogg





Washington Headquarters, trustee of:

William F. Cassidy
Watkins Glen Reservation:

Otis A. Leonard
Western House of Refuge for Women, manager of:

Judson Coann Curtis....

Christina L'Hommedieu Willard State Hospital, manager of:

Anna Augusta Horton

45 90

... 46–59

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