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pursuance thereof.] The legislature shall annually provide by appropriation for the payment of the interest upon and instalments of principal of all debts created on behalf of the state except those contracted under section two of this article, as the same shall fall due, and for the contribution to all of the sinking funds heretofore created by law, of the amounts annually to be contributed under the provisions of section five of this article. If at any time the legislature shall fail to make any such appropriation, the comptroller shall set apart from the first revenues thereafter received, applicable to the general fund of the state, a sum sufficient to pay such interest, instalments of principal, or contributions to such sinking fund, as the case may be, and shall so apply the moneys thus set apart. The comptroller may be required to set aside and apply such revenues as aforesaid, at the suit of any holder of such bonds.

§ 12. Debts hereafter authorized for the improvement of highways shall be created only in the manner provided in section four of this article. No provision of this article shall be deemed to impair or affect the validity of any debt of the state heretofore contracted or any right or obligation heretofore created between the state and any of its civil divisions.

[A debt or debts of the state may be authorized by law for the improvement of highways. Such highways shall be determined under general laws, which shall also provide for the equitable apportionment thereof among the counties. The aggregate of the debts authorized by this section shall not at any one time exceed the sum of fifty millions of dollars. The payment of the annual interest on such debt and the creation of a sinking fund of at least two per centum per annum to discharge the principal at maturity shall be provided by general laws whose force and effect shall not be diminished during the existence of any debt created thereunder. The legislature may by general laws require the county or town or both to pay to the sinking fund the proportionate part of the cost of any such highway within the boundaries of such county or town and the proportionate part of the interest thereon, but no county shall at any time for any highway be required to pay more than thirty-five hundredths of the cost of such highway, and no town more than fifteen hundredths. None of the provisions of the fourth section of this article shall apply to debts for the improvement of highways hereby authorized.]

§ 2. Resolved (if the Assembly concur), That the foregoing amendment be referred to the legislature to be chosen at the next general election of senators, and that in conformity to section one, article fourteen of the constitution, it be published for three months previous to the time of such election.

Also, the concurrent resolution (No. 1042, Int. No. 865) entitled as follows:

Concurrent resolution of the Senate and Assembly proposing an amendment to section one of article two of the constitution, in relation to the qualification of voters.

Section 1. Resolved (if the Assembly concur), That section one of article two of the constitution be amended to read as follows:

Section 1. Every [male] citizen of the age of twenty-one years, who shall have been a citizen for ninety days, and an inhabitant of this state one year next preceding an election, and for the last four months a resident of the county and for the last thirty days a resident of the election district in which he may offer his vote, shall be entitled to vote at such election in the election district of which he shall at the time be a resident, and not elsewhere, for all officers that now are or hereafter may be elective by the people, and upon all question which may be submitted to the vote of the people, provided that in time of war no elector in the actual military service of the state, or of the United States, in the army or navy thereof, shall be deprived of his vote by reason of his absence from such election district; and the legislature shall have power to provide the manner in which and the time and place at which such absent electors may vote, and for the return and canvass of their votes [in the election districts in which they respectively reside].

Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, after January first, one thousand nine hundred and twenty, no person shall become entitled to vote by attaining majority, by naturalization or otherwise, unless such person is also able, except for physical disability, to read and write English; and suitable laws shall be passed by the legislature to enforce this provision.

§ 2. Resolved (if the Assembly concur), That the foregoing amendment be referred to the legislature to be chosen at the next general election of senators, and in conformity with section one of article fourteen of the constitution be published for three months previous to the time of such election.

with a message that they have concurred in the passage of the


Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said concurrent resolutions to the Secretary of State.

The Assembly returned the Senate bill (No. 833, Assembly Reprint No. 1694, Int. No. 121) entitled "An act to amend the

[blocks in formation]

General Corporation Law, in relation to the manner of voting stock held by fiduciaries."

Also, Senate bill (No. 608, Assembly Reprint No. 1700, Int. No. 407) entitled "An act to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, in relation to continuing bail upon granting certificate of reasonable doubt."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1164, Assembly Reprint No. 1731, Int. No. 470) entitled "An act to amend the Penal Law, in relation to wearing industry badges by unauthorized persons."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1509, Assembly Reprint No. 1716, Int. No. 1164) entitled "An act to amend chapter ninety of the Laws of nineteen hundred and eighteen, entitled 'An act to provide for a commissioner of records of the county of Bronx,' generally."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1522, Assembly Reprint No. 1732, Int. No. 399) entitled "An act to amend the Canal Law, by repealing article seven thereof and inserting a new article seven, authorizing the Superintendent of Public Works, with the approval and direction of the Canal Board, to lease the use of surplus waters impounded by canal dams, canal reservoir and feeder dams, and flowing in the canals, and repealing the provisions of chapter four hundred and ninety-four of the Laws of nineteen hundred and seven and certain provisions of section four, chapter three hundred and ninety-one of the Laws of nineteen hundred and nine, and of the Canal Law and Conservation Law, relating to the disposal of surplus canal waters.”

Also, Senate bill (No. 250, Assembly Reprint No. 1664, Int. No. 240) entitled "An act to extend the time for filing existing claims against the State for compensation or damages for or on account of the appropriation of property in connection with the construction of improved canals and canal terminals, and giving the Court of Claims jurisdiction."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1054, Assembly Reprint No. 1665, Int. No. 877) entitled "An act to amend the Education Law, in relation to the State School of Agriculture on Long Island and to provide a capital fund for the operation of the dormitories and refectory of said school."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1443, Assembly Reprint No. 1722, Int. No. 1125) entitled "An act for the relief of the city of New York

in financing its obligations during the period of the war and one year thereafter in reference to the issuance of corporate stock and serial bonds."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1099, Assembly Reprint No. 1690, Int. No. 908) entitled "An act to amend the Town Law, in relation to the establishment of water and sewer commissions in the towns of certain counties."

Also, Senate bill (No. 609, Assembly Reprint No. 1599, Int. No. 335) entitled "An act to amend the Highway Law, in relation to completion of contracts."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1110, Assembly Reprint No. 1724, Int. No. 919) entitled "An act to amend the Military Law, in relation to the New York guard."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1496, Assembly Reprint No. 1719, Int. No. 1152) entitled "An act making an emergency appropriation for the State Commission of highways for the maintenance, repair and reconstruction of highways and bridges thereon."

Ordered, That the Clerk deliver said bills to the Governor. The Assembly returned the Senate bill (No. 197, Int. No. 194) entitled "An act to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, in relation to the jurisdiction of courts of special sessions."

Also, Senate bill (No. 914, Int. No. 791) entitled "An act making an appropriation to pay to Mary Carr, Margaret Carr and Elecia F. Carr, the daughters, and Almet F. Carr, William J. Carr and Edward Carr, sons, of the late William J. Carr, the compensation which would have been earned by him had he continued to live until the close of the calendar year of nineteen hundred and seventeen."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1368, Int. No. 1079) entitled "An act in relation to the salary of commissioner of jurors of the county of Richmond."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1233, Int. No. 988) entitled "An act to incorporate the Lamoka Electric Water Power Corporation of Corning, New York, with power and authority to impound and store the waters of Mud creek and Cohocton river and their tributaries and divert, impound and store the same into and in Keuka lake and withdraw the same in order to develop hydroelectric power therefrom."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1433, Int. No. 1122) entitled An act to amend the Code of Civil Procedure, in relation to compulsory judicial settlement of accounts and citation of parties in surrogate's court."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1174, Int. No. 952) entitled An act to annul the corporate existence and vacate the charters of certain corporations.

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Also, Senate bill (No. 1202, Int. No. 981) entitled "An act to confer jurisdiction upon the Court of Claims to hear, audit and determine the alleged claim of the owners of certain lands in township five, Brown's tract, Herkimer county, against the State of New York, for damages alleged to have been sustained by them and to render judgment therefor.”

Also, Senate bill (No. 1442, Int. No. 1124) entitled "An act making an appropriation to reimburse Charles R. Hotaling for expenses paid or incurred by him for services of counsel in successfully defending himself against certain charges of misconduct in connection with the expenses of the joint legislative committee to investigate the Public Service Commissions."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1103, Int. No. 912) entitled "An act making an appropriation for reimbursing William R. Stewart for the amounts paid by him as president of the State Board of Charities, for services and disbursements of counsel in the investigation of the management and affairs of the State Board of Charities by Charles H. Strong."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1169, Int. No. 947) entitled "An act making an appropriation for the payment of the salary to which William Temple Emmet, deceased, would have been entitled had he survived the current fiscal year."

Also, Senate bill (No. 1362, Int. No. 1073) entitled "An act to legalize and validate the proposition submitted and adopted at the annual election, held in the village of Mount Kisco on the nineteenth day of March, nineteen hundred and eighteen, to authorize the issuance of fourteen thousand dollars of sewer bonds to take up and pay sewer certificates of indebtedness of said village, and the acts and proceedings of the board of trustees, heretofore taken pursuant thereto, and to authorize the issuance and sale of said bonds."

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