Keeper of the Celtic Secrets

Betty Rhodes, 2006 - 336 páginas
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WRITTEN AS A BOOK OF FICTION - BUT IS IT Revealed in this book, is the mystery behind the Missing Link, the answer to the 'creation or evolution' question, the origins of the races, the origins of Rh-Negative blood; the Red Thread, the Origin of the Hebrew people, the wandering planet of Hibiru - yes, Hibiru, and much more. See, how patterns can reveal the future, what the Garden of Eden really was, and learn about the ancient Gods of Sumer, the Mazzaroth trail, and much more. This book has a heart wrenching love story, and is full of mystery, danger, and excitement, but more importantly, it contains the unveiling of secret knowledge from some old secret journals. Journals, scribed in 1650, have passed down to 'the keeper of the secrets', Samantha O'Brian, who decides to share these amazing secrets with the world. These secrets will open your eyes to wisdom so astounding, that you won't believe your eyes.

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The book portrays to release secrets of the druids from the Anunnaki gods, but it really is just a spirituality lecture based on astrology and the author's own view Sitchen's work.  Her ideas are hardly Druid, and do not conquer with Sitchen's work.  The author confuses her own ideas and even if you believe there is an actual set of books, it is all presented as here say, nothing quoted nor any images of said texts 

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Inheriting the Journals
Samanthas Mission
The Berry Patch
Weather Maker
Life with
Experiences of a Priestess
Red Hair and William
Mystery Visitors
The Escapades
The Eagles Nest
The Priesthood
Tea with William
Sam Meets the
Missing Link Chapter 17 Stories of Creation
The Human Temple
The Mazzaroth Trail

Mysteries Riddles Accomplishments Chapter 10 Sams Encounter
Sam Meets Her Spirit Friend

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Betty Rhodes has spent many hours studying ancient history, astrology, the origins of religion, New and Old Age writings, and philosophy. With the quest for truth burning strong within her soul, Betty delves into writing with a constant supply of fresh ideas and theories that amaze the reader in "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets".

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