Joannis Lelandi antiquarii De rebvs britannicis collectanea, Volumen4

apud Benj. White, 1774

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Página 269 - And when she was brought to hyr lodgyng every men drew hym to hys awn. " The next day after, being the xxvth day of the said monneth, Saunt Jamys day, sche abode all the day in the said towne, and was at the church masse varey nobly accompanyd. " That sam day, at even, th' erle of Northumberlaund, made, to mony lords, knights, amd others, a goodeley baunket, which lasted to mydnyght, for cause.
Página 287 - Th Archbyfchops of Saunt Andrew and of York, the Byfchop of Durham, and the Erie of Surrey dyned with hym. The Chammer was haunged of red and of blew, and in it was a Cyll of a State of Cloth of Gold ; bot the King was not under for that fam Day. Ther wer alfo in the fam Chammer a riche Bed...
Página 269 - At the bryge end, apon the gatt, war many children, revested of surpeliz, syngyng mellodiously hympnes, and playing on instruments of many sortes. " Within the said towne, by ordre, the bourges and habitants war honnestly apoynted. The streytts were hanged, and the wyndow loupps, topps, and schipps was so full of people, gentylmen and gentylwomen, in so grett nombre, that it was a playsur for to se. But they maid non sound of artyllery and ordonnounce. " In such statt and fayr aray, was the said...
Página 272 - ... qwene departed fro Barrwyk for to go to Lamberton kerke in varey fayr company, and well apoynted. " First, of the said archbyschops and byschops, the erles of Surrey and of Northumberlaund, the lord Dacres, the lord Scroop and hys son, the lord Gray, the lord Latemer, the lord chamberlain, maister Polle, and other nobles and knyghts. The young gentylmen wer well apoynted at their devises, and ther was soumuch of cloth of gold, as of other ryche rayments. Their horsys frysks in harnays of the...
Página 281 - Maryage betwix the said Vierge and Joseph. More fourther was of new maid One other Yatt, apon the wiche was in Sieges the iiij Vertuz. Theys is to weytt, Justice, holdynge in hyr right Haunde a Swerde all naked, and in the t'other a Pair of Ballaunces, and she had under hyr Feet the Kyng Nero : Force, armed, holdyng in hyr Haund a Shafte, and under hyr Feete was Holofernes, all armed : Temperance holdyng in hyr Haund a Bitt of an...
Página 241 - Legge, yet that notwithftanding, what letting and what kneling, ihotte after many of his Arows, and when the Frenchemen fledde, and his Felowers ware in the Chafe, he cried to one of his Felowes, and faide, " Have thow thefe " vi Arowes that I have lefte, and folow thów the Chafe,
Página 317 - ani} man, to-the crown and royal dignity of these realms " of England, France, and Ireland. Whereupon you shall " understand, that this day is prefixed and appointed, by " all the peers of this land, for the consecration, inunction, " and coronation of the said most royal Princess Mary. " Will ye serve at this time, and give your good-will and as" sents to the said consecration, inunction, and coronation ?" Whereunto the people answered all in one voice, Yea, yea, yea.
Página 272 - The fayd Cappitayne of Barrwyk, and my lady hys wyfFe acompayned of many gentylmen and gentylwomen rychly arayd, and " clothed of a liveray, went with the fayd Qwene to Edinburghe.
Página 319 - N. become your liege man, of life and limb, and of earthly worship ; and faith, and truth, I shall bear unto you, against all manner of folks, as I am bound by my allegiance and by the laws and statutes of this realm : so help us God and Allhallows.
Página 202 - Light, and then entrede th Erie of Oxinforde. From the Font the Prince was had to his Travers, and above him a Cremefyn Cloth as byfore. From thens in faire Order was he borne to the High Auter, and leide therupon by hys Godmoder. After certeyn Ceremony, whan the Goofpel was d-юп, Vcni Creator Spiritus was begon, and folempnely fongen by the Kings Chapell with Orgons, and Te Deum a!fo.

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