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PAGE Halsey, Olga S.-Compulsory Health Insurance in Great Britain..... 127 Hard, William-Is Health Insurance “Paternalism"?.......

123 Health, Comfort, and Safety, Legislation for Women in Industry. 400 Health Insurance, Attitude of British and German Trade Unionists toward

341 Brief for Compulsory, in Great Britain-Olga S. Halsey..

127 Legislation, Tendencies in—Margarett A. Hobbs..

138 Plan for an Act-Henry R. Seager.. Recent American Opinion in Favor of

345 Select Critical Bibliography on

269 Standards

237 Tentative Draft of an Act..

239 Voluntary, in New York City-Anna Kalet.

142 Hobbs, Margarett A.-Tendencies in Health Insurance Legislation..... 138 Hoffman, Frederick L.-Occupational Hazards in the American Merchant Marine.....

69 Hours, Legislation, 1916

285 Legislation for Women in Industry

360 Individual Bargaining, Legislation, 1916.....

278 Insufficiency of Medical Care, Brief for Health Insurance.

163 Irregularity of Employment in New York City

353 Is Health Insurance "Paternalism"?-William Hard..


Kalet, Anna—Voluntary Health Insurance in New York City......


Legislation, 1916, Administration of Labor Laws..

Collective Bargaining
Individual Bargaining
Minimum Wage
Miscellaneous Legislation
Safety and Health
Social Insurance
Topical Index by States..

Legislation for Women in Industry, Bureaus of Labor, Minimum Wage

Commissions, etc., Dealing with Laws Affecting Women...,
Childbirth Protection
Health, Comfort, and Safety
Minimum Wage
Short Bibliography on Women in Industry
Women in American Industry

320 282 285 278 284 277 291 302 327 289

411 402 400 360 383 414


Medical Service, Organization of-Michael M. Davis, Jr....
Meeting the Wage Loss, Brief for Health Insurance.


16 174 Minimum Wage, Legislation, 1916....

Legislation for Women in Industry Miscellaneous Legislation, 1916......


284 383 277

Occupational Hazards in the American Merchant Marine Frederick

L. Hoffman
Organization of Medical Service-Michael M. Davis, Jr.......



Pian for a Health Insurance Act—Henry R. Seager
Prevention of Sickness, Brief for Health Insurance.
Protective Legislation for Seamen, Discussion...

21 186 74

Recent American Opinion in Favor of Health Insurance


291 87


Safety and Health, Legislation, 1916....
Seager, Henry R.-American Labor Legislation...

Plan for a Health Insurance Act...
Seamen's Act of 1915, The_Henry W. Farnam..
Seamen's Law and Its Critics, The-Andrew Furuseth...
Secretary's Report, American Association for Labor Legislation..
Select Critical Bibliography on Health Insurance...
Sickness of Wage-Earners, Brief for Health Insurance.
Social Cost of Sickness, The Haven Emerson...
Social Insurance, Discussion.

Legislation, 1916...

41 61 103 269 155 II



Tendencies in Health Insurance Legislation-Margarett A. Hobbs..... 138 Topical Index by States, Legislation, 1916....

327 Trade Unionists, Attitude of British and American, toward Health Insurance

341 Treasurer's Report, American Association for Labor Legislation..


Unemployment, Legislation, 1916......


Voluntary Health Insurance in New York City-Anna Kalet....


Women in American Industry, Legislation for Women in Industry..... 356 Workmen's Compensation, Advantages and Disadvantages of State Funds in-F. Spencer Baldwin......



FACING PAGE Accidents and Sickness as Factors Producing Dependency......

179 Deaths from Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Specified Occupations.

159 Health Insurance in Europe, Map....

118 Irregularity of Employment in New York City


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Legal Limitation of Working Hours for Women in the United States,
Map ...

335 Number of Females 10 Years of Age and Over, Engaged in Gainful Occupations, by States, Map



PAGE Comparison of Mortality Rates by Principal Causes of Death........ 160 Death Rate per 100,000 Population for Certain Causes of Death.

191 Expectation of Life in Massachusetts, 1877-1910..

190 Females in Gainful Occupations, by States

359 Legal Limitation of Working Hours for Women in the United States.. 372 Main Provisions of Minimum Wage Laws in the United States... 390 Married Women Employees, by Selected Industries.....

402 Minimum Wage Awards in the United States up to January 1, 1917....

395 Mortality from Consumption in Occupations Exposed to Dust.

158 Rate of Lengthening Life, in Years per Century..

235 Tendencies in Health Insurance Legislation......

140 Wages of Industrial Workers in Representative States..

175 Women Workers in the United States, by Occupations



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