Goldsmith's Roman History

H. & E. Phinney, 1808 - 275 páginas

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Página 128 - Pompey's troops upon the flank : this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had not yet engaged. Pompey's infantry, being thus doubly attacked in front, by fresh troops, and in rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist, but fled to their camp. The flight began among the strangers, though Pompey's right wing still valiantly maintained their ground.
Página 119 - Caesar, who would not wait the conclusion of his speech, generously replied, that he came into Italy, not to injure the liberties of Rome and its citizens, but to restore them.
Página 131 - Pompey embraced her •without speaking a word, and for some time supported her in his arms, in silent despair. Having taken in Cornelia, he now continued his course, steering to the southeast, and stopping no longer than was necessary to take in provisions, at the ports that occurred in his passage. He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor. Ptolemy, who was as yet a minor, had not the government in his own hands...
Página 24 - Me undertook to build the capitol, the foundation of which had been laid in a former reign, and an extraordinary* event contributed to hasten the execution of his design. A ,woman, in strange attire...
Página 77 - He was, after some days, again brought out, and exposed with his face opposite the burning sun. At last, when malice was fatigued with studying all the arts of torture, he was put into a barrel stuck full of nails, that pointed inward ; and in this painful condition he continued till he died.
Página 131 - Sophocles, signifying, that he who trusts his freedom to a tyrant, from that moment becomes a slave, gave his hand to Achilles, and stept into the bark, with only two attendants of his own. They had now rowed from the ship a good way ; and as, during that time, they all kept a profound silence, Pompey, willing to begin the discourse, accosted Septimius, whose face he recollected ;
Página 16 - ... shared the same fate ; and now there remained but the last Curiatius to conquer, who fatigued and quite disabled with his wounds, slowly came up to offer an easy victory. He was killed, almost unresisting, while the conqueror...

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