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Laver of Regeneration, p. 93: Nature of Regeneration,

P. 101. It restores Man to the pristine Image of Adam,

p. 110. A tendency to. Sin even in the Regenerate,

p. 120. The Necessity of Regeneration, p. 124.

... CHAP. IV. .

Eminent Characters, typical of Christ, p. 133. 1. Adam,

p. 134. 2. Melchizedek, p. 134. 3. Ifaac and Ismael,
p. 137. 4. Isaac, p. 138. 5. Joseph, p. 142. 6. Moses,

Marah, Manna, Maffah and Meribah, the Brazen Ser-

pent, p. 146. 7. Aaron, p. 162. 8. Elijah, p. 167.

9. David and Solomon, p. 168. Solomon's Song com,

pared with other Specimens of Oriental Poetry, P: 173.

. CHAP. V.'

Opinions of the Jews, p. 184,


CHAP. II. Necessity of a perfect Dispensation like the Christian, ar

gued from the Imperfection of the Mosaical, p. 333. 1. The Law, in what sense imperfect; 1. As being only a part of a whole, p. 334. 2. As being calculated only for a small Nation, p. 335. 3. As having had its typical Rites accomplished, and superseded by their realities, p. 336. 11. Christianity perfect, by being in every necessary point the very reverse of the Law; 1. Not burdened by Ceremonies, p. 337. 2. Designed for all mankind, p. 337. 3. The Ritual left to the Discretion of each particular Church, p. 328. 4. Requires internal Purity, in Opposition to the various Washings of the Law, p. 339. 5. Forbids Divorces, except in case of Adultery, p. 339. 6. Forbids Revenge, p. 340. 7. St. Paul's Parallel between Moles and Christ, p. 341. 8. Christianity perfect in three several Respects, p. 341. Conclusion.

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