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I. Retrospect of the events which preceded the incarnation of our Lord... 1

II. The nativity and childhood of Christ.....


III. The state of the Jews at the commencement of our Lord's ministry.. ..62

IV. The ministry of John the Baptist.----


V. Our Lord's ministry, from the innprisonment of Jolin the Baptist to the

Sermon on the Mount...


·VI. From the Sermon on the Mount to the first mission of the apostles.. ...154

VII. From the first to the second mission of the apostles....


VIII. From the sending out of the apostles by pairs, to the Transfiguration ...207

IX. From the Transfiguration to the Feast of Dedication...


X. From the Feast of Dedication to the resurrection of Lazarus.


XI. From the resurrection of Lazarus, till our Lord's public entry into Jeru-



XII. The discourses and transactions of our Lord, from his public.entry into Jeru-

salem till Judas covenanted with the chief priests to betray him. ..292

XIII. The discourses and transactions of our Lord at his last passover.


XIV. The last sufferings of our Lord....


XV. Christ's several interviews with his disciples, from his resurrection to his

ascension into heavon....


XVI. The history of the Christian Church, from the ascension of our Lord to the

death of Herod Agrippa..


XVII. The life and writings of the apostle Paul....


XVIII. The lives and writings of the four Evangelists.


XIX. The history of other persons mentioned in the New Testament....


XX. An account of the troubles of the Jews, particularly those calamities which

fell upon them at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem..


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