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definite hostile purpose? Were Jerome Gorin and James Millikin the sort of men that would arm themselves and keep watchful guard unless they felt certain there was an active enemy in their midst? Go and look at the picture of Judge Emerson as it hangs up in the courthouse, and say whether a man like that would be likely to brace himself and his neighbors to stand up against the threatened shock of nothing more substantial than a shadow. The present generation will never realize how near we came to insurrection and civil strife right here in Macon County in the fall and winter of 1863, or how critical conditions remained until after the presidential of 1864, when the triumphant return of Lincoln to power cut off the last hope of the enemy behind the lines.


MACON COUNTY, ILLINOIS 1861-1921. Silas H. Gepford and Margaret Jane Wheeler, August 15, 1861.

Robert N. Baker and Sylvira Gilpin, October 24, 1861.

Abraham L. Metzler and Nancy Adaline Black, April 15, 1862.

Milton Z. Davis and Emma Eichinger, September 13, 1864.

Jeremiah P. Nicholson and Catharine A. Wallace, January 26, 1865.

John Herman and Lydia E. Sandham, February 2, 1865.
Zenas R. Prather and Florence L. McDonald, June 1, 1865.
Frederick Schwab and Ann A. Culver, July 17, 1865.

Harrison B. Bacon and Eunice C. Hawkins, September 3, 1865.

Jacob F. Black and Maggie J. Scott, August 16, 1866.
Robert Cook and Lydia A. Zinn, January 1, 1867.
Chas. A. Stewart and Eliza A. Davis, September 19, 1867.

James Jones and Louisa Nicholson, date unknown. Probably outside county.

James W. Myers and Mary J. Sanders, November 28, 1867.
William Herman and Mary Goodpasture, January 10, 1869.
Lewis Sanders and Jane M. Davis, October 5, 1871.
Thomas C. Travis and Mary R. McGinnis, December 4, 1871.
Henry Grantham and Laura J. Davidson, April 17, 1873.
Martin J. Lindsey and Lydia A. Travis, August 7, 1873.
Benjamin F. Hector and Rebecca A. Scott, August 21, 1873.
J. Edgar Davis and Martha A. Bell, October 9, 1873.
David A. Wilson and Ida M. White, April 9, 1874.
Reuben J. Ross and Sarah A. Wilson, December 9, 1874.
William L. Riber and Louvenia C. Foley, May 20, 1875.

Thomas B. Travis and Linnie L. Davidson, October 21, 1875.

Andrew M. Haynes and Nancy Goodpasture, January 27, 1876.

William H. Rannebarger and Mary E. Wilson, February 24, 1876.

G. Selwin Allison and Ellen E. Mariner, May 2, 1876.

William H. Houseworth and Clara Markley, August 17, 1876.

Abner P. Cobb and Marilla M. Dennis, August 22, 1876.
James M. Horton and Mary J. Wheeler, October 19, 1876.
Virgil D. Ross and Sarah E. D. Taylor, December 10, 1876.
Martin B. Harner and Julia A. Chance, January 11, 1877.

William M. Dickey and Jennie M. Tucker, February 13, 1877. (Outside Macon County.)

Martin Van Buren Lonergan and Mary Jane Wilson, November 14, 1878.

Bartley Goren Henry and Mary Ann Cowan, January 9, 1879.

George Washington Jones and Nannie Cedora Hodge, February 26, 1879.

William Calvin Baker and Mary Gillispie, March 19, 1879.

Charles Andrew Heckel and Minerva Ellen Clark, July 3, 1879.

Jacob Albert Price and Nancy Ann Ferre, October 2, 1879.

Joseph Armstrong and Fidilla Elizabeth Spangler, October 29, 1879.

Samuel Adams Price and Laura Bell Cox, April 8, 1880.

Andrew Ferdinand McDonald and Frances Lacell Davidson, April 15, 1880.

James Allison Rucker and Catherine Josephine Merritt, August 18, 1880.

Charles D. Stearns and Proctor Bell Nicholson, September 30, 1880.

William Raker Wynn and Sarah Antoinette Sanders, October 21, 1880.

Augustus Reeser and Effie Bell Briggs, December 21, 1880.
Leander Baley Disney and Mary Ellen Fulk, January 3,


William Horton Rucker and Ellen Veech, January 13, 1881.

Leander Levi Wheeler and Maryettie Matilda Rucker, February 24, 1881.

Thomas Hugh Grantham and Mary Isabel Elliott, September 16, 1881.

William Hodson and Catherine Fick, November 1, 1881.

Charles Jacob Pettyjohn and Nancy Bell Roberts, December 21, 1881.

Joseph Rankin Tedford and Emma Catherine Riber, December 29, 1881.

Lewis C. Ruddock and Jennie Merritt, January 23, 1882.

Thomas Grundy Cheathem and Catherine Alice Elder, January 26, 1882.

Joseph F. Helmick, and Zuritha Marilla Wilson, May 25, 1882.

William Morrison Henry and Mary Ellen Henderson, May 31, 1882.

Benedict Martin Brookshier and Rosetta Viola Price, December 9, 1882.

Leonidas Equa Morris and Clara Ann Talitha Davis, De cember 21, 1882.

Benjamin Franklin Jennings and Myrtie Ellis Wheeler, February 21, 1883.

William J. Applegate and Letitia C. Davidson, May 31, 1883.

Arthur C. Dresback and Ada Wallace, July 5, 1883.

Benjamin Franklin Travis and Samara E. Glazebrook, August 9, 1883.

Marvin Davis Kizer and Nettie Wallace, August 9, 1883.
Aaron D. Peel and Sarah C. Bateman, November 8, 1883.

Logan D. Davidson and Jennie Brownlee, December 6, 1883.

Charles Britton and Julia Armstrong, April 24, 1884.

Ewing Allison Baker and Tillie Davidson, January 27, 1885.

James H. Calver and Mary L. Wheeler, January 28, 1885.
William C. Smith and Mary E. Smith, March 17, 1885.
James M. McVey and Eliza J. Etchison, July 26, 1885.

Joseph O. Myers and Hattie Meril Nicholson, August 30, 1885.

George R. Merritt and Eliza Alsbury, September 3, 1885.
Lewis Elliott and Adell Turner, November 8, 1885.
William Badget and Minnie Bateman, November 19, 1885.

John A. Merritt and Phoebe A. Horton, December 31, 1885.

William Stoner and Bettie Davis, October 13, 1886.

Edward G. Reeser and Mary C. Williams, January 12, 1887.

Joseph O. Merritt and Ada Veech, February 17, 1887.
James Hutchens and Viola Cochran, March 9, 1887.

Edwin Wright Allen and Mary H. Moffett, September 1, 1887.

Samuel B. Waldorf and Hattie Henry, September 28, 1887.

Joseph L. Reavis and Etta A. Barnett, November 24, 1887.
Thomas Goodpasture and Ada F. Rucker, August 9, 1888.
John A. Veech and Clara Bowman, September 12, 1888.
Eli Schroll and Estella M. Peck, September 23, 1888.

Edwin P. Hall and Leonora Antoinetta Moffett, October 10, 1888.

Ezra Troutman and Sallie Sheets, October 11, 1888.
Charles A. Rucker and Maggie J. Ulrich, October 14, 1888.

Elmer Coombs and Gertie Alice Roberts, December 20, 1888.

Robert Franklin Hill and Laura Bell Price, February 26, 1890.

Henry Harpstrite and Ida B. Stahl, October 9, 1890.
John Hamman and Louie L. Davis, November 19, 1890.

Grant Barnett and Bertha Goodpasture, January 21, 1891.

George E. Florey and Elsie B. Rucker, August 23, 1891.
J. A. Draper and

Vowel, September 20, 1891.
Edker Bell and Laura Alice Davis, December 30, 1891.

Charles C. Cox and Jessie E. Davidson, September 1, 1892.

Thomas H. Foster and Frances L. Foley, June 28, 1893.
James B. Spangler and Elpha Carter, August 23, 1893.

Samuel Markley and Louisa Harpstrite, September 20, 1893.

William D. Moffett and Anna M. Cottle, February 1, 1894.

William N. Rugh and Elizabeth A. Moffett, February 7,

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