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All of which errors of precinct and Township Canvassers and of the Judges of the said precincts, the Board of County Canvassers ratified, accepted and acted upon.

And this contestant further states, that he will file this statement with the Secretary of State of Iowa, at Des Moines, to be by bim submitted to the speaker of said House of Representatives when organized, and by him submitted to said House, to hear, try and determine such contest at such time as said House of Representatives shall designate, before wbich said body said Richardson can appear and make answer and defense, if he choses so to do.

And this contestant respectfully petititions and prays said House of Representatives to take cognizance of this statement and jurisdiction of your petitioner's contest and bring it before, by proper subpæna, the Auditor of said Jackson County with all the returns and papers and ballots returned to his office showing the acts: and transactions herein complained of as erroneous and illegal on the part of said Canvassers and also do whatever other act or thing, which to said honorable body may seem needful and lawful in the premises to the end that the rights of this contestant may be ascertained and declared, and the ends of law and justice be accomplished and the public interest subserved. STATE OF 10WA,!


. I. Wm. M. Stephens, upon oath state that I have read the foregoing statement and know the contents thereof and the allegations therein contained are true as I do verily believe.

WM. M. STEVENS. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 8th day of December, A. D. 1893.


Notary Public. : } Jackson County. I hereby certify that I personally served the within document or statement and notice on the said incumbent, A. W. Richardson, by reading the same to him and by delivering to him a true copy thereof at the city of Maquoketa, in the county of Jackson, State of Iowa, on this 9th day of December, A. D. 1893.


Sheriff Subscribed and sworn to by the said 0. H. McCaffrey, before me and in my presence this 9th day of December, A. D. 1893.


Deputy Clerk District Court. Sawyer, of Woodbury, moved the following:

That the papers in this case be referred to a special committee of five, to be appointed by the Speaker, and that said committee bave power to send for persons and papers, and report within one week from this date.

The roll call was ordered, which resulted as follows:
Those voting for the resolution were:

Messrs. Allen, Bell, Bitterman, Blanchard, Brinton, Britt, Brooks, Burnquist, Byers, Carter, Chapman, Chassell, Coonley, Cooper, of Montgomery, Cornwall, Crow, Davis, Davison, Doane, Doubleday, Dowell, Early, Ellison, Endicott, Finch, Griswold, Gurley, Harriman, Haugen, Hinman, Hoover, Horton, Jay, Jester,


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Jones, Klemme, Lauder, Linderman, McCann, McNeeley, McQuinn, Martin, Miller, of Cherokee, Milliman, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, of Clarke, Morrison, Myerley, Nicoll, Nietert, Pattison, Reed, Richardson, Root, Saberson, Sawyer, Sessions, Shriver, Sowers, Spaulding, Spearman, Stillonunkes, St. John, Stone, Stuntz, Trewin, Van Gilder, Watkins, Watters, Weaver, Williams, of Fremont, Williams, of Howard, Wood, Wyckoff, Young, of Calhoun, Young, of Delaware, Mr. Speaker-78.

Those voting against the resolution were:

Messrs Barker, Cooper, of Pottawattamie, Diederich, Frazee, Funk, Haselton, Homrighaus, McGonigle, Miller, of Lee, Morris, of Sioux, Murray, Patterson, Ranck, Robinson, Rogge, Ross, Schultz, Smith, Snoke, Steen, Taylor, Wilson, Wilken-23.

Absent or not voting:
McCann, Mitchell, Richardson, Stillmunkes.

The committee on contest, as appointed by the Speaker, were: Morrison, of Grundy; Root, of Clinton; Byers, of Shelby; Nietert, of Linn; Wilson, of Clinton.

The following gentlemen were appointed as a committee on Mail Carrier:

Messrs. Bitterman, of Cerro Gordo, Young, of Calhoun, Lauder, of Union.

The following resolution was offered by Mr. Wood, of Madison:

Resolved, That the Speaker appoint a committee of three whose duty it shall be to report the amount of mileage to which each member of the House is entitled; that a proper certification of the same shall be made.


The Speaker appointed Messrs. Wood, Sawyer and McCann as such committee.

The following was offered by Allen, of Van Buren:

Resolved, That the introduction of bills be postponed until after the appointment by the Speaker of the standing committees of the House.

Blanchard, of Mahaska, offered the following:

Resolved, By the House, the Senate concurring, that the Secretary of State be requested to furnish for the use of mombers of the Twenty-fifth General Assembly, including the Lieutenant-Governor, clerk of the House and secretary of the Senat-, a copy of McLain's or Miller's code at a cost to the State of not exceeding seven dollars for such set of books.

Trewin, of Allamakee, moved to insert the words “at option of members " after "code."

Adopted as amended.

The committee to inform the Senate of the organization of the House reported their duty performed.

Wilken, of Lee, offered the following:

Resolved, That the janitor of the House be instructed to supply each desk with a key when such is missing.

The clerk then read as follows:


That the Senate is ready for a joint session at 2 P. M. to canvass votes for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.




Des Moines, January 10, 1894. VR. SPEAKER-I am directed by the Governor to deliver to your honorable boly notification of a vacancy existing in the Board of Trustees of a State Institution.


Private Secretary. STATE OF JOWA,


DES MOINES, January 10, 1894. MR. SPEAKER-I am directed by the Governor to deliver to your honorable body a special message relating to the suspension from office by him of an officer elected by the General Assembly.


Private Secretary. To the General Assembly:

In accordance with the requirements of the statutes I herewith transmit to you potification of a vacancy existing in the Board of Trustees for the Iowa School for the Deaf, caused by the resignation of C. I. Ranck, elected for the term ending May 1, 1896, and temporarily filled by the appointment of J. H. Steubenrauch, which is required to be filled by the General Assembly.

HORACE BOIES. Moved by Funk, of Hardin, that a committee of three be appointed to confer with a similar committee from the Senate in regard to appointment of a chaplain for House and Senate.


Fuuk of Hardin, Chassell of Plymouth, Taylor of Davis, were appointed as such committee.

The House then proceeded to the correction of yesterday's journal and approved the same.

Young of Calhoun, offered the following:

Resolved, That we concur with the resolution passed by the Senate, to meet in this chamber at 2 o'clock P. M., to-day, January 10, to canvass the votes for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, cast at the general election of the State in November, 1893.

Van Gilder, of Warren, offered the following:

Resolved, That when this House adjourn, it be to meet at 1:45 P. M., and that the west side of this ball be vacated for the reception of the honorable members of the Senate in joint convention at 2 P. M.


Sessions, of Kossuth, Martin of Adair, and Davis, of Cass, were excused from attendance upon the afternoon session by the Speaker.

Weaver, of Louisa offered the following:

Resolved, by the House of Representatives of the Twenty-fifth General Assembly, That the doorkeepers, pages and sergeants-at-arms be furnished with the necessary badges for their respective offices by the State free of cost.

On motion the House adjourned.



WEDNESDAY, January 10, 1894.5 The House met pursuant to adjournment at 1:45 P, M., Speaker Stone in the chair.

S. J. Van Gilder of Warren was sworn in by the Speaker and subscribed to the following oath of office:

I do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Iowa, and that I will faithfully discharge my duty as Representative according to law and the best of my ability.

S. J. Van Gilder offered the following:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to wait on the Senate and inform that body that the House is in readiness for the joint session.

Carried. '

The Speaker appointed as such committee: Van Gilder, of Warren, Smith, of Linn, Dowell, of Polk.

Morrison, of Grundy, offered the following:

Resolred, That the Speaker and chief clerk each be authorized to appoint one additional page.


The committee appointed to wait on the Senate reported their duty performed.

The sergeant-at-arms announced the arrival of the Senators for joint convention. The west side of the Representative Hall was vacated for their use.


Lieutenant-Governor A. L. Bestow, President of the Senate, called the convention to order.

Senator T. G. Harper, of Des Moines county, was selected as teller on behalf of the Senate, and Representative Weaver, of Wapello county, as teller for the House.

The roll was then called and the following members of the Twentyfifth General Assembly answered to their names:

Messrs. Allen, Andrews, Baldwin, Barker, Bell, Bishop, Blanchard, Boardman, Brinton, Britt, Brooks, Brower, Burnquist, Byers, Carpenter, Carter, Chantry, Chapman, Chassell, Cheshire, Coonley, Cooper, of Montgomery, Cooper, of Pottawattamie, Cornwall, Craig, Crow, Davison, Diederich, Doane, Doubleday, Dowell, Downey, Early, Eaton, Ellis, Ellison, Endicott, Everall, Finch, Finn, Frazee, Funk, of Dickinson, Funk, of Hardin, Garst, Gorrell, Green, Griswold, Groneweg, Gurley, Harmon, Harper, Harsh, Haselton, Haugen, Henderson, Hioman, Hipwell, Homrighaus, Hoover, Hurst, Jamison, Jester, Jewett, Jones, Kelly, Kilburn, Klemme, Lauder, Lehfeldt, Lewis, McCann, McGonigle, McNeeley, McQuinn, Mattoon, Miller, of Cherokee, Miller, of Lee, Milliman, Mitchell, Moore, Morris, of Clarke, Morris, of Sioux Morrison, Murray, Myerly, Nicoll, Nietert, Oleson, Palmer, Patterson, Pattison, Penrose, Perrin, Perry, Phelps, Rea, Reed, Reynolds, Riggen, Ross, Saberson, Sawyer, Schultz, Shriver, Smith, Snoke, Sowers, Rogge, Spaulding, Spearman, Steen, Stillmunkes, St. John, Stone, Stuntz, Terry, Trewin, Turner, Upton, Vale, Van Gilder, Watkins, Waterman, Watters, Weaver, Wilken, Williams, of Fremont, Williams, of Howard, Wilson, Wyckoff, Young, of Calhoun, Young, of Delaware -132.

Those not present were:

Messrs. Bitterman, Conaway, Davis, Dent, Harriman, Horton, Jay, Linderman, Martin, Ranck, Richardson, Robinson, Root, Rowen, Sessions. Taylor, Wood, Yeomans-18.

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