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Combined senior citizen services center/residential health care facility/

child day care center community grants program, reports, provisions ex-

tended, Chap 841/87
Day care financing
Early intervention program, infants and toddlers with disabilities
Emotionally disturbed children, needs assessment project
Standby guardians

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City University of New York:
Applied science coordinating institute at the graduate school and univer-

sity center, UDC bonds for development
Retirement incentive act of 1992

Chapter amendment re, eligibility provisions, technical changes,
SS2, 3, 10

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Civil Practice:

fees and expenses in actions against the state, recovery of,
provisions made permanent, Chap 770/89
Medical malpractice excess insurance coverage - see under Insurance
Phenoxy herbicide exposure, time limitations, extend, Chap 266/81

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Civil Practice Law and Rules:
Accelerated judgement:

Multiple defendants, default, $3215
Public petition and participation ("SLAPP" suits), standards for

motions to dismiss actions, summary judgments, RR3211, 3212

Crime victim recovering damages, 56201
Calendar practice; trial preferences:

Arbitration, judicial hearing officers, $3405

Terminally ill plaintiffs, preliminary conference, R3407
Jurisdiction, service, appearance, choice:

Commencement of an action by filing summons with clerk of court,

procedures, related provisions, amended gen illy
Personal service upon a state agency, include district offices,


successive party action fee; index number required,

Tax appeals tribunal, special proceedings against, 5506
Damage awards (punitive), public share, Art 87

Certification of records by "warehouseman", R4518

Filing fees increased, S58020, 8021
Sheriffs, fixed fees, 598011-8011-b

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Civil Practice Law and Rules: Continued

Interest on civil penalties, $5001
Prompt payment following settlement, $5003-a

Chapter amendment re. future installment payments, $5003-a
Limitations of time:

Crime victims, actions by, $213-b
"Exposure", implantation, $214-c

Summons filed, index number obtained, $203
NYC tax

appeals tribunal proceedings, informal conciliation proce-
dures, 5506

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Civil Rights Law:
Miscellaneous rights and immunities:

Public petition and participation, actions, damages, $$70-a, 76-a ...

Personnel records of court officers, 550-d

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Civil Service, generally:
Collective bargaining agreements:

Administrative services unit, institutional services unit, opera-

tional services unit, division of military and naval affairs;
salary, location, pre-shift briefing, winter maintenance and call
out services, settlements, statewide labor-management committee,

special annuity, use of appropriations
Certain units created by Chap 403/1983 (rent regulation); compensa-

tion, location, settlements, employee development and training com-

mittee, employee assistance program, appropriations
Managerial confidential units, civilian military and naval af-

fairs, other excluded units; compensation, state police, SUNY, cor-
nell and Alfred universities, location, special annuity program,
appropriations, Chap 732/88

- Chapter amendment re. effective date, $17
Mental health employees benefits, alternative service system
Security services unit and security supervisors unit, salary, pre-

shift briefing, additional compensation, uniform cleaning and
shoes, location, joint Labor-management committee, settlements

Chapter amendment re. basic salary increase to "nearest" whole

dollar amount, technical correction, 593, 10
State police:

Administrative and institutional employees
Commissioned and non-commissioned officers

Chapter amendment te. technical correction, 95

Implementation provisions; productivity gain monies, $23
State university professional service; compensation, on-call, health

insurance, statewide labor-management committees, contract col-
leges, settlements, appropriations, special annuity program

Chapter amendment re. hiring date, $$9, 10
Unified court system non judicial officers and employees, compensa-

tion, location, review books of employee organizations, Chap 353/82

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Expiration of certain provisions, Chap 732/88
Tug Hill temporary state commission staff, management/confidential, Chap

Westchester county public safety officer, permanent status
workforce training and redeployment, management plan, report

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Civil Service Law:

Appeals, reporting on, $6
Enforcement, prohibitions, penalties:
Payrolls, certifications, court actions:

Chap. Sections

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Civil Service Law: Continued
Fair employment act:

Agency shop fee deduction; deductions from non-members of employee
organizations, 95201, 208

General provisions:
Children receiving death benefits, $154-6

Tuition up to SUNY or CUNY level, children, $154-b

Tuition up to SUNY level, children attending college in state, bene-
fits, 9154-C

Abolition of position; suspension; demotion:

Reemployment rosters; placement rosters, certification and ap-
pointment from, SS81-a, 81-b

State employees:
Health insurance:

Elected officials, unpaid, cost of coverage, $167
Performance ratings, appeals on, report, $120

Salaries, grades, determinations:

Administrative services unit, institutional services unit, opera-

tional services unit, division of military and naval affairs,

Certain units created by Chap 403/1983 (rent regulation), 9130 193
Managerial confidential service, civilian military and naval
affairs, other excluded units; extend certain provisions, $130

Chapter amendment te. effective date, 917

Reallocations to lower salary grades, protections, re. managerial

or confidential and division of military and naval affairs
ployees, $132

Roswell Park

institute clinical practice plan exception,

Security services unit and security supervisors unit, $130


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Columbia County:

Ancram, town - see own heading
Capital district regional planning commission operation of foreign trade

zones, Chap 138/84


Columbia University:
Center for computers, microelectronics and telecommunications; center for

disease prevention, UDC bonds for development, Chap 684/86

796 14,16,11

Columbus Quincentennial:

Celebration in NYC, protocol


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Commissions, Committees, Councils, Boards, Task Forces:

Albany port district commission, compensation eliminated, Chap 192/25 ...
Alcoholism, substance abuse and chemical dependence services, temporary

implementation council on consolidation under one office
Alzheimer's disease, task force established to identify policy alterna-

tives, priorities and coordinate comprehensive effort
Athletic trainers, state committee for certification
Blind and visually handicapped, state commission: - Chap 115/13

Vending program, $11-a



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Commissions, Committees, Councils, Boards,

Task Forces: continued
Canal cecreationway commission, economic and tourism development
Capital district regional planning commission:

Columbia and Greene counties, foreign trade zones, Chap 138/84
Civil service committees:

Administrative services unit, institutional services unit, opera-

tional services unit, division of military and naval affairs,

statewide labor-management committee on productivity and work life
Rent regulation units created pursuant Chap 403/83, employee

development and training committee
Security services and security supervisors units, joint labor-

management committee
State police:

Advanced degree educational opportunity program committee
Continuing education and training committee
Joint committee on professional development and increased produc-

State university professional services unit, statewide labor-
management committees:

Employment issues, continuity of employment fund
Equal employment, affirmative action
Professional development and work life quality

Workplace safety
Columbus quincentennial celebration in NYC, protocol
Council of governments, Tug Hill reserve
Debt management practices of state, advisory Committee, report
Drug and alcohol abuse prevention, projects, task force, extend Chap

Early intervention (infants with disabilities) coordinating council, task

force on ceimbursement
Electric generation siting and the environment, state board
Energy planning board ....
Investigation, TSC, extends provisions, Chap 989/58
Lead poisoning prevention advisory council
Lobbying commission - see Lobbying Act
Monroe county sales tax, "blue ribbon" commission
Nassau county, local advisory board, create re. Financial plan
NYS archives partnership trust board
Optional retirement programs, TSC created to explore level of employer
contributions, other matters

Chapter amendment re, interim and final reports
Passenger tramway advisory council, composition
Physican discipline process evaluation panel
Scenic byways advisory board
Suffolk county:
Local advisory board, create re.

e. financial plan
Police district advisory board, create re. sales and use tax monitor-

Tug Hill, temporary state commission, extend, Chap 972/1972
Visually handicapped, state commission, compensation eliminated, Chap

Voter registration and election day, task force to study deadline period

between, report

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Conesus, Town:

State lands assessment

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Cooperative Corporations Law:

Steam heating or cooling services, fee, $77



Cornell University:

Nonprofessional employees compensation
State employee compensation
Theory and simulation in science and engineering center, supercomputer

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Correction Law:
Commission of correction:

Citizen's policy council, compensation eliminated, 542
Correctional facilities or institutes:

Released inmates, money provided, $125
Department; state board of parole:

Nurseries, indemnify health care professionals in, $24-a
Superintendent salaries, $19

Chapter amendment re, effective date, $17
General/miscellaneous provisions:

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment services in annexes, transfer

upon completion, $2
Interstate cooperation, include division of criminal justice ser-

vices, 9621

Psychological testing of correction officer candidates, Chap 887/83 .
Shock incarceration program:

"Eligible inmate" definition, $$865, 867

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Cortland County:

Sales tax, increase



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County Law:
Board of supervisors:

Depositaries, designation, securing requirements, 59212, 213
EMS training and mutual aid programs, $223-b
Hours of work and office hours, $206
Westchester county regulation of solid

resource recovery,

Youth division restructured, related amendments, $218-a
County executive:

Solemnize marriage
Enhanced emergency telephone system surcharge:

State police, surcharge remitted to; "supplier", 58301, 309 ...
Hurricane protection; flood and shoreline erosion conservation districts:

Temporary investments, $280-m
Officers, general provisions:

District attorneys outside NYC, term, $400

Appointment and promotion of deputy sheriffs, $652-a
Water, sewer, drainage and refuse districts:

Temporary investments, $262

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Court of Claims Act:

Judgeships, extends expiration of certain, $2
Non-judicial personnel, powers, 95




Courts, generally:
fees and

expenses actions against the state, recovery of,
provisions made permanent, Chap 770/89
Employee organizations, review books of
Mechanical recording of testimony in

surrogate's court and court of
Onondaga county, use of alternate local courts for arraignment and ap-

pearance proceedings
"SLAPP" suits, strategic lawsuit against political participation

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Crandall Public Library District:




Crime and corrections, generally:
Correction officers, certain deceased, memorial tuition awards for chil-

Definite sentence, release undes, Chap 79/89



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