Proceedings of the Ohio State Teachers' Association from Its Formation in 1847: With a List of Its Officers and Members

Scott & Bascom, 1851 - 50 páginas

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Página 2 - It shall be the duty of the Chairman to preside at all meetings of the Association.
Página 2 - Secretary to correspond with associations of a similar character, to correspond with individuals, under the direction of the Executive Committee. He shall further keep a full copy of communications from and to him, in a book provided for...
Página 5 - ... That it will have a salutary and speedy influence upon the teachers and schools of the state, we cannot permit ourselves to doubt. We are conscious that great labor is before us. To awaken, or change public sentiment, in a great degree, is no easy task. Yet (this is labor which teachers must perform. To prepare the public mind for wise and liberal provisions for the improvement of schools, is one of the first duties to be undertaken. It is a judicious and well settled maxim with legislators,...
Página 18 - In January last, the committee issued proposals for a course of lectures to teachers, on subjects immediately connected with their qualifications and duties, and the improvement of schools, to continue nine weeks, and be given in any county of the State where the friends of education would offer the most liberal inducements to the committee for the course.
Página 3 - Treasurer, who shall be elected by ballot at a regular annual meeting, and shall hold their offices for one year, or until their successors be chosen.
Página 17 - ... change in the common school organization as would give to every child of a town or city, an education fitting him for his duties as a citizen; and, lastly, it was the wish of the committee, as far and as fast as practicable, to prepare the public mind for a school system for our State, unparalleled for the liberality of its provisions, the wisdom of its measures, and the harmony and efficiency of its operations.
Página 2 - The Executive Committee shall carry into effect all orders and resolutions of the Association, and shall devise and put into operation such other measures not inconsistent with the object of this Association, as it shall deem bust.
Página 6 - To sustain and defend what is excellent in our schools or school system, will be our highest pleasure. To prepare the way for introducing improvements when they are needed, will be our next duty. This, it seems to us, is the safest method of conducting our reform, and the one most likely to save all wise legislation from opposition or subversion by prejudice, and from the influence of political partisanship.
Página 6 - In conclusion we earnestly invite all teachers and friends of Education in Ohio to co-operate with us in this movement. By our faithful and well directed efforts and labors, and by our united influence and counsels, we promise ourselves the high satisfaction of soon beholding our beloved State taking as high a rank in all the means for promoting virtue and true nobleness, as she now holds in all other elements of greatness and prosperity.
Página 46 - Alliance, as well offensive and defensive should subsist between the States of America. Resolved that it is the Opinion of this Convention that the Territory of the States is too extensive to consist of One Republic only. Resolved therefore that it is the opinion of this Convention that the Security of equal liberty and general welfare will be best preserved and continued by forming the states into three Republicks distinct in their Governments but United by a Common League Offensive and Defensive.

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