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each Part containing Twelve Plates, size Elephant Folio, Price, 51. 5s. carefully Coloured from Nature, or ll. 11s. 6d. Plain ;






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In this Work, Figures, for the most part of the size of Life, will be given of all the British Birds, from Drawings by the Author, taken, in every possible instance, from Living Speciinens. The Engravings will also be executed by the Author, assisted occasionally by Captain R. MITFORD, R. N. Each Part or Number will be accompanied by a temporary Letter-press in Quarto, giving a short Description of each Plate; but to render the Work more complete, an Octavo volume, not only Descriptive of the Plates, but so arranged as to serve as a Manual of British Ornithology, will be given at the conclusion of each Series.

The First Series, already published, consists of Seven Parts, containing upwards of 160 Figures, and comprising all the British Land Birds, down to the Order Grallatores, (with the exception of one or two Species recently discovered, and which

will be afterwards figured); also an 8vo. vol. of Letter-press, Price 10s. 6d., systematically arranged, and to be had with or without the Plates.


The First Part of the Second Series, which will embrace the Water Birds of Britain, is just published; it contains the following Birds, all of the natural size :-Plate Ist, Ardea Nycticorax; 2d, Ibis Falcinellus; 3d, Scolopax Rusticola, Scolopax Major, Scol. Gallinago, Young and Old, and Scol. Gallinula; 4th, Tringa Subarquata, Summer and Winter Plumage; Tringa Variabilis, Summer, Winter, and Young Plumage ; and Tringa Maritima; 5th, Rallus Aquaticus; 6th, Gallinula Chloropus; 7th, Anser Albifrons; 8th, Anas Penelope, Male and Female ; 9th, Querquedula Crecca, Male and Female; 10th, Querquedula Glocitans, Male; 1lth, Somateria Mollissima, Eider, Male ; 12th, Colymbus Arcticus, Male.

In consequence of the remarkable changes of Plumage to which so many of the Waders and Water Birds are subject at different periods of the year, as well as in their progress to maturity, (accurate delineations of which are necessary to render the Work complete, and truly illustrative of our Ornithology ;) the Second Series is likely to exceed the limits of the First; it is however expected not to extend beyond Nine Parts.

Published by LONGMAN, REES, ORME, BROWN, and Green,

London; and to be had of W. H. Lizars, Engraver, 3 St. James Square, and D. LIZARS, Bookseller, 5 St. David Street, Edinburgh.

Preparing for Publication, in Twelve or Thirteen Monthly Parts, each to

contain Four Plates, with Descriptive Letter-press, price 10s. 6d. each,




To be illustrated by upwards of Fifty Plates, 4to., Engraved by W. H. LIZARS, printed on the finest Drawing Paper, Elephant 4to., carefully Coloured after Nature, with Descriptive Letter-press to correspond.

The Plates are Engraved from Drawings by Captain T. Brown, F. R.S. E., F. L. S., M. W. S., &c.

As the Plates are already engraved, the public may rely that the utmost punctuality of publication will be observed, from the commencement till the completion of this work.

The First Part will appear early in 1827, and as the impression of the book will be extremely limited, early application for copies will be required.

Edinburgh, published by W. H. LIZARS, Engraver, 3 St. James Square ; D.

LIZARS, Bookseller, 5 St. David Street ; and LONGMAN, REES, ORME, BROWN, & GREEN, and S. HIGHLEY, Fleet Street, London.


A New Set of Copy Lines, designed and engraved for the use of Schools, hy W. H. LIZARS.
In Seven Numbers, designed in the most modern and approved taste, price 6. each.

No. 1 Large Text. No. 4. Ornamental Alphabets.
--- 2 Half Text.

- 5 Select Sentences.
- 3 Current Hand. - @ Business Forms.
No. 7 German Text, Old English, and Italian Hand.

Edinburgh, Published by W. H. Lizars, Engraver, 3 St. James Square ;

and D. LIZARS, Bookseller, 5 St. David Street.



The GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY, OF LONDON, has just published Part First of Volume Second (second Series) of its TRANSACTIONS; with 17 Plates; and it may be had of the Booksellers, and at the House of the Society, No. 20, Bedford Street, Covent Garden.

Price to the Members and Booksellers....kl 40

to the Public........ ........1 10 0

Vol. I. (Second Series) may also be had :

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The preceding Five Volumes of the Transactions of the Society, (forming the first series) may be purchased of the Publisher, Mr. Phillips, George Yard, Lombard Street.

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