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Law / Hein !!!

This publication has had many out of print volumes for many years and has been unavailable in complete form for use in Law Libraries.

As the demand for this publication increased, we decided to photo reproduce it as necessary.

This volume is an exact photo-reproduction of the original edition.

William S. Hein & Co., Ine.
Buffalo, New York


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Allowance for damage on wrecked goods...



Allowance for damage made by Collector not to exceed 50 per cent. refers to goods damaged on voyage of

importation not held to govern in cases of wrecked goods..


139 44

2. 139 44

Allowance for damage to molasses soured during voyage of importation-none.

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Allowance for breakage on an article paying a specific duty...

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Allowance-none for damage to property transported in bond on account of length of voyage.

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Allowance, average for damage, none to be made.

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Allowance of 5 per cent. instead of actual breakage..

Allowance, none for breakage, evaporation, deterioration, &c., in B. W. H.

Allowance for damage extends to discriminating duty.

Allowance, none for undervaluation in case of penal duties.

A lowance for damage-construction of par. 405, sec. 8, Gen. Reg.

American manufactures, used abroad, not free-see "machinery.'

American barrels returned as "shooks"-not free....

American manufacture, reimportation of-duty payable in coin.

Anchorage dues, Brazilian..

Angora goats and caraman sheep-duty 20 per cent..

Anniversary of the date of importation, additional duty...

Anniversary of day of importation, goods withdrawn on that day, &c.

Appeal and protest, failure to-fatal..

Applications for returns of seized property not exceeding 500 dollars..

Appraisement of seized goods at home value..

Appraisers general and local-see "damaged merchandise.".

Appraiser's store, damaged goods out of, not to be examined solely by one appraiser.

Appraisers to determine classification of goods. How?..

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