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7. What is proportion?

GRAMMAR. 8. How many men will it take to build a wall! 1. Write two collective nouns, two abstract 15 rods long, 8 feet high, and 3 feet thick, in nouns, two diminutive nouns, and two verbal 6 days, working 9 hours per day, if 29 men can nouns. build a wall 100 rods long, 6 feet high and 4 feet 2. Correct the following expressions in all rethick, in 12 days, working 12 hours each day? Spects: "The two Misses Mortons; The Mrs.

9. How many solid feet in a stick of timber Hayward; "the Messrs. Harpers ; the two which is 25 ft. 6 in. long, 3 ft. 7 in. broad, and 3 Messrs. wheatlands. st. 3 in. thick ?

3. Define a Relative Pronoun, a Personal 10. I obtained from a bank, for my note pay. Pronoun, an Adjective. able in 6 months, money enough to purchase 378765 feet of boards at 90 23 per 1000 feet. On! 4. Correct the following sentences in all re. the same day, nty agent sold the boards at the spects: - It was me that disremembered the rate of 75 cts. per 100 fect, for which he charges rules for changeing the y in dutys and gloryfyind a commission of 3 per cent.; and invests the and f in sheafs, wifes, loafs. He intended to balance, after deducting his commission of 4 per have called on you. — The cow whom my fathcent. on the purchase, in sugar at 6 1-4 cts. per er bought has strown away. The boy which 1b. How many boxes were purchased, each hold-sets on the seat yonder has n't got his gums did. ing 300 lbs ?

She had n't ought to tell. — What do you Two months after, miy agent sold the sugar at War

want? —Who are you looking for? - She a discount of 12 1-2 per cent, for which service

did real nice. — Let each one do what he can. he charges a commission of 5 per cent. He im- ! 6. Write the plural of Mr., Miss, stomach. mediately remits to me one-half the net proceeds dwarf, relay, spoonful, reproof, mother-in-law. in cash, which I put on interest at the rate of 10 court-martial, talisman, medium, axis, lily. 1-2 per cent. per annum; - and a note for the 6. Give the synopsis of the verb “to break." balance to be paid in 16 months without interest in the indicative mood, third person, singular and without grace.

and plural. The day my note became due at the bank, 1 7. Give the principal parts of the following collected the amount of the money put on inter-verbs:- lie, dare, refer, benefit. est, and the true present worth of my note. 8. Write a sentence containing the verb teach, What was my gain or loss by the transaction? in the passive voice, indicative mood. present

perfect tense, third person, singular number ; 1. Name the Counties of Rhode Island and then write the same sentence, changing the verb bound the one in which you live.

to the active voice. 2. What is latitude? What is longitude ? To

9. Correct the following letter in all respects : 3. Which is farther west from Greenwich,

Provedens decembur first 18 hundred and 58 Boston or Washington?

my deer ant i set down to inform you That i am 4. Bound the State of New York, and name

usually well i should admire to see you we wag its capitol and largest river.

| all so glad when You come to our House last 5. What waters must be passed through in

febuary we was n't a looking for you but in you traveling by water from Chicago to Montreal ?

come all of A sudden i go to school now and 6. Name the four largest rivers and the four

study my rethmetic and Grammar book i think i largest cities in the United States.

lern my grammar considerable well but the prin. 7. Name the three largest rivers of South

ciple says how i don't rite Grammatical i shall be America and its most important port. 8. Name the countries through which the riv.

twelve years old in june i cant rite no more for i er Rhine flows, and those which are separated haint no more time to your loving Nefu lem. by it, beginning at its source.



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OUR BOOK TABLE. corresponding parts of animal organisms. One

great charm of the work is derived from the mi. A TEXT - BOOK OF VEGETABLE AND ANIMAL croscopic researches of the author. We cannot

PHYSIOLOGY.-Designed for the use of schools, close this brief notice, without referring to the seminaries, and colleges in the United States.

elegant cuts, white on a black ground, and in By Henry Goodby, M. D., Professor of vege- | table and animal physiology and entomology, many cases colored, which contribute in a high in the state agricultural college of Michigan; degree towards making this work the most perand formerly dissector of minute anatomy to fect physiological text-book within our knowl. the royal college of surgeons of England.ledge Embellished with upwards of four hundred and fifty illustrations. New York: D. Appleton & Company. 1858.

THE NEW TESTAMENT. - Translated by Rev. If the author of this elegant work had styled

Leicester Ambrose Sawyer. John P. Jewett it a COMPARATIVE vegetable and animal physi

& Co., Boston. 1858. Cloth, $1.00. Embos. ology, we think he would have indicated more sed Morocco, $1.25. D. Kimball & Co., Agents accurately its peculiar character. In fact, the for Rhode Island. primary beauty and the chief value of the book That any new translation of the Bible should consist in the skillful manner in which the prin- please everybody, even though it were done by ciples of the comparative anatomist are applied the most learned body of men now living, cannot to physiology. Its author does not consider the be expected. That such a translation could be functions of the human body in their isolated made by one man is, of course, impossible. But condition, as apart from the rest of the animal that Mr. Sawyer's version has many excellencies creation ; but rather as the highest development none can deny. In many points his version will of the same functions, as they are exhibited in be decidedly distasteful to the reader, but in the lower animals. He thus traces the process many others he has giren a freshness to the of nutrition, for instance, from the simplest thought which is not found in the antique and stages of its development in the sacculated organs stereotyped forms of expression of the generally of the “twilight monad,” through polype, in-received version. We very much regret the ir sect, molluck, fish, reptile, bird, and lower mam- rcverance shown in the use of your applies mal, up to its most perfect state in man. That to Our Saviour, while at the same time vigoi this is the philosophical method for studying and expressiveness is given by its use when apphysiology, we cannot doubt, while we continue plied to others. We could mention many into believe that one great mind designed all these stances which have been pleasing to us and in various animal forms in accordance with one which the translator has given the exact meanuniversal plan. By pursuing the study in this ing of the original far better than our common manner we may feel sure that while we are gain- version gives it, but we will merely instante John ing a clearer understanding of the complex XXI: 15, 16, 17, where the Greek verb agapan is functions of the higher animals, we may also be rendered by the verb to love, and philein is renfollowing with all reverence the logical develop- dered to be a friend. This gives force and accu. ment of the divine ideas in creation. The au- racy to the passage. “Breakfasted" is given thor does not attempt to exhaust the subject of in the 15th verse instead of “Dined," which cer. physiology, but only to present in a thorough stainly seems more correct, as in the 4th verse we manner so many functions as can be brought are told it was “when the morning was come." within the compass of an ordinary text-book. | We think this translam will be found very

But this work is a vegetable as well as an ani- useful, not only to si , but to the general mal physiology. This part of the subject is reader, but, of course, it is not expected that it treated in an extremely interesting manner, and will ever to any extent take the place of King made much clearer by continual reference to 'James's translation. A revision of the Bible

will be necessary probably within the next cen- States. It is a book of sterling worth. Each tury, and we now are only preparing to make it number contains 48 pages of valuable reading successfully.

matter, giving us the very cream of American

literature. Mr. McCormick is himself a young We have received the following piano music man, knowing the sympathies, aspirations and from Clapp & Cory, published by Oliver Ditson

wants of young men, and his work is an honor & Co., Boston. Several of these, our musical

to the young men of America. We hope it will friends tell us, are beautiful. houtiful.

be abundantly supported. It gives a brief month

ly report of the transactions of Young Men's The Ocean Cable Polka, by F. Kielblock;

Associations in the various parts of the country. Ocean Cable March, by Handel Pond ; Sweet

Subscription price $1.50 per year. Flowers Wake, by H. W. Walsh, dedicated by permission, to Mrs. Elisha Dyer; I have Always a Welcome for Thee, ballad, by Langton Wil- THE AUTOCRAT OF THE BREAKFAST TABLE. liams; There's not a Word thy Lips hath Breath With illustrations by Hoppin. Phillips, Samped, ballad, words by R. F. Hausman, music by son & Co., Boston. 1858. For sale by G. II.

Whitney. L. 0. Emerson ; Musard's Express Train Gallup, by W. Dressler; Courting in Connecticut,

This popular series of papers, which all the song and chorus, by S. Markstein.

world know was written for the Atlantic Monthly, and which all the world have read, is now re

| printed in a beautiful volume with illustrations OLD WONDER EYES ; and other stories for Children. By Grace Greenwood. With engravings

incalon tinted paper by the inimitable IIoppin. Selby White. Gaut & Volkmar, Philadelphia. dom do we find more wit, humor, and sense, in a 1858.

single volume, than are brought together in this A charming little book of 143 pages in red series of papers, under so odd a title. The ilcovers, admirably adapted to please and instruct lustrations are in good taste, significant, and the children; designed as a holiday present. It well executed. We understand ten thousand is also well calculated for Sabbath schools libra- copies have already been taken. An elegant ed. ries. No one knows better than Grace Green- | ition is advertised for the holidays. wood how to write for the children, and we are We take this occasion to remind our readers glad to see another book from her gifted pen. that The Atlantic lonthly commences a new This OLD WONDER Eyes is a capital story. volume with January, and a new series of papers “She woke early in the morning, and the first | by the author of The Autocrat. The Atlantic thing she saw was a great gray owl, perched on and The Schoolmaster one year for $3.25. the bed-post at her feet, staring at her with his big, round eyes. He did not fly off when she

SAFE HOME; or The Last Days and Happy started up in bed, but only ruffled up his feathers,

Death of Fannie Kenyon. Gould & Lincoln, and said — “Who!” Minnie had never seen an Boston. owl before ; but she was not afraid, and she an This beautiful little book of 76 pages, written swered merrily, -" You'd better say Who!' by Mrs. Stoddard of this city, gives an account Why who are you, yourself, you queer old wonder of the happy death of a young scholar in the

First Baptist Sabbath School. The introduction Price 50 cents. For sale by Snow & Greene. is written by Professor Lincoln, of Brown Uni

versity, the superintendent of the Sabbath THE Young ME AGAZINE, Edited by R. school. It is an interesting and exceedingly

C. McCormick. N. A. Calkins, New York. valuable book for the young. We hope it will

This is the only magazine devoted to the in-be extensively read by the youth of Providence terests of young men published in the United 'and elsewhere. For sale at the book-stores.

eyes ?"

The NORMAL MENTAL ARITHMETIC. — By Ed SMITH'S JUVENILE SPELLER. - By W. v. ward Brooks, A. M., Professor of Mathematics Smith. A. S. Barnes & Co., New York. in the Lancaster County Normal School, Pa.! Want of time has prevented us from examine H. Cowperthwait & Co., Philadelphia.

ing this new Spelling Book. Let the teachers This new treatise on Mental Arithmetic is af

or committecs who propose changing the text. ter the general plan of Warren Colburn's book,

book on this important subject of common school which has gained a world-wide popularity. Its

instruction send for a copy. method of treating the subject is by Analysis and Induction, the only true way of unfolding the

YOUTH'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES. science of numbers. We have been unable to

By James Monteith. A. S. Barnes & Co., Lestow that examination upon the book which

New York, we would like, but have discovered many fine. This is a small quarto, with questions and an. points in it. The method of treating Fractions swers, and maps, and finely illustrated. For is particularly pleasing.

young scholars it is easy, and interesting. It is

a novel book on history and several features will WE have received the First Annual Catalogue be found valuable. We like the idea of maps to of the Young Ladies' Seminary, at Kanzas City, illustrate the geography of history. Mo., Rev. J. H. Luther, A. M., Principal. We are glad to learn of schools and seminaries of Stand Up For Jesus !-- A Christian Baliad; this stamp spreading so rapidly at the west.

with notes, illustrations, and music and a few additional poems, by the same author. T. A.

Stockton, Philadelphia. The JIAPPY HOXE AND PARLOR MAGAZINE. A beautiful little ballad, with fitting memorial A magazine for the Christian family. Edited

notices of Rev. Dudley A. Tyng, with a fine, by Rev. Wm. M. Thayer. Published by C.

wood-cut likeness. Stone & Co., Boston.

This is an ably edited monthly, full of sound advice, able articles, and interesting miscellany

in miscellane! We are indebted to Hon. Andrew J. Moulter, Each number has a steel engraving and a col- | Supt. of Public

engraving and col. Supt. of Public Instruction, of California for a ored plate. $2.00 per year.

copy of his annual report and Commentaries on the School Law.

We have received an interesting pamphlet of

REVIVAL MELODIST.-Snow & Greene, Provi173 pages, entitled The Dudley Observatory and

dence. the Scientific Council. Statement of the Trus

A collection of about 50 hymns and tunes, tees. We hope the difficulty will soon be ad

for conference meetings and Sabbath schools. justed and the institution prove a valuable aux

Price 6 cents, or $6,00 per hundred. iliary in advancing the noble science of astrono my.

THE YOUNG ARTIST: A Series of Drawing

Cards for the use of Schools. Drawn by Dar.

co. Published by W. Smith & Co., Providence. THE LITTLE SINGER : with Elements of Music ;

Price 25 cents. many original pieces for primary schools; and an oratorio for the young. By George Henry A fine series of cards for The Young Artist. Curtis. Published by A. S. Barnes & Co., N. York. 1858.

We present our thanks for the Twenty-Ninth This Singer has 224 pages and is full of schoolsongs, which will please the children and make

Annual Report of the Superintendent of Pub

lic Schools of Cincinnati. the teachers' work easier. Why will not our teachers give more fattention to the subject of music?

| SEVERAL books lie over for our next number.

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