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county in which such parts of said road shall be. Every such map shall be drawn on a scale and on paper, to be designated by the Secretary of State, and certified and signed by the President or Engineer of such corporation.

§ 54. In case any passenger on any railroad shall be injured, while on the platform of a car, or in any baggage, wood or freight car, in violation of the printed regulations of the company, posted up at the time in a conspicuous place inside of its passenger cars then in the train, such company shall not be liable for the injury: Provided, Said company, at the time, furnished room inside its passenger cars sufficient for the proper accommodation of the passengers.

§ 55. If any corporation formed under this act shall not, within two years after its articles of association are filed and recorded in the office of the Secretary of State, begin the construction of its road, and expend thereon ten per cent. on the amount of its capital, or shall not finish the road and put it in operation in five years from the time of filing its articles of association, as aforesaid, its corporate existence and powers shall cease.

§ 56. The Legislature may at any time alter or amend this act, but such alteration or amendment shall not impair the rights of companies previously organized, or take away or impair any remedy given against any such corporation, its stockholders or officers, for any liability which shall have been previously incurred.

$ 57. All existing railroad corporations within this State, and such as now or may be hereafter chartered, shall, respectively, have and possess all the powers and privileges contained in this act; and they shall be subject to all the duties, liabilities and provisions, not inconsistent with the provisions of their charter, contained in this act.

§ 58. Every person who, whilst a Director, Engineer, Clerk, Secretary, Treasurer or any other officer, agent, employee or servant, of any railroad company or corporation in this State, shall, either directly or indirectly, be a contractor, or who shall, either directly or indirectly, receive any profits, portions, proceeds, commissions or charges, whatever, of any contractor, on account of any contract for the construction, building, grading or repairing of any railroad belonging to such company or corporation, or any part thereof, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall, on conviction, be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary, for a term not less than five

years. § 59. Every person having a contract, or any interest in a contract, as specified in the fifty-seventh [fifty-eighth] section of this act, except as a stockholder, shall be, ipso facto, ineligible to be a Director or Engineer, or to fill any other office or place of trust or profit, in the employ of, or for any

company or corporation, owning or having the supervision of such railroad; · and all contracts made by the Directory of any such company or corporation,

containing any such person in its Board as a Director, and all contracts of any kind, or for any purpose whatsoever, made or entered into in violation of any provision of this act, shall be absolutely null and void, and incapable of being enforced in any court of this State.

§ 60. The provisions of the last two sections shall apply only to railroad corporations or companies, for which the credit of the State is, by some act of the Legislature, in some way engaged.

Approved December 13, 1855.

AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ An act to authorize the formation of Railroad Asso

ciations, and to regulate the same," approvedl December 13, 1855.

§ 1. For purpose of acquiring title for right $ 2. When suits for trespass have been of way over sixteenth sections, rail.

commenced against railroad comroad company to serve notice on

pany for sixteenth sections, to be County School Commissioner, and

continued reasonable time, to acquire if there is no Co' missioner, then on

title under this act; if not proceeded presiding Justice of County Court.

with in reasonable time, under this act, court shall determine the same

without delay. 3. When damages have been assessed,

and judgment rendered, if not paid, court to award execution as in other


for any

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, as

§ 1. That in all cases when it becomes necessary

railroad company to acquire title to any unsold sixteenth section, or other school lands required for the purposes of the incorporation, it shall be lawful in proceedings instituted by such railroad company to acquire title thereto, to notify the County School Commissioner of the county in which such land, or the greater part thereof, is situate, or if there be no such Commissioner qualified to act, then such notice may be served upon the presiding Justice of the County Court of the county in which such land, or the greater part thereof, is situate ; and like proceedings shall be had as in other cases.

§ 2. That in all cases where any railroad company may have located their railroad through such lands, or suits for trespass or otherwise have been commenced against such company, the same shall be continued by the court in which they may be pending, until a reasonable time has been given such company to acquire title thereto, under this and the act to which it is amendatory, upon proof of which, such suits shall be dismissed at the cost of the railroad company, the defendant therein ; and if any such Railroad company fail and neglect to procure the title to such lands, and have the damages thereto assessed within a reasonable time after the passage of this act, the courts in which such cases for trespass or otherwise are pending, shall proceed and determine the same without further delay.

§ 3. That in all cases where damages have been assessed against any railroad company for the right of way of any railroad, and judgment rendered thereon, if the amount of said judgment be not paid, the court rendering such judgment may award execution in favor of the party legally entitled to the same, as in other cases.

This act shall take effect from and after its passage.
Approved February 12, 1859.

AN ACT supplementary to and amendatory of "An act to amend an act entitled ' An act

to authorize the formation of Railroad A greciation 8, ard to regulate the same,' approved December 13, 1855," approved February 12, 1859.

§ 1. Amends former act.

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$ 3. All acts, inconsistent with this, re

2. Amends former act.


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri,

as follows: § 1. The following words shall be added to section one of the act to which this is supplementary : “under the provisions of the charter or articles . of association of the company applying for the right of way.”

8 2. That section second of said act shall be so altered and amended as to allow incorporated railroad companies to acquire title to the right of way under the provisions of their respective charters or articles of association, and the first section of the act of which this is supplemental and amendatory.

§ 3. All acts and parts of acts, inconsistent with this act, are hereby repealed.

This act to take effect and be in force from and after its passage.
Approved March 4, 1859.

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SIXTH-An act to confirm the incorporation of the Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company

of Missouri, and to apply to the construction of the same, the grant of land
made to the State of Missouri by the Congress of the United States, and to ac-
cept said grant of land..



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As having a bearing upon, or connection to some extent with our Railroad Laws, there

will be found the general law entitled :


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