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denying an injunction and vacating a restraining order which he has previously granted forbidding action by an officer of a State ; 26 to set aside an order beyond its jurisdiction made subsequent to a final decree,27 to take jurisdiction of a writ of scire facias which it has improperly quashed ; 28 to prescribe the method and direct the service of a writ of scire facias, and, after due service, to take jurisdiction of, and to decide, issues raised thereupon ; 29 to compel a judge to restore a case to the jury calendar after he has improperly directed that it be transferred to the equity docket ; 30 to allow papers filed in a court to be produced for evidence in another suit ; 31 to compel a court to proceed to judgment,82 and when the act of signing the judgment was purely ministerial to sign it; 33 to execute a judyment it has rendered ; 34 to set aside the suspension of a sentence ; 35 to execute a previous mandate of the Supreme Court,36 or of a Circuit Court of Appeals; 87 and to compel the reinstatement in a court of the United States or of the District of Columbia

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of an attorney who had been disbarred, in a case of which the court had no jurisdiction or acted with flagrant impropriety.88

A mandamus will not be issued when there is any other appropriate relief,39—as, for example, by writ of error or appeal, 40 or certiorari,41_nor to control the exercise of discretion,42 except, possibly, in case of a very flagrant abuse of discretion.48 The writ of mandamus has been denied when asked to compel a court or judge to allow or refuse an amendment of a pleading, 44 to strike impertinent matter from a pleading ; 48 to order a withdrawal of a plea ; 46 to allow the filing of double pleas; 47 to allow an intervention ; 48 to grant the applicant a revivor ; 49 to set aside the designation of a judge to hear a proceeding in the place of

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one who had retired for reasons alleged to be insufficient; 50 upon the application of a private individual, to remand a civil case after a motion for a remand had been denied by the court below; 51 to retain jurisdiction of a case which had been remanded to the State court since the act of March 3, 1887 ; 52 to vacate interlocutory orders which did not terminate the suit; 68 to vacate a preliminary injunction ; 54 to vacate an order setting aside a non-suit; 65 to punish a party for an alleged contempt; 56 to open a default ; 67 to quash a writ of execution ; 68 to admit a prisoner to bail; 69 to diminish the amount of bail required for a prisoner's discharge; 60 to approve a bond; 61 to compel the issue of a subpoena duces tecum ; 62 to compel a witness to answer specified questions ; 63 to grant a rehearing ; 64 to receive further proofs on an appeal in admiralty ; 65 to vacate an order directing a district attorney and a marshal to deliver the official books of

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record to persons appointed by the President as their successors, whose title they disputed ;66 to transmit a specified paper with the transcript of the record.67

The writ will not issue except in an extraordinary case against a judge where there is no proof of a demand that he do as the writ would direct,68 nor to compel the performance of an act by a person who is under no duty in respect thereto.69

Where the record shows apparent jurisdiction, the writ will not be issued to compel a dismissal of a cause for want thereof, unless evidence showing such a defect is before the court.70 It is not the office of a mandamus to direct a court to decide in a particular way a matter before it within its jurisdiction,71 even when there is no remedy by writ of error or appeal.72

The issue of the writ is within the discretion of the court.78

As a general rule a writ of mandamus will not issue when there is any other adequate remedy for the relator.74 A mandamus will not issue in a case of doubtful right.75 A mandamus will not issue in a case where the relator has another adequate remedy, and the grant of the writ may affect the rights of

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persons who are not parties to the proceedings, or where it will be attended with manifest hardship and difficulties.76 The want of any other remedy does not always authorize the issue of the writ.77

A State court cannot by injunction or otherwise interfere with the issue of a writ of mandamus by a Federal court.78

§ 457a. Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court to issue writs of mandamus. The Supreme Court has power to issue writs of mandamus, in cases warranted by the principles and usages of law,' to any courts appointed under the authority of the United States; 2 or where a State or an ambassador, or other public minister, or a consul or vice-consul is a party, to persons holding office under the authority of the United States, but when a State is a party, only when such officer is a citizen of another State. The Constitution prohibits the grant to that court of any further original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus to officers of the United States.5

The power of the Supreme Court to issue writs of mandamus directed to other courts of the United States is authorized by the Constitution, because such a writ is in the nature of appellate jurisdiction. In a case ultimately within its power of review, the Supreme Court has jurisdiction thus to compel the filing of the record in a Circuit Court of Appeals. After the mandate of the Circuit Court of Appeals has been filed in a District Court it is doubtful whether the Supreme Court of the United

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